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Speculations about How Violet Myers Passed Away?

Violet Myers was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, USA on February 24, 1997. However, she was living with her relatives and family. She completed her graduation from a local high school, while in school, she decided to pursue career in modelling and fashion. Most importantly, Violet Myers gained 1st exposure as a model via Instagram and other social media forums. She has been successful in attracting tens of thousands of followers by uploading her photographs on social media.

Violet Myers is an American actress in Instagram celebrity, pornographic films, fashion model, and social media influencer. She is famous for her work with international adult websites and video studios, including The Score Group, Many Vids, Team Skeet and Pulse Distribution. Violet Myers is also popular for uploading her sexy modeling videos and images on Twitter and Instagram. In this article, we will get to know; how Violet Myers passed away.


Violet Myers always avoids sharing information about her siblings and parents. We will instantly alert you, if she provides any information about her siblings and parents. Moreover, Violet Myers has not shared details about her current boyfriend and previous relationship. That is why we have been investigating Violet Myers to get an update on her relationship and boyfriend.



Violet Myers
Height 5 Feet, 3 inches
Age 26 Years
Weight 58 Kilograms
Country United States of America
Nationality United States of America
Birthdate  February 24, 1997
Net Worth Millions of Dollars
Family No
Boyfriend No
Profession Adult Film Actress
Ideal Personality

Mia Khalifa


Physical Appearance & Age

As of 2023, Violet Myers is 26 years old. Her weight is 58 KG and her height is approximately 5 feet, 3 inches. Moreover, she has black hair and brown eyes. Violet Myers’s shoe size is 5.5, and the dimensions of her physique are 35-27-38.

Net Worth

Violet Myers’s net worth is estimated to be around millions of dollars. She has signed with other local agencies regardless of being an adult film actor and Instagram celebrity. Most importantly, Violet has appeared in various short films. She also appeared in advertisements for bikinis, lingerie, apparel and cosmetics for a variety of big brands. Violet Myers has introduced her own product named ‘’Merch’’, and you can easily purchase this product on her website.

Achievements & Career

Violet Myers debuted into the adult film industry, in 2018. She was able to earn a following within short while, due to her excellent performance. By the end of that year, Violet Myers established herself as an industry leader and appeared in numerous adult short films. She started increasing her social media presence, as her popularity grew daily. Consequently, Violet created her YouTube channel on 14th of December 2018. She released her 1st YouTube video in July 2019. Normally, Violet Myers uploads vlog-style videos to the channel. Over the course of the past 2 years, more than 159K subscribers and 4.7 million total video views were added to her channel.

Furthermore, Violet Myers remains active on her Twitter account and streams various times per month. On the contrary to streaming just chatting, Violet streams video games like Crab Game, Phasmophobia and so on. She has gained more than 32,000 followers since joining the streaming service. Similarly, she uploads her incredible pictures on Instagram account waifuviolet, which has over 253K followers. She has collaborated with the most notable actors and production films in the industry over the past three or four years of her acting career. Most important in all, her talents earned her prize nominations at several shows.

Violet Myers | the Next Mia Khalifa

Violet Myers is a rapidly growing adult celebrity with an incredible YouTube following. Moreover, she discloses that she has been dubbed as the ‘’next Mia Khalifa’’. Violet Myers entertains her OnlyFans followers with her interest for Japanese cartoons and cosplay. To discuss why she has been dubbed ‘the next Mia Khalifa’, she recently appeared on ‘Unfiltered’ with Holy Randall. She stated ‘’ it’s because we both have large eyes, large noses, thick eyebrows and a Middle Eastern appearance. It elaborates why public say that. ‘’Mia Khalifa ruled out the adult entertainment profession after receiving death threats from ISIS for making p*rnographic videos while wearing an Islamic head covering.

Furthermore, she criticized the industry, although she had just spent 3 months producing p*rnographic videos. She stated that was not proud of her former involvement.

Has Violet Myers been Passed Away?

Violet Myers was an adult movie actress who recently passed away. Moreover, she has been a famous model and social media influencer. Violet is identified for her work in the p*rnographic film industry. However, the origin of Violet Myers is Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. Violet is extremely famous on social media, and earned almost 500,000 Instagram followers. According to various speculations, Violet Myers has been passed away. That is why, people are curious: Is Violet Myers still alive?

Her Death Notice

Violet Myers’s death occurred in November 2021. However, she did not upload numerous pictures on Instagram, however, she did post a few cosplay images to her gaming channel. Violet Myers was born on 24th of February 1997. When she was only 24 years old, Violet Myers passed away. She first gained notoriety on Instagram when she started posting photos, and violet Myers continued to grow from there.

What Caused the Death of Violet Myers?

We mourn Violet Myers loss, as she passed away suddenly. She was a wonderful grandmother, wife, mother who would be missed by everyone. Violet Myers died quietly on 1st of January 2020, surrounded by her family, following a long fight with cancer. Consequently, when she died, she was barely shy of her 70th birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Violet Myers’s Date of Birth?

Violet Myers was born on February 24, 1997 in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America.

What is the Age of Violet Myers?

As of 2021, Violet Myers was just 24 years old.

What is Violet Myers’s Net Worth?

Violet Myers’s net worth is in millions of dollars.


Violet Myers passed away according to several speculations. Most important of all, she is an American adult film actress who earned a massive fame in the United States of America within short while. She wanted to be the next Mia khalifa but died after a lengthy fight with cancer. However, a majority of people are curious: has Violet Myers passed away? She was just 24 years old when she died. This is the complete information about those who say: has Violet Myers passed away.

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