What is meant by NORSTART:

NORSTART is established only for the perspective to make and people aware of the responsibility regarding business idea. Further it helps them a lot in achieving their future goals with provisions of proper guidelines and right information. People implements things by adopting the northern strategy of CANADA. Lee Carson is the owner and has been a prestigious member of aero-space. While he also belongs to the Canadian defense community with incorporating a matchless passion inside. Moreover, NORSTRAT consultancy highlights challenging and opportunity of the Canada as happened in 21th century. What is the role and responsibility of NORSTRAT? Why do people prefer NORSTRAT more than any other consultancy? This article will answer all such queries in efficient manner.

Historical background:

In 1885, for the ease of people an infrastructural project was established which connected eastern Canada to the western Canada. It helps a people a lot in individuals’ trade and vice versa.

Therefore, now the time has come that south Canada should be connected with northern side. Infrastructural project was never possible in this regard. Even spreading railway track was not a solution. To resolve such kind of issues and for the connection of south Canada and north Canada an online consultancy was built on the name of NORSTRAT.

It helps people to build their future business by the provisions of right information and proper guidelines.


If you have a plan to run your own business in the upcoming future but does not have proper guidelines. Then you do not need to worry because NORSTRAT will do each and everything for the ease of people. Moreover, it understands your business idea and helps you to implement it in an efficient manner. A proper framework has established and you can easily get all the answers you want. In addition to these, some other services are given as;

  1. Makes ensure the provision of bid management support to the people
  2. Simplifies procurement strategy definition
  3. Memoranda to cabinet
  4. Helps people a lot to teach definition of operational requirements
  5. Teaches you the best project definition support

However, 200 million US dollars have been awarded to MR. CARSON by the then government of Canada. Let understand what kind of benefits his experience of work brought for the ease of people;

  1. Risk management
  2. Strategic project planning
  3. Provision of training on strategic business development
  4. Provision of support on the project management
  5. Procedure to change of management

Canadian federal institutions:

  1. Canadian space agency
  2. Aerospace overview
  3. Canadian coast guard

Searching Franklin ships and Victoria strait commission:

The prestigious president of NORSTRAT Consultancy grasped the opportunity of inauguration the West North passage for the second time. In 2014, the mission was given the name of mission CREW MEMBER whose only purpose was to find out the franklin’s ships which have lost. However, first they got the permission from the then government and started the mission to search out.

Is it right to refer NORSTRAT an agency?

NORSTART took start from a small and single office somewhere in Canada. With the passage of time its operations and networks have established due to their consistent hard work. Nowadays its operations are working properly even in United States of America which is a great achievement in this regard.

However, everyone should know that NORSTRAT has only one Canadian office where it was formally established. Moreover, it has become an international communicational company and spreading a variety of services all over the world.  Some essential services are highlighted below;

  • Public relations
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing

NORSTART always keeps difficulties and problems of clients in mind and helps them to bring out their best potential for the upcoming business launching.

What kind of goals NORSTRAT want to fulfill in the upcoming future?

If you have already well-established business then it will help you a lot to further establishment of your business. The following are some of its objectives;

  • No more security concerns regarding your business and you can trust the whole process of NORSTRAT for the welfare.
  • Students get the opportunity by approaching Canadian best military and law reinforcement agencies.
  • You are allowed to wear the NORSTRAT shirt and kit appropriately.
  • You will get a separate identity which will be useful for the enhancement and promotion of your business or industry and vice versa.
  • Advertising and marketing support you will get from the NORSTRAT.

Packages availability:

There is a variety of packages available on the market by NORSTRAT and it is your choice that what kind of package you are going to opt. NORSTART has a proper check and balance system if you match their requirements then you will get the opportunity otherwise no chance exists there in any case. Everything NORSTRAT has is incomparable and unique in every aspect.


NORSTRAT has accomplished the two prestigious missions also in the form of Maritime coastal defense vessel and RADARSAT.  You will find it very helpful in the following areas;

  • Programs for business coaching
  • Programs for leadership development
  • Programs for workshop professional development and executive coaching


It is possible to conclude that NORSTART consulting helps people to establish their business by opting Canadian northern strategy. It took start from a single office in Canada but with the passage of time operations went across the country as well. Functioning of head office in United States of America is a great achievement but now it spreads operations all over the world.

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