Alienware aurora 2019

Alienware aurora 2019: Everything You Need To Know

Introductory information:

Alienware aurora 2019 is the latest and advanced version of high performing gaming desktop throughout the world. It incorporates the unknown most advanced technology in the form of 9th generation Intel Core i7 9700 including NVIDIA GE FORCE RTX 2020, 8GB GDDR6. No other gaming structure is more better than the alienware aurora 2019 due to a variety of features like 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD AND 1 TB HDD storage capacity. What kind of features does it has? is the main purpose behind launching such advanced version? What sort of benefits you can gain from using it? This article will articulate the whole information in the most efficient way.


  1. Futuristic design
  2. Windows 10 home with a better operating system
  3. Size of hard disk contains 512 GB
  4. Dedicated graphics description
  5. GeForce RTX 2070
  6. NVIDIA graphics coprocessor
  7. 4.7 GHz CPU speed
  8. Intel CPU Model manufacturer
  9. Core i7 is the CPU Model
  10. Size of computer memory is almost 16 GB
  11. Observing counting processor is 8

You can set it up at your home according to your choice. Moreover, you can take the work of gaming and other mandatory tasks from it. Therefore, it is considered the most advanced version of the desktops and designing structure is established according to the needs of people.

Ensuring thermal control:

Such latest gaming structure contains a variety of vents to save a system from unnecessary flow of air and to keep the temperature of the system in controlling ranges. Otherwise, structural and financial damages will be occurred which can fall the company into the hole of depreciation. One vent is installed on the top side of the desktop while other is launched on the bottom. Therefore, the working of the top side is to act as an exhaust so that temperature of the system shall be controlled. The other vents on the front maintain the system to the stability.

Architecture of All-Stronger NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070:

The stronger NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is totally depends upon the cutting edge NVIDIA architectural wise. It makes you able to enjoy the most advanced and latest versions of games which are not easily available on the other sources than it. There is no concept of limitations and overheating. The games like GTA VICE CITY is available on the aforementioned gaming system therefore, people prefer alienware aurora 2019 more than others. Lagging of game is also no more and such kind of issues come up mostly in online games such as PUBG. If you do not adopt a good advice then lagging issue will spread around and enjoyment factor will be minimized. Therefore, you need to take it to avoid such kind of frequent problems regarding playing games.

Precious valuable material:

By using an alienware aurora 2019, the most important benefits you will get are in the forms of durable gaming PC and largely customized and largely performing desktops. You will be able to entertain from a well standardized graphic space as well as including a highly space. It is far enough to fulfill your all gaming demands and requirements in an efficient manner.

Alienware aurora 2019

Can we say it a better future from gaming point of view?

Most important in all, it is totally different regarding its internal and external structure from all other equipment which makes it rare. It is applicable in everyplace whether it is light or dark and even more favorable in dull case as well. The other important think which makes it different is its slimy structure which includes a long chain of components. After knowing the all facts and reality now it has become to say that its future is seeming light even on the other side of the tunnel.

Is it going to become a brand in gaming PC Industry?

The current status of Alienware aurora 2019 is matchless in gaming industry. Even no one is considered nearer to it due to a variety of factors. It has managed to attract a lot of reputation because of including excellent features. In addition to these, another factor which makes it rare and attracted to the customer is its friendly cost. First, it incorporates a lot of features and secondly it is cost friendly then it is obvious that customers will buy it without facing any problem and difficulty. Finally, it has become a brand in PC gaming desktops industry and no one can deny the fact at all.

Usage of LED Lightening:

Installing the LED lightening in the form of ring-shaped is a staggering and wonderful quality in it. Such LED lightening structure is made by keeping in view the redesigned laptops from Alien ware aurora 2019 company. You can make the structure of LED lights according to you choice before the order.  There is a variety of other options you can avail because preferences and choices of selections are completely in your hands. Therefore, such kind of latest features make it rare in all aspects.

Quality of upgrade chassis:

If temperature of the PC is higher so it will gradually impact the quality and performance of computer. The speed of gaming will also be slow in the form of frequently lagging during the playing. In order to avoid these issues and to overcome the thermal problems then concept of upgraded structure came into being. It includes the silent operations with keeping in view the proper air ventilation system in order to maintain the temperature of the system as cool. This issue mostly comes out when you are playing a game then due to overheating. Frames’ moving speed will also be higher and at the end your PC will be damaged.

Range of cost:

Its general cost is almost 1,100$ but one thing everyone must keep in mind is that what kind of hardware you will install in it. Choice is completely yours because cost of every hardware is totally different to each other. In special events, you can also avail the opportunity of discounts and concessions like Christmas and vice versa. Therefore, a large segment of people give orders in special events to save their money.

Can it be considered a better option for gaming?

Alienware aurora 2019 is one of the latest and most advanced version of gaming system. It includes the best forms of hardware and software in gaming PC system. Moreover, programming structure likewise alien ware command center allows a person that he can grasp fully control over Pc. Because system is such able enough to function and operate even in unfavorable conditions regarding fans speed related with RGB colors as well. Further, it depends upon overall configuration therefore, it is referred a better option and alternation of gaming system.

Does Dell keep any influence upon Alien ware aurora 2019?

Alien ware aurora is now under the influence of dell but alien ware is keeping its concentration only on gaming and laptops market. Meanwhile, it has no linkage with any other equipment while market of dell is so vast in this regard. In addition to these, if you look at the designing structures of both the companies then you will come to know there is a clear difference which reflects dell has still not owned the alienware aurora 2019.

How many versions of alienware aurora are available on amazon including prices?

  • Alienware aurora R 10 ( 1 TB, 16 GB RAM ) : PRICE = 1,672.98 $
  • Alienware aurora R 10 ( WHITE ): PRICE = 2,099.99 $
  • Alienware aurora  R 10 ( 1 TB, 16 GB RAM ): PRICE = 2,129 $
  • Alienware aurora R 12 : PRICE = 1, 899 $

Categories of colors:

  • Black
  • White

Types of alien ware aurora along with its specifications

  1. Alien ware aurora R 13:
  2. RAM; 128 GB DDRS
  3. GPU; RTX 3090
  4. CPU; Intel Core i9-12900KF
  5. Storage; 2TB NVME GEN 4 PLUS 2TB HDD

What factors do attract customers to buy it?

  • Prices of every hard ware is different, therefore it is your choice and a variety of versions are
  • available there. But range of the most advanced version of alien ware aurora 2019 is almost 4k.
  • Another favorable factor is its support for PCle 5.00
  • It will be guaranteed that it is going to be a long lasting gaming system by the manufacturer company. You can return it back if you find any problem but such sort of cases are almost negligible by far.

Features of alien ware aurora 13 version:

This 13th version of alien ware aurora is the most advanced version in remaining all because of its inventions which are coming with the passage of time. It includes 12th generation i7 with incorporating RTX 3070 Ti. It also contains PCle 5.00 and DDR5 RAM which makes it more favorable and latest as compared to remaining all other gaming systems of alienware aurora 2019.

Furthermore, it is most advanced in the long chain of Dell’s components. However, it has become a best alternative option for the option due to extinct feature of PCle 5.00 band width.

Alienware aurora 2019

Loopholes counted:

The major problem comes up in usage of Alienware aurora 2019 is that of cooling. Dell has installed an AIO water cooler of 120 mm in this network. But the smaller structural size of radiator and pump are not enough to maintain the components of a system within the controlling range. Another loophole is it’s over loudness which will be pledged to resolve in an upcoming future.

2- Alien ware aurora R 10


  • CPU; AMD, R 5, 5600X
  • RAM; Installed according to 8 GB.

It has been a brand therefore its price is increasing day by day which is distancing it from the affordable range of customers.

What are the reasons that a person need to buy it?

  • Quality of stellar building makes it rare in all
  • Using present generation Ryzen CPU
  • Manufactured for the 1080p60 game play


Until now, it is the cheapest version of alien ware aurora regarding gaming systems. Due to cost friendly its demands is increasing on the market and you can easily but it from online apps like Ali Baba, amazon and vice versa. Moreover, availability of 7 CPU processors in present generation Ryzen makes it more comfortable and affordable for the customers. It also incorporates RTX 3080 which falls into the range of all the people and you will enjoy fully HD display in your PC without facing any challenge and difficult. The guarantee of the seller will be included until the given time period.

3- Alien ware aurora R 12:

  • CPU; INTEL i5-19 including 11th generation
  • Ram; 8GB-32GB
  • STORAGE; 256 GB – 2 TB
  • GPU; GTX 1650 Super, RTX 3090

Why do we need to purchase this version of alien ware aurora?

  • Advanced Intel Processors
  • Availability of RTX 3090 GPUs
  • Fruitful designing structure regarding cooling


It includes the most advanced version of gear inside its gaming structure. The factor a user needs to avoid that it confines to NVIDIA chips. You will feel no hesitation during its purchasing while the most instinct feature it contains is affordable sizing structure. It incorporates all such kind of qualities that obviously a person will be enjoying following the seal of deal including a robust guarantee.


It is possible to conclude that an alienware aurora 2019 is the most advanced and latest version of gaming PC’s systems. Because mostly a user faces problems during gaming are in the forms of lagging, overheating of PC and vice versa. After coming the latest version of an alien ware aurora 2019 all such problems have been encountered in an efficient manner. It has a variety of versions and all these you can easily purchase from amazon and Ali Baba and that within the low price tag. You will also get a guarantee from the purchaser for a different period of time. Moreover, discounts and concessions are made certainly on special kinds of events.

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