Bim 360 Data Connector Power Bi

Bim 360 Data Connector Power Bi

Data connector helps members and project administrators with exclusive overview access to acquire data from projects by scheduling or running data extractions. However, the simplest extraction provides an individual the flexibility to analyze data using his own business intelligence tools. In this article, you will get whole information about Bim 360 Data Connector Power Bi.


Users Construction IQ
Projects Daily logs
Companies Cost
Business units Checklists
Activated roles Assets
Roles Daily logs Transmittals Submittals RFIs Reviews Meeting Minutes Relations among data For instance, RFIs that relate to PCOs Locations Issues

Notification & Download

When you complete the process of extraction then you will receive an email. Therefore, you are able to download the ZIP file including a series of CSV files via data connector area of insight. However, every CSV file denotes an opposite set of data for the categories listed previously. The files are available for downloading which you have generated during extraction. However, such files are available only for the 30 days.

Access Data Connector

It is possible to extract current data via accessing data connector. However, project administrators can easily approach a single project in this regard. Candidates with exclusive overview accessing enabled select to approach data connector to acquire data for all projects. These projects can be either single project at ground level or all projects at account level. Therefore, it is easy for public administrators to grant executive access to the members. When you enable the access then following changings occur.

  • Chose the insight module.
  • Pressing down data connector on the left panel under dashboards.

Now, you can make schedule or run a data extraction. However, the importance of a data connector is extremely high in bim 360 data connector power bi.

Run Extraction

The data extraction is now enabling enough to start processing. Moreover, data extraction takes some time by depending on the number of projects. An individual can return later and navigate away to check on progress.

Click on the run extraction.

Schedule Extraction

By using scheduling, an individual can easily automate regular data extractions.

  • Click on the scheduling.
  • Extraction schedule: Choose monthly, weekly or daily.
  • Every: choose the number of months, weeks or days.
  • Run on: Select a specific data in accordance with your scheduling.
  • Run at: choose a particular time.
  • Start and end dates: choose the end and start dates.
  • Click on the scheduling.

It is important to note that click on edit if you are looking for changing or deleting the scheduling. Moreover, you can edit the schedule in order to remove or save the schedule.

How to take Bim 360 Data Connector to the Next Level?

  • It is possible to avail the opportunity of power BI template by using Sarah by
  • We can display any information in the dashboard in accordance with different custom filters.
  • Isolating elements to watch particular project data in real-time.
  • If an individual is looking for reporting of errors then he must print his dashboard.
  • You can date and use it as a 4D tool by filtering data.
  • Exploitation of excels with particular data we already have.
  • It is possible to access any data by using device of every type.
  • You must have an executive overview.
  • An individual can use an Autodesk Construction Cloud in any browser.


Bim 360 data connector Power Bi contains a lot of benefits and features which we have already discussed above. In addition to these, the company is on the way to incorporate advancements in quality of its devices. This is an essential information a person must understand about Bim 360 Data Connector Power Bi.

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