Rubmd: A Responsible Platform for Local Massage Therapists

Rubmd is an online platform which makes users able to find the right massage therapist in their area. With the help of rubmd, you will find whole information regarding massage therapists. This information includes qualifications, credentials, ratings and reviews. Therefore, users can easily choose the right therapist by keeping this information in mind. However, people who have gone through the process of massage therapy can place their reviews on this platform, so that other people can get benefit from their feedback. In addition to these, you can ensure booking with your favourite therapist via rubmd. Are you searching for the right massage therapist? In this article, you will get whole information regarding the features and applications of rubmd.


What do You Mean by Rubmd?

By using rubmd, you can keep connected with massage therapists in your local area. However, you can also search for ratings, prices and locations. Customers can pay for online services and ensure bookings. Information on rubmd helps people in decision-making before visiting a particular massage therapist. Customers will receive satisfaction and guarantee due to its services. Therefore, customers will never regret receiving services from rubmd.

American Cities which are Famous for Services

There are many cities where rubmd offers its services. User can find it easily if he has residency in these areas. However, some of these famous cities we will discuss below one by one.

  • Washington D.C & New York City
  • Atlanta & Los Angeles
  • Denver & Portland
  • Seattle & San Diego
  • Phoenix & Philadelphia
  • Las Vegas & Dallas
  • Miami & San Francisco
  • Houston

How Does It Work?

It is easy to find the right massage therapist with the help of rubmd. In addition to these, users need to create their accounts before using this online platform. The user needs to enter his location and search for a specific massage therapist. However, he can go through the profile and reviews of massage therapists. It allows its user to make bookings before visiting a massage therapist. Similarly, users can pay advance payments to their favourite massage therapist via rubmd. You can easily find a quality massage therapist in your local area by using rubmd.

You will receive a long list of massage therapists. Therefore, you can select the right one of your choice. You do not need to get help from the services of a third-party app. That is why, it is a wonderful platform which has earned popularity within a shorter period.


Different categories of massage therapists via Rubmd

It includes a lot of massage therapists and each one contains its special techniques. Now it is easy for you to make the right decision when selecting a massage therapist. However, we will discuss several types of massage therapists one by one.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

These therapists emphasize connective tissues and deep layers of muscle. However, it can improve circulation, reduce inflammation and release chronic muscle tension. Therefore, deep-tissue massage therapy is a great option for those with chronic muscle pain or tension.

Swedish massage Therapist

These massage therapists use a combination of sweeping strokes and kneading to relax the body. In addition to these, it is also useful in stress release and relaxation. Therefore, he is one of the best massage therapists in every aspect.

Trigger Point Massage therapist

It is a great option for the treatment and identification of trigger points. Similarly, trigger points are muscle tension areas which lead to unwanted dysfunction and pain. Therefore, the customer feels relief from dysfunction and pain via manual pressure due to tension points.

Sports Massage Therapist

It is beneficial for those who are looking for pre and post-event massage. Because therapists use particular techniques to hit those areas of the body which are important in physical activity. Therefore, it is a great option for athletes who want to reduce their muscle soreness. Similarly, performance will also be improved by sports massage therapists.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage uses heated massage to keep the body relaxed and soothed. Moreover, users will receive therapeutic advantages and calming atmosphere via the stones’ heat.


Pregnancy Massage Therapist

This is a special kind of massage therapy which therapists offer to pregnant ladies. However, it reduces stress, alleviates back neck, improves circulation, and joint pain and vice versa. But a massage therapist needs to have certification in prenatal massage.

Reflexology Massage

It is a type of massage which inserts pressure on some specific points of the hands and feet. However, it also improves circulation, promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Therefore, the user will get relief from pain and tension which further improves his overall well-being.

How Much Money Does it Charge for a session?

When you go through the ratings and reviews of verified customers then you know about its reliability. However, users can also overview the qualifications and experience of massage therapists. By doing so, he can have full information regarding the specialties of every therapist. As far as cost is concerned, it depends upon the category of therapy which you are going to take. Mostly, therapist charges money per hour which are varying from time to time. According to an estimation, an average therapist charges money ranging from 50$ to 150$ per hour. On the other hand, several massage therapists provide discounts and packages to their customers for numerous sessions.

What is an Approval Criteria?

Everyone feels difficulty in finding the best possible massage therapist. However, rubmd resolves this problem and offers a list of famous therapists so you can ensure therapy by living within your local area. People who cannot afford expensive therapy so can approach cheaper ones via rubmd. The user receives a comprehensive search engine which allows him to select the right one based on some criteria.

Moreover, it is easy to find results via feedback from verified customers, ratings and a kind of massage. Therefore, now you can find massage therapists ranging from high standards to low standards via rubmd. A massage therapist needs to pass through an extensive background check and full series of criteria. Otherwise, they will never be listed and approved on rubmd.


Why do we need to find a qualified massage therapist?

It is important to find a qualified massage therapist due to multiple reasons. A qualified massage therapist provides conventional services to the customer in the form of treatments which reduce pain. In addition to these, he helps customers in promoting quick healing. However, a qualified massage therapist must have these specific qualifications which we will discuss below.

Professional Experience

A qualified therapist must have professional experience in working with customers. Moreover, he must have enough knowledge about massage techniques and various systems of the body.

Certification and Education

A massage therapist needs to have a valid license and an approved program regarding massage therapy. Therefore, the client needs to ask therapists for these basic requirements.

Comfort and Safety

The environment should be comfortable and safe for clients while taking services from a massage therapist. Moreover, the therapist must frequently inform the client whether he is performing well or not. On the contrary, customers should have a little bit of knowledge about massage therapy before visiting anyone.

Hefty Knowledge of the Body

A massage therapist will brief their client about massage techniques before giving therapy if he has a grip on the field. This is the criteria to judge the abilities of someone else. Therefore, a qualified massage therapist can give therapy in a better way by keeping the needs of his clients.

Communication Skills

A qualified massage therapist must have impressive communication skills with his clients. You can observe the qualification and abilities of a therapist by keeping communication with him. Because a qualified therapist shares the concerns and needs of a client. Similarly, the therapist gives his feedback to the customers on what they need. Clients will not feel difficulty in sharing their needs and concerns with a therapist. Therefore, both can easily and efficiently answer their questions. In addition to these, clients feel completely secure in the hands of a such qualified massage therapist. Communication skill is a god gifted skill because a therapist can provide effective therapy to his client in every aspect.

How to Book Your Appointment?

It is a stressful process to book an appointment for massage therapy. However, you can make this process easy if you view the ratings and feedback of verified clients on rubmd. It includes an extensive database of qualified therapists, techniques and specialties. You must ensure an advance appointment once you find your favourite massage therapist. The client can do this whole process even living in his home. There are various options available through which clients can set dates and times. In addition to these, you can also reschedule your date and time with the help of rubmd.


Advantages of Rubmd

Rubmd makes its users able to find their favourite massage therapists with multiple options. Here, we will discuss some benefits of rubmd one by one.

Easy to Use

The design of rubmd is simple and user-friendly in every aspect. Moreover, the client can set his appointment with his favourite massage therapist without facing any difficulty.

Fast Results

Now it is easy to find a qualified massage therapist within a few minutes. Similarly, the client gets relief from the stressful process of making an appointment with a therapist.


With the help of reviews, you can easily distinguish which massage therapist is suitable for you. However, it includes the reviews of verified customers who have gone through the process of therapy. Therefore, these reviews are very beneficial for those who want to get therapy for the first time.

Multiple Options

Rubmd includes a list of hundreds of massage therapists ranging from high standards to low standards. Therefore, it is easy to select the right one by your budget and needs.

Disadvantages of Rubmd

If rubmd has benefits then there are also some drawbacks of it.


There are plenty of massage therapists who offer discounts and concessions to their customers. However, it is still a very expensive process which we consider a drawback.

Limited Services

You can only get massage therapy with the help of Rubmd. On the other hand, other services like physical therapy and acupuncture are not available there.

How to Use Rubmd Effectively?

There are some tips for clients regarding the usage of rubmd.


Reading Reviews Carefully

Reviews are the indicators which show the experience and skills of massage therapists. Moreover, the red flag indicates that the therapist is not skillful and qualified in some aspects. Therefore, clients can easily save themselves from these inexperienced massage therapists. In short, a red flag is the reflection of a negative impact. However, clients must read reviews carefully before making an appointment.

Contact the Massage Therapist before the Appointment

If you manage to find a client via rubmd then reach out to them before booking. With its help of it, you can easily select the right massage therapist. In addition to these, clients can also ask questions regarding the services of therapy.

Asking for Payments

Every therapist has their qualification and experience. Therefore, they have different rates as compared to each other. The client must ask for charges before making an appointment with a massage therapist. Similarly, it also depends upon the length of the session. But the client must request for concession or discount from a therapist.

Follow Up with the Therapist

It is a great idea to follow up with a massage therapist even after taking the complete session. Because it helps a lot to build a strong relationship with each other.


Rubmd is an online platform through which a client can find a qualified massage therapist. In addition to these, you can select the right therapist by using this platform. It includes a lot of advantages such as reviews and reviews of verified clients. However, the client can set a booking with his favourite massage therapist. You will have to pay charges based on the length of the session which you take. On the other hand, some therapists offer discounts and promotions to their customers.

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