Picuki: Safety, Advantages & Disadvantages

An editing app which allows its user to edit others’ profiles on Instagram. Moreover, you do not need prior installation. It makes everything easier for your actions after watching someone’s profile. It is the most secure and safe platform on Instagram by far. However, picuki makes you able to see profiles, stories, hashtags and competitions without other apps. You can also edit your own photo which you have uploaded on Insta some times before. Picuki makes you aware of the competitors and companies in pitching brands. A massive number of the public uploads their images, reels and stories on daily basis. Therefore, it is easy to refer to Instagram as a larger social media platform. This article will resolve your every problem regarding picuki.


Features of Picuki

There are numerous features of the Instagram editing app picuki and which we will discuss below.

Editing Instagram Images

People often upload their photos, videos and reels quickly. But sometimes when they realize they have loopholes in their uploading data. Then they want to edit something to improve their content. Therefore, picuki makes them able to do this without any difficulty. In addition to these, you can also edit your messages and other data according to your choice with the help of this app.

Provides access to trends

If some content is trending on Instagram then picuki provides you access to such trends. Moreover, even if some bold and dirty trends are circulating on Instagram then you can also watch them Picuki helps you able to discard this content as well.

Downloading of stories

Our close people like family and friends love to upload their stories on Instagram regularly. But you can never download their stories which is a huge drawback of Instagram. However, picuki makes you able to watch and download the story of your favourite person without any difficulty.

Nofavourite sign in

Most people do not use Instagram on daily basis. But still, wish to get the latest updates regarding trends and news on Instagram. Then picuki has made itself a valuable tool for them and which is a great feature by far. On the contrary, if you use Instagram and want to hide your activities then this article is highly beneficial for you in this regard.


Why do we need to use Picuki?

The interface of the website is very easy to understand. With the help of picuki, you can see somWithne’s profile, story, tags and locations. If you want to get benefits from picuki then follow some steps which we will discuss below.

1. You do not need to sign up for picuki. Moreover, you will have to visit the homepage of the official website.

2. Picuki does not compromise the privacy of its user regarding information. However, it is free of cost.

3. You will have to enter a particular profile which you want to see.

4. Picuki provides easy access to the videos, reels and photos regarding pub accounts.

5. However, it requires you to send the request to do so, if the account is private.

6. It is also easy to filan ter search terms after selecting one of the tags, profiles and locations.

7. If you want to see stories, videos and reels of your favourite celebrity then picuki is highly bfavouritel. Because you do need to sign up for your account before watching your favourite person.

8. You can also watch numerous ads for a particular company which you like.

Steps to download Instagram stories

There are multiple steps which we need to follow while downloading a story.

  • You need to enter an individual’s account.
  • Tap on viewed stories after launching the official picuki website
  • Now you can watch the older and latest stories of a person with the help of picuki.
  • It is the right time to save the story.

Steps to browse posts with tags

You can also view someone’s posts by using tags. However, you should follow some steps to do so.

  • First, you should open the official page of the website.
  • Now you need to search for a hashtag in searching menu.
  • Then tap on the tag which you have on your screen.
  • There are several hashtags that appear then you can tap on them according to that choice.

Location search

them You can use the location of a person by searching his account. This is possible only because of picuki. However, several steps you will have to follow in this regard.

  • Visit picuki.com and enter the location option.
  • Then you can directly enter someone’s location and tap on the searching icon.
  • Now you are able to see results after tapping on the.

Advantages of Picuki

  • You do not the ed to sign up before using this website which is a great benefit.
  • It is completely free of cost.
  • You can view thousands of content and accounts in just one click with the help of picuki.
  • Picuki also displays trending accounts and hashtags on the top.
  • Picuki does not steal someone’s data which makes it a completely safe and secure website.
  • You can get access to every public account with the help of picuki. While sending friend requests to a person if his account is private.

Disadvantages of Picuki

  • The major drawback of picuki is that it does not allow users to see the previous record of search trends.
  • You can never remove or delete your content from Instagram.
  • You are also not able to watch the growth of someone’s account.
  • It is beneficial only for Apple users. On the other hand, android users have no benefit from picuki.
  • You can also view unclear ideas regarding your account and product.
  • You are also not able to get access to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and vice versa.

Is Picuki safe to use?

People think about whether this website is secure or not. But you do not need to get worried about its safety. Because it has massive secure ratings. Moreover, you do not need to log in or share important information while using such software. Anyone can use it without facing any difficulty.

On the other hand, it also depends upon your user not to share his important details with anyone. These details can be your contact number, email address, credit card details and so on. Because scammer’s cards find someone’s sensitive details to use for their pause.

Is this website anonymous?

Nobody can get your details with the help of picuki. Because it has hidden your sensitive details. After being an unknown user, now you are able to watch the activities you can This is possible only because of the usage of picuki.



An Instagram app through which you can edit and view someone’s story and photos. On the other hand, it also makes you able to download such stories without any difficulty. However, picuki does not charge its user a single penny which is a great benefit of it. However, people feel a little bit of hesitation regarding its safety. Therefore need to make take three we need to maintain huge rating support and reviews on Instagram.

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