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Who is actual Ryan Garcia’s Wife? Realtionships, Children

Ryan Garcia wife is a  popular American boxer who competes in the Lightweight Division. This 25-year-old boxer is currently residing in Victorville, California with his girlfriend. There are certain rumors regarding his marriage and Ryan Garcia Wife.

So, this blog will discuss the personal life, Ryan’s relationships with his girlfriends, and rumors about his marriage.

Who is Riyan Garcia’s Wife?

Rayan Garcia started dating Andrea Celina in 2019, Drea is a famous Instagram model and she was born in the USA in 1996. Drea is not Ryan’s official wife, she is the girlfriend of Ryan, Around 2020 when she was pregnant with Ryan’s second child so this couple revealed in November 2020 that they were expecting a daughter. Furthermore, they decided to end their relationship because of many different issues in their life.

ryan garcia wife

Facts of Ryan Garcia Wife

Name Drea Clina
Birth Place America
Religion Christianity
Current Partner Ryan Gracia
children Bela
Net Worth $ 1,20,000
Occupation Social Media

About Andrea Clina

The personal trainer Andrea Celina was born in Mexico in 1996. she is an Instagram influencer that reason over the years and she collaborated with several brands and others have referred to Drea as a “beach brat” because of her love of the ocean.

In addition, People interested in health, fitness, and cosmetics make up the majority of Drea’s audience, and she uses social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to sell to this demographic, she has numerous bikini images on her Instagram account. Furthermore, Drea connected with Rayan Garcia. It sounds like there were some rocky times in their relationship.

ryan garcia wife

Physical Attributes of Andrea Clina

Height 5 ft 5
Weight 55 Kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality American

Andrea Clina Age

She was born in 1996, making her current age 27 and she is of mixed heritage and has American citizenship.

Are Andrea Celina and Ryan Garcia legally married?

He hasn’t yet officially married Andrea Celina or anyone. Additionally, Ryan Garcia and Catherine Games had a daughter, Rylie, on Mach 19, 2019, as a result of their relationship. After the birth of his daughter, their relationship came to an end.

They moved to court and resolved their child’s financial problems. He is also in a relationship with Malu Trevejo.

Drea Celina reveals her displeasure with Instagram

The video of the couple kissing on the internet  Ryan Gracia’s wife, Drea Celina, did not remain silent about the incident. Immediately after this photo became popular on social media, she called Ryan out, exposing him as a cheater on Ryan Garcia’s wife.

In addition, Drea has a sizable Instagram following of 128,000 people on her Instagram account, she addressed the cheating issue with them. She was enraged because Ryan had lied about her pregnancy termination when she was only seven weeks pregnant.

Personal Life of Ryan and His Girlfriend

While Drea was pregnant, Malu Trivajo, a well-known TikTok star, kissed Ryan Garcia. Because of this, especially during her pregnancy, she decided to publicly humiliate Ryan for his infidelity. Ryan stated in a since-deleted social media post, just clearing up some things I have seen regarding Malu and Drea.

The fact that “Andrea and I aren’t engaged” didn’t stop us from trying to mend our marriage. Malu and I went to a restaurant together in LA, but we were caught up in the moment and didn’t realize there was nothing there. to hurt anyone.

“This is my personal life, and I won’t talk about it again”

In addition, the couple ultimately broke up as a result of that disagreement, According to the reports, suggesting that the couple has patched things up and is once again together.

ryan garcia wife

Is Drea is Mother of the First Child of Ryan Garcia?


Many people think that Rylie Garcia’s actual mother is Andrea Celina. Unfortunately, this is not the case, before dating Drea, Ryan dated Catherina Gamez in the past. She is a young woman from Colombia who was born in 2000, she has dated Ryan since she was a teenager and comes from a rich family.

Furthermore, Catherine runs an Instagram blog, In 2018, she got pregnant with Ryan’s child, and Rylie Garcia was born as a result. But not long after she delivered birth, Ryan called it quits. So, when the media knew about this report, they viewed it negatively and referred to their relationship as “toxic.”

Therefore, the two had to ‘knock on the doors of the courthouse to get Rylie’s custody.

Are Ryan and Drea parted ways?

The two continued to date and focused on their relationship to shout out all their problems, giving the impression that Celina had forgiven her partner for his behavior.  Now that they are parents, the couple appears more in love than ever. Because, Andrea Clina gave  ‘King Ryan’ another chance, today’s couple seems happier than ever.

What Is Andrea Celina’s Net Worth?

She has received numerous brand endorsements for her modeling, which she has been doing frequently for their advertising. She is a well-known Instagram fashion model and social media personality with an estimated net worth of $1,2 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Andrea Celina’s boyfriend?

According to the reports, Ryan Garcia and Celina have been dating for around four years, the couple welcomed their first child together in December 2020. For the couple, things haven’t always been peaches and rainbows.

Who is Bela Garcia and  Rylie Garcia?

Bela Garcia, the daughter of Ryan and Drea Celina, was born in December. It should be noted that while this is Celina’s first child, Garcia has had children before.  The 23 years old boxing prodigy also has a daughter who was born in March 2018, a year before his second child, her name is Rylie.

Who is the mother of King Ryan’s baby?

King Ryan’s child’s mother is Catherine Priscilla Gamez. She has a daughter with Ryan, and they are both well-known for their marriage.

How did Ryan meet his wife?

Despite being in a relationship at the time, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds initially connected on the Green Lantern set in 2010.  The actors found themselves unmarried by the fall of 2011 and started dating, On September 9,  2012, they exchanged vows in secret.


American professional boxer Ryan “The Flash” Garcia is ranked sixth among active lightweight and currently owns the WBC interim lightweight belt. He has extensive online popularity and more than 9 million Instagram followers. Andrea Celina an Italian and Mexican personal trainer, is said to be his wife.

In addition,  Andrea Celina enjoys the beach, some individuals who are curious about her life refer to her as a “beach bum” due to their love of the ocean. Further, she uploaded a lot of her photos on her Instagram account.

Moreover,  Ryan Garcia previously dated Catherine Gamez before moving on to Drea, a young Colombian woman born in 2000. Drea became pregnant in 2020 and gave birth to a second daughter, Bela Garcia, in December of that year. I hope you have a thorough understanding of “Who is Ryan Garcia Wife? and their relationships, too.

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