Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planets: How Does It Work? User’s Reaction

Friends’ solar system is an advanced Snapchat plus feature which people are really enjoying. However, a new feature helps the user to rank their close friends as planets on Snapchat. We need to understand how friends’ solar system on Snapchat function. Snapchat planets have been starting rolling for the last week. Moreover, it is a paid tier which discloses incredible features for the subscribers, a few of which are experimental and pre-release. A few countries have earned their membership including France, Canada and USA. Furthermore, users are also talking about friends’ solar systems on Twitter. The feature helps users to find out their truest friends via the app. In this article, you will get all information about Snapchat planets.

Snapchat Planets

What are Snapchat Planets?

There are many features of Snapchat+ available for subscribers. However, the Friends Solar System is one of the best features that categorize friends into planets on the basis of their interaction via the app. It is possible to see ‘’Friends’’ or ‘’Best Friends’’ along with a golden ring around it on anyone’s friendship profile if you are a Snapchat+ subscriber.

Moreover, tagging your best friend reflects that you are one of his closest friends. On the other hand, the ‘’Friends’’ tag means they are not one of yours but you are one of their eight closest friends. You need to tap on the badge in order to see which planet you are living in. However, you can decide on planets on the basis of friendship ranks. For example, you will be Jupiter if you are the 5th closest in the solar system to a friend.

What is Snapchat+?

Snapchat Plus is a premium membership which provides some extra features to the users who buy it. However, people should pay a subscription fee for a month to get access to Snapchat+ and its extra features. Moreover, Snapchat+ is being rolled out in the United States of America for Android and iPhone. In addition to these, you can avail the opportunity of a 7-day free trial before paying for a subscription.

Several of the exciting features of Snapchat+ include making particular friends as BFFs, viewing who watched your story and changing the app’s icon. However, it is important to note that a monthly subscription does not eliminate ads. Jacob Andreou a senior vice president of Snapchat told, ‘’Ads will stay at the foundation of our revenge strategy for the long coming future’’.

How do the Snapchat Planets Work?

Snapchat planets function by telling whether your closest friend is the sun or belongs to another planet. However, its basis on the intensity of friendship on the app. Most important of all, there are just 8 ranks and each has a planet. Mercury represents your closest friend while Venus represents your 2nd closest friend. Similarly, Earth, Mars and Jupiter are 3rd, 4th and 5th closest friends simultaneously. Moreover, the other three remaining positions represent Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

However, friendship is ranked in Snapchat planets according to the position of planets in an actual solar system. It is also very important to note that your friend and you should have a linked Bitmoji for accessing the feature.



Snapchat Planets

How to Try Friends Planets with Snapchat+ Free Trial?

It is easy to try Snapchat’s Friends solar system in order to examine which planet you lie in your friend’s Galaxy with seven days free trial which Snapchat+ provides. Normally, snapchat+ charges 39.99 $ per year, 21.99 $ per six months and 3.99 $ per month in the USA. You can also avail the opportunity of a free trial regardless of paying a subscription fee for Snapchat Planets. But you need to follow some steps.

  • First, upgrade the Snapchat app to the advanced version.
  • Introduce the app and visit your profile.
  • Find out and click on the Snapchat+ banner.
  • Choose a plan by going through the whole information.
  • Press the ‘’start 7-day free trial’’ button.
  • Select your payment method for the subscription.

Are Snapchat Planets Available for Everyone?

Snapchat planets or friends’ solar systems are related to the Plus subscription. However, if you pay for membership of Snapchat+ then you can avail free trial in order to get its access. Currently, it is not available for free users. Moreover, there are no plans for Snapchat to make it available for everyone, anytime. If it is an experimental feature then the chances of rolling the app are maximum for everyone in the coming future.

There are limitations to certain regions across the world regarding Snapchat’s subscriptions. However, the company has planned to make the available premium tier in the coming months all over the world.

Order of Snapchat Planets

Planets are divided on the basis of a number of streaks.

1. Mercury

When you shared the most number of streaks with your closest friend. It means Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Most important of all, you can also consider him your closest friend. However, it is denoted by a ‘’Pink Planet’’ with red hearts.

2. Venus

Venus is the second planet in the Snapchat solar system. Because it denotes the 2nd individual with whom you shared the most streaks. While the friend user name highlighted is your 2nd closest friend. Moreover, it is denoted by a ‘’Beige planet with pink, blue and yellow hearts’’.

3. Earth

Earth is the 3rd planet in our solar system and denotes the friend as the 3rd closest friend on Snapchat. Moreover, it is denoted by a ‘’blue and green planet with red hearts and moon’’.

4. Mars

Mars is the other next planet that represents your 4th closest friend. However, it is denoted by a ‘’red planet with blue and purple hearts’’.

5. Jupiter

Jupiter is the 5th planet and surely, it represents your 5th closest friend on Snapchat. However, it is denoted by an ‘’orange planet along with no hearts’’.

6. Saturn

Saturn represents the 6th closest friend on Snapchat. Moreover, it is denoted by a ‘’yellow planet along with one ring’’.

7. Uranus

Uranus is the 7th planet in our solar system however, Bitmoji nearer to the planet represents the 7th closest friend. However, it is denoted by ‘’green planets along with no hearts’’.

8. Neptune

Consequently, Neptune is the 8th planet in our solar system and represents the 8th closest friend on Snapchat. However, it is denoted by a ‘’blue planet along with no hearts’’.

Snapchat Planets


The Reaction of User towards Snapchat+

Snapchat Planets rolled out its policy of paid subscriptions. However, people around the world have mixed reactions to it. A larger number of users are trying the new features of Snapchat Plus. On the contrary, few want to eliminate ads from subscriptions.

Indeed, paying monthly 3.99 $ is not very expensive therefore, users do not want to roll out its plus features. Moreover, it is only a marketing gimmick. A large number of people have opined on Twitter, ‘’who will buy Snapchat Plus in a sarcastic way’’.


Snapchat Planets is helpful for users to rank their closest friends easily. In addition to these, we have discussed in detail the all features of our solar system. However, the user can choose a planet in accordance with his choice to find out real friends. Snapchat planets have recently adopted many features and geographical limitations are limited. This is the all essential information a person needs to know about Snapchat planets.

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