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All You Need to Know about High Risk Merchant Highriskpay.com

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high risk merchant highriskpay.com

What is a High Risk Merchant?

A high-risk merchant represents a business or person operating in an industry. However, it is considered to have a high risk of fraudulent activities, financial loss, and chargebacks compared to other industries. When it comes to maintaining and obtaining payment processing services, these merchants often face challenges.

List of High-Risk Merchants

You will witness a list related to high-risk merchant in this article.

Casinos and Online Gambling

Online gambling and casinos businesses are classified as high risk, due to the nature of industry and potential for fraud or money laundering.

Adult Entertainment

Due to legal and reputational concerns, adult content subscriptions and adult websites are considered high risk.

Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals

Businesses selling herbal remedies, supplements or prescription medications face increased risk of fraudulent transactions and regulatory scrutiny.

Ammunition and Firearms

Due to legal and safety concerns, merchants involved in the sale of ammunition, firearms or related accessories are considered high risk.

Tourism and Travel

Businesses in the travel industry like vacation rentals, travel agencies or timeshare sales are considered high risk. However, it has been due to cancellations and chargeback risks.

Drop-shipping and E-commerce

Online businesses which are engaged in drop-shipping, sell high-ticket and gave trial offers are considered high risk. However, it is possible due to potential for fraudulent activity and chargeback risks.

Debt Collection

Due to the regulatory landscape and potential for legal issues, companies involved in debt collection services are deemed high risk.

Services Related to Tech Support

Businesses providing remote technical assistance or computer repair services are associated with high-risk activities. These include fraudulent practices and scams.


Merchants dealing with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), cyrptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms face fraudulent transactions risk and regulatory uncertainty.

Multi-level Marketing

Some MLM companies faced scrutiny, leading industry to the higher risk regarding payment processing perspective.

Multi-level Marketing

How Many Risk Factors a Merchant Needs to Address?

There are some high-risk factors which can lead merchant to the financial loss.

Industrial Risk

Some industries inherently carry a higher risk following their nature. For example, businesses involved in debt collection, firearms, pharmaceuticals, adult entertainment, online gambling or telemarketing are classified as high risk.

Large Chargeback Ratios

When a customer disputes a request and transaction to refund directly from his credit card issuer, then chargebacks occur. High-risk merchants face a higher volume of chargebacks due to industrial particular reasons, dissatisfied customers or fraudulent activities. For payment processors, high chargeback ratios can lead to potential financial risks.

Legitimate and Compliance Problems

Specific industries have strict regulations and compliance requirements like pharmaceuticals, financial services and alcohol sales. Businesses face high-risk from a financial standpoint because of non-compliance with these businesses, leading legal repercussions.

High Transaction Amounts

If fraudulent activities or chargebacks issues occur, merchants who process high-value transactions will experience a huge financial loss.

International Operations

Merchants who are doing businesses internationally, may face high financial risk. The risk chances are more especially in those countries which have weak legal frameworks or high levels of fraud.

Weak Credit History

Merchants are at high-risk especially with a dark history of bankruptcy, financial instability or vast debts. In these cases, companies face payment issues.

Limited Operating Historical Background

New businesses are at high risk due to lack of a proper operating history. Because there is limited information to assess their transaction patterns and financial stability.

Recurring Billing or Subscription-Based Services

Merchants providing recurring billing models and subscription services are at high risk. However, these risks occur due to unauthorized recurring charges, customer dissatisfaction or billing disputes.

How to Use a High-Risk Merchant Account?

A high-risk merchant account is such kind of payment processing account which is created to cater to businesses, operating in industries are considered as high risk. These industries may have a higher likelihood of legal and regulatory issues, fraud and chargebacks. However, it can create a challenge for traditional payment processors. Merchants are needed to open high-risk merchant accounts in order to mitigate these risks. Payment processors are offering these accounts and acquiring banks. However, they have expertise and expertise to address the risks associated with industries.

The payment processors may also impose particular safeguards, including mitigate potential losses, rolling reserves or holdbacks. However, the high-risk merchant account providers include companies like CCBill, Instabill, Payline Data and Durango Merchant Services. In some cases, instant approval of a high-risk merchant account is not possible. Because it takes almost 1-2 working days in this regard. Similarly, it also takes 5 days to approval for certain merchant account providers.

high risk merchant highriskpay.com

Advantages of High-Risk Payment Processing

There are several advantages of a high-risk payment processing we will discuss below.

Increased Security Measures

High-risk payment processors go above and beyond, when it comes to save your business from fraud and chargebacks. Moreover, they employ cutting-edge security measures which are established to thwart any potential threats. Consequently, it makes the process of your transaction, safe and secure.

Protection against Account Termination

Sudden termination of payment processing accounts is the biggest concern for businesses in high-risk industries. You can rest assured that your account may face abrupt shutdown in case of high-risk payment processors. However, these providers are giving a stable payment processing solution, regardless of unexpected account suspension fear.

Dedicated Support and Tailored Solutions

You want your merchant account provider’s interference, if you are dealing with high-risk products. There are no restrictions and high-risk payment processors provide you the flexibility and freedom to sell your products.

List of High-Risk Merchant Account Providers

You can submit your payment through various sources we will discuss below.

  • PaymentCloud: It is suitable for software integrations.
  • Durango Merchant Services: It is suitable for online sellers.
  • SMB Global: It is known for its chargeback management ability.
  • eMerchantBroker: It is suitable for online CBD.
  • com: It is suitable for fraud prevention and ACH processing.
  • First Card Payments
  • Soar Payments
  • Paykings


High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com is a platform through which merchants can address their industrial risks. In addition to this, high risk merchant highriskpay.com contains a lot of benefits that we have discussed above. There are several payment processing accounts through which you can easily submit your money. If people face difficulty in using this account, they should read this article to address any issue related to industry.

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