PCNOK: Patient Care Network of Oklahoma


 PCNOK is the shorter form of patient care network of Oklahoma is such kind of group which connects a network between patient and provider. In this network, a single patient comes under the influence of almost 19 health care providers and that too in southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma. What is the main purpose of launching such organization? How can it be helpful for the patient? What kind of changings it can bring inside patient? Here, this article will portray all the questions in the efficient way which will make people aware of every aspects regarding PCNOK.

What can be the purpose to launch it?

This organization facilitates people with every kind of information regarding every issues in bodies whether it is a disease. It incorporates heart issues, diabetes issues, cancerous issues and vice versa. The most important benefit of this network is that you can get the right answers from medical experts on the website.

 They will present diet plans and useful tips which can bring positive physical changings inside human bodies. PCNOK has been a useful source to facilitate people regarding every mandatory information related to almost each problems of body.’


Necessary role:

Information technology by far is an advanced resource through which you can deliver information without wastage of precious time. PCNOK also functions on the basis of information technology. A patient of any kind visits website and choose a particular medical expert who can facilitate him. In addition to these, that specific medical professional shares exercising tips and adaptation of measures which will be useful in the overcoming of patients’ disease.

The health of patient. Their experience was totally research based and they were well trained as well. It will be ensured before the allocation of these professions by the PCNOK, otherwise chances of joining the website will be almost equal to zero.

Intensity of work:

 All the members of this network coordinate with each other regarding such kind of studies which can improve the health of a patient. Moreover, bonding is also stronger between hospitals means to say, a hospital coordinates with another hospital through PCNOK and share problems and health issues a patient mostly has to face. This coordination pledges the provision of health services to each other for getting a better result regarding patient’s health as well.

Moreover, previous members will share their experience to the newly appointed member of the network. They preach knowledge to make new doctors well trained regarding medical field. It also ensures that either patient is receiving the positive efforts or not especially in Oklahoma.

Different categories of tools:

PCNOK organization uses different kinds of tools to make people beneficial and following are given as;

  • Shared office spaces
  • E-prescribing
  • Telemedicine
  • Electronic medical records

With the help of such tools, a flow of right information comes around through which physicians become able to get. Therefore, they provide services to the patients to help them becoming healthy.

Which kind of advantages a patient can get through PCNOK:

  • A patient visits website then search a provider regarding healthcare. He gets a list of providers and selects one of those according to his taste.
  • Patient needs to highlight his specialty, location, address, service type and vice versa.
  • They have mentioned all data about the health of previous patients. Access to the right data is easily available through which you can easily get information.
  • You can also avail the opportunity of learning better health resources in your community. Easy access to the healthful diet and knowledge are easily shareable on the website.

Features of PCNOK:

  1. It’s headquarter is established in Oklahoma.
  2. Almost 1.1 million us dollars annually revenue is earned by the network. A large segment of this revenue is acquired by the patient health care services, pharmaceuticals, charities, donations, equipment rentals and vice versa.
  3. According to an estimation, almost 107 employees are registered in PCNOK in which 24 employees are part-timer and remaining 87 employees are fully-timer.
  4. PCNOK has connection with a variety of companies and some important include Medicaid, Medicare, self-pay patients, personal insurance and vice versa.
  5. Digital healthcare networks are also called patient care networks. Moreover, it provides financial health support to such kind of patients who are not able to overcome diseases and health issues on self-behalf.

Impacts of covid-19:

As a result of maintaining social distancing as a mandatory rule, all governments provide digital health care to their citizens. However, medical experts took the responsibility and started giving online lecturers and advices to the patients indulged in fighting their health problems.


It is possible to conclude that PCNOK is a network of professional medical experts who provide services to the patients. The PCNOK’s referring criteria review all of their experience and training. After erupting the dire situation of covid-19, it was not easy to provide health cares to each patients at hospitals. Therefore, PCNOK managed to overcome such health issues through a digital network.

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