Negin Behazin Vs Dignity Health

Negin Behazin Vs Dignity Health – The Legal Battle

Have you heard about Negin Behazin vs. Dignity Health case and the allegations Negin put against the healthcare organization? Workplace discrimination is an alarming issue whether in a bank, school, manufacturing industry, or a hospital. Not only low-profiles but high-profiles also face harassment and bullies.

Dignity Health and Negin Behazin are the two most popular names when looking for superior, expert, and affordable healthcare services. Enthusiastic in serving society with a gracious ambiance and highly readied staff, these two leading healthcare providers are well-known in the USA.

Besides their unwavering services, another hot topic that made these two healthcare organizations the talk of the town is the Negin Behazin vs. Dignity Health case.

This article will look into the matter deeply and share insights with you—also the allegations Negin put against Dignity Health.

Negin Behazin Vs Dignity Health

Who is Negin Behazin?

Negin Behazin, originally from Iran, immigrated to the USA with her family and is a skilled medical expert. Negin was always passionate about serving humanity and earning an exemplary status. She attended the University of Tehran and earned her degree from the Medical Faculty in 1997.

After immigrating to the USA, she continued practicing. With 25 years of hands-on experience, she provides comprehensive primary and specialty care services, including urgent care.

The fact that sets Negin apart from the rest service providers is its unwavering commitment to serving the nation. After deeming preferences, needs, and concerns, Negin fosters and cultivates meaningful relationships with her patients.

Nagin’s discipline areas are pulmonary critical care and internal medicine, with hands-on experience in respiratory disease diagnosis and treatment.

Negin has also practiced in research laboratories for hands-on knowledge of modern medicine. She has now established a non-profit healthcare organization after her name, where the professional team offers an extensive range of services.

What is Dignity Health?

A non-profit healthcare service provider dispersed throughout multiple locations in the USA and well-known for its quality services, Dignity Health is a famous name in the USA.

Their services are widespread, from primary care to special care to emergency care. Dignity Health ranks fifth as the largest healthcare provider, with 400 care outlets across 21 states and 60,000+ employees.

A San Francisco-based group of medical experts founded Dignity Health in 1986. In 2019, Dignity Health joined hands with Catholic Health Initiatives to incorporate surgical and comprehensive medical services. The unwavering services at Dignity Health make it a trusted name in the United States.

You can trust Dignity Health whether you need urgent care specialist care, primary care, or hospitalization. Besides the abovementioned services, the healthcare provider supports groups and offers screening and educational services.

Dignity Health organizes health programs, including dietary advice, wellness programs, and exercise classes, to keep patients’ health up to the mark. Dignity Health is leading the USA healthcare line with its dedicated medical services.

Negin Behazin Vs. Dignity Health – Case Background

Serving patients 24/7, handling medical reports, and non-stop consulting services, doctors unboundedly dedicate their lives to humanity. However, when a doctor falls ill, he needs someone of his kind for treatment. That’s what happened with Negin Behazin.

Negin Behazin fell ill and was admitted to Dignity Health, a renowned name in the healthcare domain. However, things turn out conflicting with what she expected. The poor and hostile ambiance and medical services resulted in emotional and mental distress for Negin.

She filed a lawsuit against Dignity Health for hostile ambiance and medical negligence. According to the insights, Negin suffered from severe abdominal pain due to an infection. The medical staff at Dignity Health failed to diagnose the cause and discharged her without any referral.

Negin Behazin is an ex-employee of Dignity Health. However, she was rejected since she is a Muslim and an Asian. During her hospitalization, she confirmed she was given no food or water for hours and was left naked in the bathroom with no essential medical services.

Negin Behazin Vs Dignity Health

Negin Behazin vs. Dignity Health – Behazin’s Claims And Allegations

Here is the list of allegations and claims Negin put against Dignity Health;


Negin alleged that her colleagues and supervisors made derogatory remarks about her national origin and race, which constitutes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, or culture. As an Asian with a dusky skin tone, she was frequently subjected to teasing and offensive comments.


Retaliation is standing against adverse actions in a workspace to protect oneself. Being tired of the harassment, mean comments, and degraded behaviour, Negin stood against the bullies and the system.

However, she retaliated by speaking against the system and raising her voice to protect herself. Negin was no longer a part of any career development program, training session, or meetings and was given a negative remark on her performance review.


Harassment is the act of passing patronizing comments or belittling. Negin claimed her supervisors and co-workers used to harass her and pass derogatory comments to create a hostile working environment. They used to bully her because of her accent and religious background. Moreover, she was kicked out of all training sessions and meetings on the act of racism.

Legal Actions Taken To Resolve the Matter

According to the report published in 2022, 61% of employees face workplace discrimination. Negin Behazin alleged Dignity of Health under the Civil Rights Act of 1965 which protects citizens from discrimination based on religion, race, gender, national origin, and colour.

Negilso alleged Dignity Health for violating California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, which protects citizens from additional retaliation and discrimination.

Negin won the matter for the medical negligence she faced during her hospitalization, which Dignity Health failed to prove. Moreover, she was awarded $3 million in damage for healthcare negligence.

Dignity Health filed a motion against the workplace discrimination allegations to dismiss the lawsuit. Nonetheless, the high court denied the request in 2020 to dismiss and allowed the case to proceed further. The outcome of the matter is yet to come since it is ongoing.

Negin Behazin Vs Dignity Health


Negin Behazin vs. dignity health case highlights the generality of workplace harassment and prejudice. Despite Dignity Health’s attempts to clear the allegations and dismiss the matter, the high court declined the motion and permitted the lawsuit to proceed further.

Whoever faces harassment, retaliation, and discrimination in any workplace should take serious action against them per the state anti-discrimination laws.

Negin is a living example for everyone who faces workplace harassment and prejudice but is scared to stand up for themselves.

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