William Shaner

William Shaner: Bio, Achievements, Early & Professional Life

William shener is a famous American personality who was born on 25 April 2001 in Colorado Springs. Moreover, he participated in the 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics and got the first position in 10 meters air rifle. However, he also got the first position in the 2021 ISSF junior world championship which was held in Croatia. Similarly, he won a bronze medal in the 2018 world championship in 50 meters rifle-prone gameplay. William Shatner was also a member of the University of Kentucky rifle squad. His squad has won the 2021 NCAA rifle competition. Since childhood, he had a passion for such games and therefore, he decided to continue it. He is also a member of the men’s shooting team since 2010. He has won seven gold medals, two bronze medals and one silver medal till now. We will discuss further his achievements and the professional life of William Shatner.

William Shaner

What do we know about William Shaner?

William Shatner was born and raised in the United States of America. Moreover, he participated in numerous rifle shooting competitions and wrote history with his performance and skills. He is the second youngest athlete who won the gold medal in 10 meters air rifle competition at Tokyo Olympics 2020. Therefore, it is a wonderful achievement and the best addition to his NCCA national victory. However, the year 2021 was remembered for William Shatner.

Bio Details

Real name William Shaner
Nickname William
Birth date 25 April 2001 Wednesday
Gender Male
Place of birth Colorado Springs, United States of America
Age 22 years older
Nationality United States of America
Religion Christianity
Profession USA Olympic athlete
Mother Victoria Shaner
Sister Brianna Shaner
Father Gregory Shaner
Zodiac sign Aries
Weight 110lbs
Height 5 feet and 11 inches

When he was only 9 years older, he made his debut when competitions of the 4-H Rifle program’s target shootings were happening. Then he also got the second position in the solo competition in the NCCA air rifle event. He also earned the gold prize for the team competition. In addition to these, he also won the second position in the UK Junior tournament of the year.

William Shaner

Net Worth of William Shaner

He started his career as an athlete and took part in various competitions. According to an estimation, he has a net worth of almost 370,000 $ till now. Moreover, numerous accolades are also awarded to William Shatner.

His Achievements in Life

William Shatner won the gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics. Moreover, he earned a bronze medal in 2018 at 50 meters air rifle prone event. He also won the bronze medal in the 2018ISSF junior world championship. He also earned the 2018-19 NCCA Rookie of the year award. In the 2021 NCCA Rifle championship his team won the competition due to his wonderful performance.

School and College Life

William Shatner took part in the 4-H program and that too at the age of eight. It was his first experience and he also remained a member of the Colorado Springs shooting club for many years. Therefore, at the age of just eight years, he went through a competition of shooting. It was the very first time William Shaner participated in any school sports activities. Therefore, we can consider these activities a journey of his upcoming entire career.

On the contrary, he then started taking part in various competitions on national and international levels. He won the first position at a global-level event. Therefore, it is about one and half years that he is giving tough competition to his opponents at the international level. This is important information regarding the early and professional life of William Shaner.

Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University Of Kentucky

Today, William Shatner is a third-year student and just 21 years older. Now he is studying at the University of Kentucky. It is wonderful to say he won a gold medal in the 2020 summer Olympics during his academic year. He won 10 meters air rifle competition in Japan. Similarly, he also got the first position in the ISSF world cup championship which was held in Croatia. His many colleagues always support their fellow in every competition whether it is a national or international shooting event. Because they love to represent their university all over the world.

Mary Tucker who is a member of the wildcats always supports William Shaner. Similarly, John McClain plays baseball and he was selected as An American in sports four times. We can consider him another prestigious member. William Shaner showed wonderful performances in the Athens competitions and won one gold medal and two bronze medals. Therefore, Americans feel very proud of him and consider him a great talent at the University of Kentucky.

William Shaner

Participation in Tokyo Olympics

William Shatner made the USA proud all over the world due to his wonderful achievement at the 2020 Summer Olympics. He won a gold medal in a shooting competition for 10 meters air rifle. However, you can say his score was not the highest but he pulled it off in a better convincing way. At the start, he was not getting the lead but continued to the next three rounds and earned his gold medal. Similarly, Lucas Kozeniesky was also competing for the University of Kentucky. Lucas managed to get the sixth position with an overall 165 score.

Therefore, both entered the medal ceremony hall and wore Nike team American masks as a tribute to their nation. However, William Shaner scored 105.8 in the first round. Similarly, he managed to get an overall 10.2 in the complete second five-shot series. But 1.8 point victory margin in the final round was impressive against Chinese opponent Sheng Lihao. Therefore, William Shatner has thirst for taking first place at the Olympic competitions in the upcoming future. Still, he was the youngest runner-up at a global competition within such a shortage. Similarly, he achieved the ‘’big three’’ at air rifle events within a single month. People consider it his wonderful accomplishment for the University of Kentucky. He has been a runner-up and Olympics star in major championships.

2021 NCCA Championship Game

William Shatner gets a high score of 251.6 points in the air rifle competition at the Summer Olympics 2020. He just not managed to win a gold medal but was also the second-youngest American athlete who achieved it. In addition to these, he is studying business at the university of Kentucky. He won the junior Olympics championship in his school life. From there, he was selected for the international Olympics game as a rifle shooter.

He again won the ISSF world cup which was held in Croatia in 2021. Moreover, he got 3rd position in the qualifying round and was selected for the final competition. At the championship game, he earned 10.5 points on 13 from twenty-four attempts. He is the best shooter in the United States of America now. Intercollegiate rifles coaches association recognizes William Shaner as an All-American in his early career. However, he is a member of the full-team shooting squad at the University of Kentucky. He dedicates all his awards to the national training center and shooting club.


William Shatner is an American Olympic shooter who won a gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics. In addition to these, he is the youngest American shooting athlete who achieved this status. Therefore, Americans are proud of his accomplishments and the world considers him a great talent. William Shaner has a bright future ahead. This is the whole information an individual needs to know regarding William Shatner.

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