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A web app called Stonk O Tracker was established by an unknown developer who claims to truly love stocks. So-called meme stock buyers have shown a lot of interest in it on different social media platforms like Reddit, YouTube and Twitter. Stonk O Tracker was stated to be a laugh site, created for and by apes by a huge number of people. Stank O Tracker notes whether a short sale limit is being imposed for the security, as well as shares open to borrowing and the number of ETF shares available.


Stonk O Tracker

AMC Stonk O Tracker

At first, a block in orange with the words “Stonk time in seven hours nineteen minutes and fifty-four seconds” will be evident. Fair enough, that one is simple to clarify; It’s a countdown to the New York Stock Exchange’s inaugural. Also, look just lower that left-hand block; The New York Stock Exchange has a title that charges $12.78. During the time that the NYSE was shut, AMC’s stock cost that much. SSR also stands for “opportunity uptick rule”, which is an abbreviation for “brief sale restriction”.

This typically safeguards shares from persistent short-selling by disagreeing shorts while the stock has dropped by ten percent or extra from the former trading day. Hence, confidential, the SSR is about $11.50, which is about 10 times less than AMC’s New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) ultimate fee of $12.78. The heading FRA on the Stonk O Tracker means the fee for Stonk O Tacker AMC stocks traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE).

What is FRA on Stonk O Tracker?

The FRA is Europe’s biggest stock exchange, and the price is shown in Euros. “Calls ITM Expiring” may be a part of Stonk O Tracker. This point displays the number of name replacements in the AMC inventory that are “In The Money” on a specific date. People typically just call a name option a name, allowing an investor to search for a very promising date for a percentage at a very fixed fee.

Indication from the Stonk O Tracker

The charge will be less than what it would charge to buy that percentage on the open market if that date comes. The funds cover the owner could maintain the difference. The Stonk O Tracker informs AMC and GME brokers of the number of each corporation’s stocks that can be borrowed rapidly. These short sellers will made-up to borrow stocks from a broker, wait for the share price to fall, and then sell them back to the broker for good revenue.

When an inventory is shut short, there will be a reduct in the amount of stock that can be borrowed. At the time of circulation, as shown in the image below. Still, pay attention to what Stonk O Tracker’s writer says. Interactive Brokers deliver the number of stocks that can be borrowed. This is the most efficient way to demonstrate the number of stocks that can be borrowed from them. Stonk O Tracker is now a brilliant indicator of what is happening, but not of the entire quantity of borrowed stocks.

Shareholders can protect their GME and AMC stocks without having to go through a brokerage house by using the Direct Registration System (DRS). That’s what many shareholders want to do to stop quick sellers from taking over the stores. The notion is that GME and AMC buyers will use Direct Registration System if necessary. Market makers will find it much more challenging to reduce the stock rate.


 Stonk O Tracker

Tits-Up-Tracker video display units

The Reverse Repurchase Agreements, also well known as RRP or Reverse Repos, and the “US Daily Treasury statement”. The Reverse Repurchase Agreement metric specifies the utilization of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Overnight Reverse Repurchase Facility. The bank can use this capability to borrow securities from its balance sheet in order to extract more money from the machine before returning it the following day.

The US Daily Treasury assertion on the Tits-Up-Tracker delivers a metric for the Federal Government’s coin and debt process on what is stated to be a “change coins’ basis”. Stonk O Tracker asserts that the site does not wish for fiscal gain. As a result, he asks for aid to cover operating expenses. I’m great at the moment; But if this blasts like the inventory itself, it might be harder to keep it going.

Stonk O Tracker “Calls ITM Expiring”

On Stonk O Tracker, there is a segment titled “Call ITM Expiring”. This segment displays to us how many call options on the AMC stock are failing “In The Money” on a given date. A call option, often known as just a call, gives an investor the capability to buy a share at a set price, on a certain date. If, when that date reach, that price is minor than the actual cost of buying that share on the open market, the owner is “in the money” and can pocket the change.

For example, the Stonk O Tracker displays 5445 calls failing “in the money” at 13$ on 8 July. To give you a real-life example of how this works, consider someone purchasing one call option of the AMC stock at a price of twenty dollars. If AMC’s stock is at 25$ the day before the call option decreases, it is in the money by 5$. The buyer can then exercise the call option and buy the share of AMC for20$ and sell it for 25$.


These are state by the Securities exchange commission (SEC) and are update once they release that info. This chart details how many contracts failed to implement and at what closing price they failed. The SSR trigger info at the very bottom of Stonk O Tracker simply discloses the close price at which it stop going into effect as well as the price SSR was activate.

Available shares of Stank O Tracker

Stonk O Tracker shows AMC, GME and BBBY investors how many shares of the particular companies are accessible for short sellers to borrow. These short sellers will target to borrow the shares from a broker and wait for the share’s price to fall and then sell them back to the broker, pocketing the revenue. When a stock is being deeply short, the shares open to borrowing will drop. At the current time of publication, 400,000 AMC shares are open to borrowing.

Though, note that the creator of Stonk O Tracker says, the open shares to borrow is an amount provided by Interactive Brokers. It only shows the amount of shares that can be borrowed from them. It’s not the total amount of open shares to borrow but gives a good suggestion of what’s happening.


Stonk O Tracker


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