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Lost Marry Flavors: Specifications, Flavors, Rechargeable Vape Device, Disposable Vape

The Lost Marry Flavors M05000s are brand-new, great-tasting, premium, and rechargeable disposables. These brand-new disposables have a 13.5ml juice volume or up to five thousand puffs. The Lost Marry flavors M05000 has a 1.2ohm oil, it is draw stimulated, and has a 500mAh rechargeable battery. They come prefilled with 13.5mls of 5.0 percent or 50mg e-liquid. The Lost Marry disposable vape comes in several different incredible Lost Marry Flavors with its advanced mesh coil.

lost mary flavors


  • Approximately 5000 Puffs
  • 5ml prefilled juice volume
  • 0 percent or 50mg Nicotine
  • Draw Activated
  • Type C Charging
  • Mesh Coil

Watermelon Ice Lost Marry

It combines a juicy watermelon with a cool mint.

Grapes Jelly Lost Marry Flavor

Vape uses a sweetened grape jam to lose margar flavor.

Pineapple apple Pear Lost Marry Flavor

It is prefilled with a refreshing vape juice fruit mixture of pineapple, pear and apple flavors.

Mango Peach Watermelon Lost Marry Flavor

It combines a mango and ripe peach with a sweet and sour watermelon.

Energy Lost Marry Flavor

Vape uses a very familiar taste of a famous energy drink.

Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Marry flavor

It uses a mixture of sweet and sour lemon flavors with an icy mint on the exhale.

Cherry Lemon Lost Marry Flavor

Vape improves a kick of sour lemon to a sweet cherry flavor.

Blue Raspberry Lemon Lost Marry flavor

It adds a tangy lemon zest to a sweet blueberry and raspberry flavor.

Mango Peach Lost Marry

It blends a sweet Alphonso mango flavor with a ripe peach flavor.

Watermelon Cherry Lost Marry Flavor

It is a blast of watermelon flavor and cherry flavors in every puff.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Lost Marry Flavor

Vape uses a hot blend of kiwi, passion fruit and guava flavorings.

Black Mint Lost Marry Flavor

It combines an icy mint flavor with a freshly elected blackberry flavor.

Citrus Sunrise Lost Merry Flavor

It stirs up a freshly squeezed orange flavor with other hot fruit flavors.

Ginger Beer Lost Marry Flavor

It uses a lemon flavor and ginger vape juice flavor that mixes a light ice on the exhale.

Yummy Lost Marry Flavor

It adds sweet steamy fruit flavors into 1 fantastic vape.

Watermelon Lost Marry Flavor

It has a very fresh watermelon taste with a light ice flavor on the exhale.

Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate Lost Marry Flavor

It adds a sweet blueberry flavor and raspberry flavor with a sharp pomegranate finish.

Blue Trio Lost Marry Flavor

It is a delightful blend of raspberries, blackberry and blueberry flavor.

What is Lost Marry Flavor?

Lost Marry Flavor is a new vape brand that aims to support vapers in realizing the happiness of their true selves by determining the depths of their souls and minds. Their best quality and sleek vape devices bring the definitive vaping experiences everyone pursues for. With a range of pleasant flavors, different puff amounts, and nicotine strengths, these vapes provide different kinds of vapers preferences.

  • Lost Marry Disposable Vape

Lost Marry disposables are a fast and easy way to vape, available in a different range of flavors. There’s no refilling or recharging needed, just exchange your device when it’s empty and keep on vaping as normal. Smaller than a standard disposable vape and containing a unique flask design, each device provides up to six hundred puffs.

  • Recharge A Lost Marry Vape Flavor

Designed to be very simple, Lost Marry flavor disposable vapes cannot be refilled or recharged, this is what’s made them so famous with new vapers or anyone who needs a backup for their regular kit. There are several simple refillable pod kits if you’re searching for something that lasts longer. If you ever see a rechargeable Lost Marry Flavor disposable vape, it may be forged or a vape not designed for the United Kingdom, both of which are not legal.

Lost Marry Flavors

Lost Marry Disposable Vape Are Easy to Use

Smaller and simpler to use than a lot of typical classic vape kits, the Lost Marry disposable vapes don’t depend on buttons or confusing menu systems, just take it out of the package and start vaping. You don’t even have to mix more e-liquid; when your disposable runs out of liquid you can start using a brand new one. An inhale triggered vape, just breathe in on the mouthpiece to get ongoing.

Lost Marry Flavor Vape Device

The QM600 is a very slim or thin, wide device with a really spectacular shape and feel. The whole device is cover in a clear plastic shell, and one of the draw of the device is that it cover a mesh coil, which make a denser, more flavorful vapors.

The fact that it’s very slim makes it best for MTL vaping. Plus, the small, fan shaped airflow hole on the bottom limits the draw to a semi-tight MTL, leaving you with the best inhale. Generally, this is a truly splendid design, and vaping it is an absolute pleasure.

Something special about Lost Marry Flavor

Lost Marry Flavor is a brand that prioritizes easy vaping with a disposable that is both trendy and exciting. Our line of disposable vape device is designed to deliver the ultimate vape experience for those looking for a vape device that suits their lifestyle on the go, making them the most famous vaping choice. The Lost Marry Flavor vape range has over 25 exciting flavors that are designed at new vape and exist vapers looking for a handy disposable vape that really stands out and delivers the best experience. Lost Marry Flavors are also available in 20mg strength, which basically means 20mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid. The 20mg nice strength means that 10-15 wisps on your lost Marry flavor will satisfy nicotine longings like a cigarette. As it’s salt nicotine, you’ll also experience a flatter throat hit.

We’ve been increasing this range over time so that everyone can get in on this and enjoy the popular Lost Marry Flavors vape in a nicotine strength they love. Our vape devices are always ready to go and are best for when you are travelling or out entertaining with friends or family. Using one of our disposable vapes means you won’t have to worry about refilling, changing calls or recharging, making them best for festivals, mega events and weekend breaks.


What is the best Lost Marry Vape Flavor?

As Juice fly, we endorse Strawberry Pina Colada, Blue Razz, Cherry peach Lemonade, Strawberry Ice flavors.

Where to buy Lost Marry Vape Flavor?

As Juice fly, is a convenient online shop for purchasing Lost Marry Vapes flavor.

How much nicotine is in a Lost Marry Flavor Vape?

We offer Lost Marry vape devices with 50mg nicotine levels.

How many Lost Marry Flavors are there?

As juice fly, you can find tens of tasty Lost Marry vape flavors.


The Lost Marry Flavors QM600 provides everything its forerunners do and more, all covered in a sleek and spectacular build with incredibly flavorsome mesh coils. There are so many exceptional and varied flavors in this range, from berries to beverages and elsewhere, that I’m convinced just about everyone will be able to discover a new favorite.

Progressing back, our five best Lost Marry QM600 flavors are:

  • Kiwi passion Fruit Guava
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Cherry Peach Lemonade
  • Blue Razz Cherry Ice
  • Watermelon ice

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