A Guide to Finding Unbeatable Deals on Household Appliances

Appliances aren’t cheap, but there are many ways to snag an unbelievable deal. Some strategies are season-dependent, such as shopping during holiday weekends like Labor Day or President’s Day, while others work year-round.

Another great trick is to ask a sales associate about open-box or floor-model appliances. These are technically used, but they typically have minor damages, such as scratches or dents, that won’t affect function.

Shop Around

When it comes to appliances, shopping around is key. Appliance prices fluctuate throughout the year, and you can often find better deals if you buy at the right time of the year.

Many retailers sell their floor and open-box appliances at discounted prices, click here for more information. While these products may have minor scratches and dings, they are still functional and will perform just as well as new models.

If you want to purchase a specific appliance, wait for the next holiday sale. Holiday sales offer steep discounts on everything from kitchen appliances to laundry machines. They also include other perks like cash rebates, point rewards, and free delivery.

Ask for a Discount

The old standby of buying appliances online is Sears, which carries most major brands and offers free threshold delivery (meaning the delivery workers can only go through your front door; stairs and second floors tack on extra charges). It also offers room-of-choice installation and a 30-day return policy.

You can also shop at dedicated appliance stores, which can ship nationally but have showrooms and local warehouses that help keep shipping times and costs low. It has a wide selection and also has several brand-exclusive models.

Look for Out-of-Season Deals

Outlet shopping is one of the most underrated ways to find top-quality appliances at a wallet-friendly price. Retailers often send clearance and open-box items to outlet stores to free up space for newer products. Outlet shopping is especially popular for winter clothing and outdoor appliances like grills and space heaters.

Memorial Day is a great time to buy if you’re looking for large appliances, such as refrigerators and washer-dryer sets. This is also a good time to purchase electronics, such as streaming devices and TVs. This is because many manufacturers offer special incentives and rebates on bundle purchases. These discounts can be quite substantial.

Look for Year-Old Models

Appliance prices fluctuate depending on the season and year. Retailers will discount their previous releases when new models come out to accommodate the latest appliances. Purchasing slightly outdated appliances like refrigerators or dishwashers could save you money.

The market for pre-owned appliances isn’t as robust as that of refurbished electronics or used cars, but shopping around for discounts can still be worthwhile. Consumer-to-consumer marketplaces and home improvement stores’ inventory managers are great sources of gently used appliances for a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, consider in-store deals to save up to 30% on appliances with minor damage.

Wait for a Holiday Sale

Major appliances can be expensive, but they’re often much more affordable at certain times of the year. Retailers discount appliance models when new ones are released or in preparation for holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Back-to-school sales are another good time to buy a new appliance, especially smaller ones like microwaves and space heaters for dorm rooms and apartments. Retailers also host holiday sales in November and December, trying to get customers to spend more before the end of the year.

To maximize your savings, be patient and shop during these periods. Look for bundling deals and free shipping based on a total order amount rather than percentage or dollar discounts on individual items.

Shop Online

It would help if you acted fast when your refrigerator broke down during a heat wave, or your dishwasher started leaking soapy water all over the floor. But knowing when to shop, you can save big on these major household appliances.

Some retailers offer special deals during holidays or weekends, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These sales are great for buying large appliances like refrigerators and washer-dryer sets. Still, they also offer great discounts on smaller appliances.

Many online appliance retailers also offer bundled discounts on multiple appliances, which can significantly reduce your overall cost. Some credit cards provide benefits, such as free delivery or reward points, that can further reduce costs.

Look for Rebates

Getting the best price on major appliances requires planning, research, and knowing when to buy and where. Use a price comparison website or app to see the lowest prices for each item you want to purchase.

It’s worth checking in at manufacturer websites when shopping for appliances to see if they have any promotions or discounts. Often, appliance manufacturers will give you a discount on a full kitchen appliance bundle or offer free appliances as part of a rebate program.

Look for scratch and dent retailers that sell refurbished appliances with cosmetic damage. These scratches and dings don’t affect performance and can save you 10% to 20% on your appliance.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money on items you use frequently. However, it’s important to understand how to shop smart.

A key point is to focus on the price per unit rather than the total purchase cost. This will help you avoid overpaying for products or food that expire before you can use them.

Being a buying-in-bulk master can save you money, gas, time, and space — but knowing how to do so wisely is important. By following these tips, you can find unbeatable deals on household appliances for your home.

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