Liam Costner

Liam Costner: Family, Bio, Age & Net Worth

Liam Costner was born on 15 November 1996 in United States of America. He is the stepson of American rich businessman Mogul William Koch. While he is the son of a veteran American actor Kevin Costner. Liam Costner earned fame because of his father’s reputation. However, he was very young when his parents separated and never met again with each other. Moreover, he was born and raised into a family comprises of 3 younger siblings. He has three older step brothers named Lily, Joseph and Annie and they all were from 1st marriage. Similarly, his 3 younger step brothers’ names Grace, Hayes and Caden were from 2nd marriage of his father. If you are searching for Liam Costner and his career then you came to the right platform.

Liam Costner


Liam Costner is the stepson of a famous businessman Mogul William Koch. Moreover, he has just 26 years of age and son of veteran American actor Kevin Costner. As he was the son of a billionaire person, therefore, he was born with a silver spoon. He still belonged to a billionaire family even after the separation of his parents. The age gap between his mother and stepfather was big. However, they have been together for a longer time therefore, they did not take it personally.

Liam Costner is a kid of a popular celebrity who earned fame by being born to celebrity parents. But he does not share his personal information on different social media platforms. Because he wants to keep his personal life secret and away from the public. Liam belongs to a big family which consists of 3 younger step-brothers and 3 older stepbrothers. Moreover, he was only a few years older when his biological father got separation from him. He got birth when Bridget and Kevin were dating each other. However, the couple could not maintain their happiness and relationship for a longer period.

On the other hand, he has 2 uncles and both brothers of his father. Now he has 3 stepbrothers after his father’s 2nd marriage. Liam Costner has such a family which is full of half-brothers, aunts and many uncles. While he has been the only son of his parents a couple because he has no siblings. There are some rumours surrounding the presence of Liam Costner in Hollywood. These rumours are fake which reflects he could never live up to life by his father’s standards. Moreover, Liam Costner is selling and buying properties because he has involved in real estate.


Liam Costner was born on 15 November 1996. Now he is only 27 years old as of 2023.

His Mother

Bridget Rooney is the mother of Liam Costner and she was born on May 1962. He was younger when his mother and father divorced each other. However, his mother later married an American Businessman Mogul William Koch. Moreover, he was a collector and sailor, his boat won the American Cup in 1992. According to some reports, Liam Costner was born before the marriage of his parents. His parents separated exactly after Liam was born.

Liam Costner earned fame after the marriage of his mother to Mogul William Koch. William is the owner of many companies and numerous other investments. Bridget married William Koch in 2005 and has a daughter named Kaitlin. Most important of all, they are still living a happy life together. Therefore, Liam has been part of such two families who are very successful and wealthy. His mother is very elegant and beautiful therefore, she was a model at that time.

Liam Costner

His Siblings

Liam Costner has been a child of a big family which consists of 6 stepbrothers of which 3 are younger stepbrothers and the other 3 are older. He is the only kid of his parents as a couple and does not have any siblings. Caden, Grace and Hayes are 3 younger stepbrothers who belong to his father’s second marriage. Similarly, Joseph, Lilly and Annie are 3 older stepbrothers who belong to 1st marriage.

His mother and William Koch have a daughter who is stepsister of Liam Costner. Moreover, Lilly who is the step-sister of Liam is a popular American actress. Annie is working in Hollywood and Joseph is also an American actor.

His relationship

Liam Costner has never been a part of the entertainment industry, he is only a celebrity. He does not share his relationship life with the public therefore, every piece of information is private. Liam Costner has uploaded many wedding pictures on social media. According to reports, he is completely unmarried in this regard.

His Net Worth

He is working in real estate and doing business selling and buying properties. Works as a real estate agent therefore, he feels difficulty in calculating his actual net worth. He is the stepson of a famous billionaire and the son of a wealthy person. Therefore, he has earned a lot of bank balance and fortune in this regard. According to an estimation, his net worth is almost 800 $ million. It all comes from his biological father and stepfather.

He has inherited at least 40 $ million from his father, Kevin. However, his both fathers are wealthy which is a great fortune for Liam Costner.

Real name Liam Costner
Birth Date November 15, 1996
Age 26 years as of 2023
Height 176 cm and 5.8 feet and inches
Religion Christianity
College No Idea
Net Worth 800$ million
Nationality United States of America
Home Town No Idea
Place of Birth USA
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
School No Idea
Weight 62 kg and 136lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Measurements No Idea
Brothers Hayes, Logan, Caden, Wyatt, Joe Costner
Father Kevin Costner, William Koch
Mother Bridget Rooney
Shoe Size No Idea
Sister Annie Costner, Kaitlin Koch, Grace Avery Costner
Marital Status Unmarried
Children No idea
Wife No Idea
Girlfriend Not known

Liam Costner

Important Information

Liam Costner is a popular kid celebrity and people call him Kevin Costner’s troubled son. Moreover, when his mother was pregnant with Liam then Kevin demands a paternity test. Kevin accepted Liam as his son after getting a positive result on this test otherwise he denied it. Kevin established a trust fund for Liam but not visited it daily. Moreover, Liam’s father Kevin has won 2 golden international awards and 2 screen actors Guild awards as well.

Mark Douglas and Daniel Craig Costner are his uncles while Sharon Costner and William Costner are his grandparents. He does not like to use any social media platform however, his father is active with @kevincostnermodernwest. The wife of Kevin Costner is Christine Baumgartner nowadays. Most important of all, siblings have strong bonds with other and do not trigger personal issues among them.


Liam Costner earned fame because of his father, Kevin. Because he is a celebrity in Hollywood. Liam has 6 stepbrothers and all have strong connections with each other. Kevin was a popular American actor therefore, Liam Costner was highlighted in media headlines since his born. In addition to these, Liam Costner got hype when he posted some wedding pictures on social media. Because people thought he has married someone but these were fake news surrounding around. This is the whole information a person must know about Liam Costner.

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