MAGCH: How many versions are available in the market:

The most advanced and latest tablet version MAGCH is established in United States of America. However, it is considered a powerful device due to its unlimited features and specifications which make it rare in all. It incorporates 8 core processor, 4GB RAM and the most matchless feature is its 12 inch size of display screen. Its battery timing is wonderful such as 10 hours as compared to other tablets. What kind of features a MAGCH has?  How many countries do have such kind of version? What is the procedure if anyone wants to import it? Is it either available on Amazon or not? This article will portray all the answers in an efficient manner.

Does it fall into the range of a common person?

The most important factor comes out which makes it rare is all about easy availability on the market. It reflects that it falls into the range of every person. Moreover, its demand is increasing day by day because it is inexpensive and incorporates a lot of features. Following are the important features are given as;

  • It includes the memory comprises of 64 gigabytes and further inclusion of SD Card with 264 gigabytes can also be ensured without facing any difficulty because it is available into the market regarding components-wise.
  • Its processor is so high which means you can entertain from a variety of apps at the same time without closing a favorite one.
  • Battery timing works for 10 hours after ensuring a single charging.
  • Another incomparable factor is storage and memory because you can save your all important data you want. It is mostly useful for the business purposes where precautions are important otherwise you will have to face dire consequences in the form of financial damage.
  • Its quality of camera is also very impressive and your memorable pictures and videos will be easily saved within a separate folder after storage.


The trend of using tablet is increasing day by day because of several reasons. Because you can enjoy more entertainment on the big screens as compared to a small screen of the cell phone. The most advanced version of tablet is introduced on the market in the form of MAGCH T10, whose processor is incomparable according to the current market devices.

10 inch screening display makes a person able to enjoy watching more movies and seasons on daily basis. While this facility is not easily available on other devices likewise cell phones and vice versa. Octa-core processor empowered T10 therefore its speed has increased nowadays with 1.8GHz. Due to these specifications, it is referred a most powerful and speedy device all over the world.


Attractive cost:

If you have not enough knowledge about the different versions of tablets which are available on the market. You should try at least MAGCH T10 once in your life. It easily falls into the range of every average person. 199$ is affordable, and it is a suggestion to all of the people who intend to buy a tablet from the market then MAGCH T10 will be a better option in this regard.

Dual speakers and camera:

It incorporates a lot of incomparable qualities likewise its frequent usage in many areas especially professional recording studios. It even ensures the provision of audio reproduction as well. The camera which is inserted in speakers also has the ability to capture pictures and records videos. The quality factor is always kept in mind by the manufacturing company therefore you can easily capture images and videos whenever you want to do.

In addition to these, the speakers which are used in particular tablets can make people able to entertain from every sort of music either by using your tablet or cell phone.

Battery timing:

The battery unit which is installed in tablet is of 6000 MAH which lasts for 11 hours for using, 9 hours for watching movies and seasons, 11 hours for domestic uses and 15 hours for reading purpose. The expansion of usage, unlimited battery timing for watching your favorite material makes this tablet impressive and wonderful throughout the market.

Users do not need to be worried at all when he is using it for a particular purpose. Because it deprives you of every difficulty regarding eradication of cell phone battery.

Display unit:

It incorporates a display of 1080P which is impressive and wonderful to enjoy. Following are the important specifications it incorporates and are given as;

  • 224 pixels per inch ( PPI )
  • 16:9 is expected ratio
  • It includes a front facing camera of 2 mega pixels while 8 mega pixels rear facing camera
  • It also has 1920 by 1200 pixels
  • If you are looking a full high definition then ensures (1080) 10.1 inch screen display.

The MAGCH tablet is wonderful from every aspect because you can easily watch movies, play games, browse internet and vice versa. First quality it includes is in the form of high resolution and that too with larger screen displays make it perfect from all others throughout the market.

Moreover, you can also enjoy 1080P fully HD screen display videos at 60 frames per second. It also ensures the availability of 3D video playback and connects the tablets with other external devices such as computers, cell phones and vice versa.

Functioning of GPS, RADIO, and WIFI:

If you want to go outside and worry about how to operate this tablet because you are not further connect with WIFI. To resolve this issue, MAGCH tablet withdraws a solution after the inclusion of GPS radio. Another version of tablet comes up with a special kind of specification in the form of introducing 7 inch screen display to the market. Now, you can go outside without facing any worry regarding disconnection to the WIFI. You can enjoy your previous movies or games while walking outside.

Moreover, it also includes a built-in speaker through which listening music has become much easier even if you do not wear headphones.



  • It also contains 8 core processor which attracts people to purchase it.
  • 10.1 inch screen display is the most important feature which makes it a better option in the eyes of people.
  • If a person wants the inclusion of GPS radio along with WIFI capabilities then it is considered a better option in this regard.
  • You can also purchase it via amazon on the cheap price because its price tag is mentioned. 107.59$ is the current market rate of MAGCH tablet nowadays. You can deliver it to any country or place where you want and live.


Memory storage 64 GB
Screen size 10 INCHES
Display resolution maximum 1920 X 1080
Operating system ANDROID


Now it is possible to conclude that MAGCH tablet is the most advanced and latest version of tablets as compared to others. The most important and prominent factor which makes it rare is its unlimited specifications in every aspects whether it is dual camera and speaker, memory, display screen and vice versa. United States of America introduced the latest version in MAGCH tablets. After having a GPS station you can entertain watching videos and movies even if you go outside therefore it has resolved all issues. It falls into the range of every person so financial tension is not a major issue anymore.

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