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Choosing a Real Estate Niche for New York State: Which Realty Sectors Are Thriving?

Real estate investment has been a steady career choice for decades, built on the realization that real property is one of the safest investment options, and New York state has long been a hotspot for this sector. In addition to the powerhouse of New York City, there are a variety of smaller markets, like Rochester and Buffalo, that have experienced significant growth in the past few years.

In terms of loan options, DSCR loans New York can take advantage of are a great way to afford properties in any commercial sector, as they are based on the profitability of the venture rather than your personal finances. You can use these specialized investment-friendly loans for most income-producing properties, though they are typically used for long-term rentals and vacation properties. Once you have found a good DSCR lender, it’s time to think about your property options, narrowing down which type you’d like to purchase. Here are the prospects in New York State for each of the three categories of property you may consider.

Vacation Rentals Remain Strong

New York State is a very popular vacation destination, from those who want to experience the wonder of the Big Apple to those who would prefer a more low-key trip. Overall, the state generates approximately $78.6 billion in direct tourism spending and $123 billion in overall economic impact per year, with over 291 million visitors coming to enjoy both the big cities and small towns. After the pandemic eased up, many from the United States and beyond chose to kick back and relax, revving up spending and creating huge demand for quaint cottages.

With so many visitors, it’s no wonder that there are thousands of Airbnbs throughout the state, making a hyper-competitive market just waiting for you to join. You can break into the niche by considering areas off the beaten path, where there may be few high-quality hotels that cater to tourists’ needs. Smaller cities, such as Rochester, Syracuse, and Ithaca, make great destinations for New Yorkers. These properties are also much more affordable than those in larger municipalities. 

Long-Term Rentals May Be Stymied by Population Loss

While New York real estate is positive overall, long-term rentals have proven a challenge, thanks to a demographic decline in recent years. The state had the highest population loss of any state in 2023, and it’s unlikely that this trend will change anytime soon, given that it has remained a constant in the last few years of statistical analysis.

Still, it is possible to make decent money from long-term rentals if you know where to look. Many residents are moving outside of New York City proper due to high rents, and thanks to the state’s robust transportation system, they often settle in local suburbs that are a little more affordable but still allow for commuting into the city. There also remains a dearth of housing for residents who choose to stay, so developers have the opportunity to ease the housing crisis while also taking advantage of tax incentives for new development. 

Certain Commercial Real Estate Options Are Faring Well

It’s been reported over and over again that commercial real estate is in dire straits, but this is not the full picture. Office buildings are struggling, with approximately 95 million square feet of empty office buildings in New York City alone, but other sectors are booming.

Small businesses, whether they are pet cafes or clothing boutiques, remain incredibly popular as people seek to buy local and enjoy a fun evening out. The New York government has also made significant strides to boost small business development through grants, educational seminars, and tax credits, which has resulted in a huge increase in budding entrepreneurs needing space to build their dreams. Strip malls, long maligned as dying, are enjoying a revitalization, and they serve as great investment opportunities because you can benefit from diverse tenants whose own industries are doing well. 

The rise of e-commerce has also boosted demand for warehouses, including cold storage, though it has not dwarfed the appeal of brick-and-mortar stores. Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality services remain highly competitive and, therefore, are perfect for real estate investors.

Despite demographic challenges, New York State is a vibrant place for income-earning real estate, with each sector having its benefits and drawbacks. Speaking with a local real estate agent will help you get a pulse on more local wisdom about a particular area, ensuring that you choose the right property for your specific town or city. Whatever you choose, a strong business plan and good research will help you remain competitive in New York’s still-steamy market.
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