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Orbeez Gun: Does it work the same as gel blasters

Orbeez gun is a fun toy which children use against each other. Moreover, we can also call it a gel blaster. However, it is a completely safe material and children do not get damaged. It also functions like Nerf gun but the orbeez gun uses smaller gel balls. While the balls which are used for Nerf guns are larger. However, lithium-ion batteries provide power to these types of guns. On the other hand, some guns are charged manually. In this article, we will get the whole information regarding orbeez guns.

Orbeez Gun

Alternative names use for orbeez gun

  1. Gel blaster
  2. Water bead gun
  3. Orbeez gun
  4. Hydrogel blaster
  5. Water gel blaster

On the contrary to it, there are numerous other names for orbeez guns. However, it is difficult to find its fixed definition until now. The mechanism is the same for all kinds of guns.

Does orbeez gun use ammunition?

It is not easy to answer this question. However, water needs guns, gel blasters and orbeez guns all belong to the same family. They use numerous manufacturing techniques by different sizing ammunition. Moreover, for getting ammo they all prefer to use hydrogel beads. The physical structure can be different because it depends upon the type of model.

Size of the ammunition

The bead size of the orbeez gun is usually 7-8mm almost 0.3 inches. However, we can consider it a smaller size but it is not easy to break hydrogels into parts. On the other hand, the rest of the models prefer larger sizes of beads such as 10 mm. But the chances of breaking regarding these models are more than the previous model due to its softness.

Therefore, you need to ensure that either you have the correct ammunition or not regarding your gel blaster. Keep one thing in mind, if you prefer a larger size then you will feel difficulty in firing. Furthermore, the chances of breaking bits of hydrogel will increase. On the other hand, if you prefer a smaller size then you can never shoot to a longer distance. Moreover, the accuracy will also be badly affected by doing so.

Orbeez Gun

The physical structure of hydrogel beads

Always remember one thing in mind, if you go for the smaller size of the orbeez gun then the harder and firmer will be its structure. On the contrary, larger sizes can be breaking which is not favourable for anyone. But several manufacturers prefer to sell harder beads in this regard.

Alternative names of hydrogel beads

We can have several names of hydrogel beads and which we will discuss below one by one.

  1. Hydrogel water beads
  2. Gel balls
  3. Hydrogel beads

However, if you search simply water beads or orbeez beads then multiple ammunition options you will get in results. But these options are not suitable for every condition then you must need to be aware of this drawback. The either not very larger or smaller size is suitable for orbeez guns.

How can we prepare ammunition?

You can soak beads for 4 to 6 hours when you have robbed a gun with ammo in your hand. However, if you prefer distilled water then it is more beneficial for you. Because the size of the beads will be larger with time. Keep one thing in mind, the size of the bead takes a longer time to grow. Therefore, you can soak it in distilled water and wait for a long time whether is the whole day or night. This is the most favourable factor to increase the size of the bead according to your choice.

In addition to these, if you do not use quality water then it will create an impact on your bead’s growth. Therefore, you are suggested to use distilled or filtered water to get full growth of the orbeez bead. Similarly, people mostly use tap water for the growth of orbeez guns. But it depends upon the quality of your tap water. If it is good in quality then surely go for it otherwise avoid its usage.

The reason behind avoiding tap water is that it does not contain chlorine and several other elements. However, tap water with chlorine can increase the size of the bead by almost up to 80 to 90%. Similarly, bad-quality water can also decrease the size of the bead.

Orbeez Gun

Runqi p90 gel blaster

If you are a beginner then you must use the runqi p90 gel blaster because it is the best value for the money blaster by far. Moreover, it also includes an infrared laser and a magazine capacity of 250 hydrogel beads.


Battery 6 V 700mAh Ni-Cad battery
Range 20 meters
Ammo Size 8-10 mm
Colour Graffiti or black ( while white and yellow colours are also used )

However, when your gun is fully charged then it is easy for you to expect its battery up to 3500 shots. Furthermore, you can also upgrade your battery to a greater voltage depending upon your choice. 7.4 V or 11.1 V batteries are favourable for a sat firing rate. Therefore, it is obvious to increase its battery for a longer period.


You can buy this gel blaster easily from Amazon. Moreover, it has a grenade-shaped ammo magazine on the top. Therefore, it is the most preferable fun toy for children as compared to other toy guns.


Battery 7.4 V 1200mAh Li-Po battery
Range 20 meters
FPS 150
Ammo Size 7mm
Colour Yellow graffiti, red graffiti, green graffiti, blue graffiti

However, the battery of the gun is up to 2500 shots when fully charged. It is expected that battery can run for a longer time but it is only an estimation, not a fact. Moreover, we can upgrade the battery up to 11.1 V. But keep one thing in mind, you have already a faster firing rate. While a further increase in the firing rate can cause serious damage to the blaster.

Anstoy established these orbeez guns and these are the most favourable tools, especially for beginners. However, we can say it is a reputable Chinese brand for children. You can easily buy it on Amazon and via physical shopping in your nearby toy market. Moreover, its price is very affordable and you can purchase it from 60 $ to 100 via Amazon. In addition to these, you can buy it on Aliexpress and eBay.

Are lithium batteries safe to use?

It depends upon the skill of the manufacturer. If you have concerns regarding the battery of the orbeez gun then first remove the battery and then go for storing. Therefore, you can save your battery by doing so.

Orbeez Gun


Orbeez gun is a toy which children use to get entertainment. Therefore, it is the most impressive Chinese brand which children use in larger quantities, especially in the USA. However, its demand is increasing day to day all over the world due to its massive features. It is completely safe and secure for your children. Moreover, there are several other tools also available like the orbeez gun on the market.

Orbeez gun has multiple alternative names. Furthermore, each type of fun toy gun like the orbeez gun has different features and qualities. You can also increase the firing rate of the orbeez gun to some extent. This is the whole information that an individual needs to know about orbeez guns.

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