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https // code Among the most famous gaming consoles in the marketplace, today is Xbox. Since its announcement in the year (2001), the Xbox console has rapidly enhanced and has contested with the likes of Nintendo, PlayStation, and other so many gaming consoles. To advance your gaming experience while using the Xbox console, you will need to sign in with your Xbox console account.

Though, there are many occasions where you’ll not remember the key password for your Xbox account. This instruction will try to guide you on how you can sign in to your Xbox account using the https // code for your Xbox. Kindly read on to learn more.

What is the https // code for Xbox?

When signing in to your Xbox account, you’ll need to enter your password and e-mail because it’s the 1st necessary step. But when you’ve forgotten your Xbox account password or code, you can continue to sign in via another device. Though, you’ll need to reminisce the login identifications for your Microsoft account since you’ll need to enter them later.

Your Xbox device will try to give you a very exceptional alphanumeric code which is needed on https // Besides signing in on your Xbox device, you can also try to use this sign-in process on other Microsoft-reinforced applications. And many devices such as Microsoft Surface and Minecraft devices.

How to sign in to your Xbox using the https // code?

Before anything else, you can 1st try to enter the last password or code that you remember for your Xbox account. This will straight-sign you into your Xbox account without needing to enter a confirmation code. But if you only remember your Microsoft account, proceed to these phases below:

  • Please open your Xbox console and try to hit the Xbox button on your controller to introduce the procedures.
  • Next, go to Settings> Profiles and System and select your existing Xbox account.
  • On the new window, Use another device
  • Then, you will see an alphanumeric code on your screen. You can take a photo of this code for later or just keep the display screen open.
  • Using another device, try to open the browser and go to the link
  • Next, enter the code onto the blank field then choose next.
  • Then, enter your e-mail for your Microsoft account and choose Next. Alternatively, you can also enter your Skype ID or your phone number that’s associated with your Xbox account.
  • Next, enter the password for your account and select Sign in.
  • In this new window, you’ll be enquired if you want to stay sign-in to your Microsoft account. If you’re using a trusted device, please choose yes.
  • A notification will tell you that you’re now signed in to your Xbox account. You can try to check this by going back to your Xbox console. 

How to Recover Your Microsoft Account Password on Your Computer Device?

When you’re not capable to sign in to your Microsoft account password after entering your code, you can try to recover it 1st. Luckily, Microsoft has a very simple recovery method to try to help you gain back entrance to your Microsoft account via a computer device. More often than not, you’ll just need to recover the password code since you can already see e-mail via your Xbox profile. To recover the password for your Microsoft account on a computer device, please follow the phases below:

  • Please open the browser on your computer device and go to the link.
  • Then, you will be 1st asked for the e-mail address of your Microsoft account. Enter it and please click the next button.
  • Next, you will now need to receive a security code from Microsoft. You can either receive this on your e-mail or your mobile phone number that’s synced to your Microsoft account.
  • Then, enter the sent security code and set up your new password for your Microsoft account. You will need to enter your password code twice.

Important note: Your password code should be at least 8 characters and must cover a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters, numeric numbers and symbols etc. To know more about the Microsoft account recovery process on Xbox 360 and Xbox, refer to our article.

How to Enhance New Microsoft Account to your Xbox Console?

When you are not capable to recover your Microsoft account from the process previously, then you can add a new Microsoft account to your Xbox console. Please take note that this will work great for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One modules. To add a new Microsoft account to your Xbox console or account, kindly follow the stages below:

  • Please open your Xbox console and try to press your Xbox button to open the guidelines.
  • Then, unveil the settings and select Profile and System.
  • Next, choose Add or Switch and kindly select the Add new option.
  • Here, please enter your e-mail address for your new Microsoft account and press the button Enter.
  • Next, enter the password for your Microsoft account and select the button Enter.
  • Now after reading the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy statements, please select I Accept.
  • Next, configure the Sign-in and Security preferences to complete sign-in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox.

Where do I find Microsoft Verification Code?

If you are trying to work on a Microsoft account, you will frequently find the authentication code in your e-mail box. You are using an account, please go to, choose Other > Redeem a gift card or code, and then try to enter your code. If you are using a or account, please try to open your Microsoft account and select Security > more Security options. Under 2-stage authentication, please select Get Started and then kindly follow all the instructions.

Why is Microsoft not sending me my verification code?

If you are trying to sign in to your Microsoft account and not receiving any verification code, it might be because:

  • You are using an application that doesn’t support 2-factor verification. Try signing in with your username and password on the Microsoft account sign-in page.
  • Your mobile phone number isn’t set up for 2-stage authentication. Please try to learn how to add security info to your Micro soft account.
  • You turned off 2-step authentication. Please try to learn how to turn off 2-step authentication.
  • You currently changed your mobile phone number or updated your security info. In any case, you need to confirm your new info.

If you are still having any kind of misfortune, please contact support for help.


To make the most out of your Xbox console, you will need to log into your Microsoft account. This will give permission to all the users and application data to be synced on your device. To add, you can also make in-game and application purchases and benefit from the best subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

Optimistically, this article has helped you to log into your Xbox account via https // Please remember that you will need to have entrance to your Micro soft account to make this sign-in process work.

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