Nadine Caridi

Nadine Caridi: Early & Professional Life, Biography, Net Worth

If you do not know about Nadine Caridi and her career as a Model then you can remember her as the wife of a popular stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The couple fell in love when they met each other at the late onset of the 1980s. However, they failed to maintain their relationship for a longer time. But Nadine Caridi continued keeping her presence intact even after getting a divorce. Do you have any information regarding Nadine Caridi? If you are seeking information about her career then you have approached the right platform. In this article, you will get whole information about the biography, career and physical appearance of Nadine Caridi.

Nadine Caridi

Early Life

Nadine Cridi was born on December 24, 1967, in London, England. Moreover, you can remember her as the Duchess of Bay Ridge. She has American and British nationality while belonging to the zodiac sign Capricorn. Although, she is a model belonging the main reason behind her popularity is her husband. Of course, she earned fame due to her famous stockbroker ex-husband, Jordan Belfort.

Education Career

Nadine Caridi was born in London but she has moved to Brooklyn, New York along with her parents. However, she spent her whole childhood there. But she never disclosed any information about her parents and family. She studied at Dewey high school for early education. She further went to Pacifica Graduate Institute to earn her master’s degree in clinical psychology. Similarly, she did her doctorate in the same subject in 2015.

Professional Life

Nadine wanted to be a model at the start, however, she became the poster girl of a popular beer brand ‘’Miller Lite’’. It was a fortunate step in his professional career. Moreover, she participated in many national campaigns however, she started earning fame when she dated Jordan. She quit her model career after getting married to Jordan.

Nadine Caridi earned her butter and bread with a doctorate in clinical psychology after her divorce from an infamous sa sa stockbroker. She further continued her professional career as a family therapist and career counsellor. Because she was well aware of her healing power of therapy and skills. Because she believes it helps people a lot to maintain their connections with their authentic selves.

On the other hand, people are very curious their their their o know why Nadine never changed her name to Nadine Belfort even after marriage. It is a clear reflection of her bond with Jordan which was completely a public stunt. Similarly, Naomi did not change her name to Naomi Belfort after getting marriage with Belfort. Therefore, it is easy to say Jordan stayed true to his real-time events.

Nadine Caridi

Facts and Figures

Real Name Nadine Caridi
Birth Date December 24, 1967
Birth Place London, England
Present residence Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Age 55 years
Zodiac Capricorn
Reason of Fame Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort
Professional Careers Marriage Therapist, social media influencer, Ex-Model
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity White
Nationality British

Net Worth

Nadine Caridi is awarded grace because of her talents of elegance and beauty. She spent her professional life as a therapist after getting a divorce from stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Therefore, we can easily say she continued her career as a therapist only. According to an estimation, her net worth is over 5$ million. However, a major part of her net worth came from Jordan Belfort’s wealth in the form of divorce. Because he was a millionaire but Nadine earned some money from her professional field of therapy as well. Indeed she was not fully dependent on husband however, net worth is the result of her determination her and hard work.


The stockbroker fell in love with the duchess because he bought a yacht and named it Nadine. It was the time when Jordan became the center of news headlines due to his suspicious business activities. Therefore, he has faced sentenced to prison in 2003 for 4 years. The US government brought softness in his punishment and released him after 1 and 10 months after seeing his better behaviour records. Nadine Caridi divorced Jordan because of this incident, his affairs with other ladies, Jordan’s addictions and physical abuse towards her.

She then married the CEO of Wizard World named John Macaluso. John was an entrepreneur and had shares of 8$ million in a company. Moreover, age was not a problem between couples because John Macaluso was 22 years older than Nadine. Therefore, they were living their lives happily together. Macaluso has 3 children from his 1st wife while he shared no children with Nadine Caridi. She has also changed her name to Nadine Macaluso while conducting her therapy sessions.

Important Facts

You can watch Jordan Belfort’s life story in the Hollywood movie’’ The Wolf of Wall Street’’ where Leonardo DthethetheCaprio performed. In this movie, Jordan Belfort has been the main plot. Let’s come back to our topic, Jordan Belfort’s parties used to be popular and filled with drugs, girls and alcohol. It was all about when Jand and Ordan and Nadine met each other while, Jordan had already married Deniso Lombardo.

However, Jordan used to like Nadine whispers him to divorce his 1st wife. Therefore, he tied the knot with her first wife in 1991. On the contrary, Jordan and Nadine shared the custody of 2 children named Chandler and Carter. If you do not know who is the wife of Jordan in ‘’ The Wolf of Wall Street’’ is, she is Nadine Caridi. She was performing as the character Naomi there. Jordan Belfort told the director about the change of her wives’ names in his memoir. Therefore, the director did it exactly by the choice of Jordan.

Nadine Caridi


What is the Current Status of Nadine Caridi?

Nadine has married a famous entrepreneur named John Mcaluso. She is now living in Florida and works as a medical therapist. Moreover, she is famous among her clients as Doctor Nae. She has earned a net worth of 5$ million as a result of her professional therapist and hard work.

What Crassest the Current Hobbies of Nadine Caridi after 1st Divorce?

Nadine is also known as a trophy wife, and she earned fame because of the ex-wife of a famous stockbroker Jordan Belfort. However, she managed to maintain her status even after getting a divorce from Jordan. She has over 9K followers on Instagram. But she loves to use Twitter in all.

What Factors Forced Nadine to Leave Jordan Belfort?

Both couples could maintain their relationship from 1991 to 2005. In addition to these, there were some solid reasons which forced Nadine to leave Jordan. Because he was involved in some illegal activities due to which he faced punishment by the US government for 1 year and 10 months. Moreover, he was in affairs with some other women. Furthermore, he enjoyed alcohol and drugs for enjoyment.


Nadine Caridi wanted to be a model but could not do so. Because he has married a popular stockbroker Jordan Belfort. But both couples divorced each other after spending some years. Nadine filed for divorce in court because of seeing the illegal activities of her husband. Therefore, she earned half of the net worth of her husband as a result of the divorce.

On the other hand, Nadine Caridi continued her career as a therapist and perceived it as a sacred profession. She again married a famous entrepreneur John Macaluso.

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