Influencers Gone Wild

Influencers Gone Wild: Famous Examples, Reasons & Impacts

Social media has shown its concern about the phenomenon of influencers gone wild. Moreover, people consider influencers a new breed of celebrities who are influencing the behaviour of their followers. Due to involving in dangerous behavior and questionable, the fame of influencers went exponentially high. They are mostly indulging in promoting harmful products and engaging in unwanted behaviour. However, a key problem is to be responsible before sponsors and followers. If influencers fail to fulfill their responsibility then they can face severe consequences. These consequences can be loss of sponsorship, legal actions against them and high damage to their professional or personal reputation. In this article, you will get whole information regarding influencers gone wild.

Influencers Gone Wild

Famous Examples of Influencers Gone Wild

We will discuss in detail the famous examples which show the controversial behaviour of influencers and its severe consequences. It is essential to make them accountable for their unwanted content and behaviour. Following are the case studies that we will discuss below.

1. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a famous YouTuber who has owned almost 20 million subscribers on his channel. He got highlighted in headlines in 2018 after uploading a video of a dead body in Japan’s forest. In this video, the dead man was responsible for taking his own life. However, Logan and his friends filmed the whole scenario by making jokes and fun of the situation. Therefore, people condemned this unnecessary behaviour of Logan Paul and his friends for the deceased. In addition to these, they consider it a disrespectful act against the mental health community.

On the other hand, it was also unacceptable for his sponsors and followers. Therefore, he lost almost 1 million subscribers and his YouTube channel was also temporarily suspended. However, he apologized for his deeds to minimize criticism.

2. Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf is a famous Instagram influencer and Twitch streamer who beard criticism due to unethical behaviour in the past. She uploaded a sexually explicit video on her personal OnlyFans account in 2020 therefore, people referred to her as wild. She faced high criticism on multiple social media platforms because the video went viral quickly. Moreover, she faced criticism for using offensive language and racial insults on social media.

On the other hand, she got damages in the form of loss of sponsorships, reputation and followers. It portrays the controversial and non-serious behaviour of influencers who have gone wild at various times.

3. Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine is famous for social media influencers and for controversial behaviour. The controversy comes up in 2019 when she sold jars of her private bathwater to one of her fans for 30$ each. This act drew the attention of thousands of people and they criticized her for such insensitive and dangerous practices. In addition to these, people again criticized Belle Delphine for her explicit content on different social media platforms.

Because she was promoting a toxic and dangerous culture among millions of followers. Due to such accusations, Belle faced damages in the form of loss of sponsorships, reputation and a number of followers.

4. PewDiePie

He is a famous Youtuber who is prominent in sharing and promoting controversial content. Moreover, he was accused of spreading racial slurs in his one live stream. This event caused highly damaged in the form of loss of sponsorships and reputation among a larger audience or fans. He faced criticism for promoting offensive and extremist content. This content includes anti-Semitic messages and imagery of Nazis. Therefore, several controversies and unethical behaviour damaged his career a lot in all aspects. It is also a big lesson for all other influencers who have gone wild in their behaviour and illegal acts.

5. Carolina Calloway

She is a popular Instagram influencer who is involved in questionable practices and erratic behaviour. She has been involved in scamming activities with her followers. She has promised for holding creativity workshops but cannot deliver on the time. Several reports claimed that her workshops were lacking structure and were disorganized in terms of promising learning experiences. Therefore, she was also accused of not fulfilling her promises such as not delivering drinks and food on time. You can easily find out the negative comments and feedback people leave on her account.

Besides the frustration and disappointment of attendees, this scandal promoted a negative image of the influencers on social media. In addition to these, it also affected badly the image of transparent and honest advertisers all over the world. Consequently, advertising companies feel hesitant to hire these influencers for promoting their services and products. Due to such non-serious and inappropriate behaviour of Carolina Calloway, you can witness the decline in her reputation and followers.

Reasons Behind Influencers Gone Wild

There are various reasons which trigger an influencer to go wild. Following are the reasons which we will discuss below one by one.

  • Influencers want the pressure to keep themselves successful on different social media platforms.
  • Influencers want to be famous in a crowded market. Therefore, they behave controversially and unethically to draw the attention of a massive audience.
  • When the audience criticized influencers then it does not spread their positive image. This leaves a bad impact on their professional life.
  • They cannot draw the attention of people if they do not go wild. However, they will have to face criticism for their controversial and ruthless behaviour.
  • They always preferred rebelling against the expectations and norms of society. They emphasize the importance of authenticity and individuality.
  • Lacking foresight and poor ability in decision-making are leading to water judgment and mistakes in every profession.

Why business brands do hire influencers as their brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors and influencers play a vital role in forming the brand perception and behaviour of consumers. Therefore, every businessman or company needs to select their partners with hefty precautions. Because it can be harmful to a business company to hire the wrong influencer as its brand ambassador. These consequences lead to a trust deficit, damage to the business’s reputation and loss of revenue. We are living in a digital era therefore, consumer can easily trace inauthenticity from mile away.

On the other hand, if an influencer is inauthentic and insincere then a business’s company faces high criticism from consumers. However, it is a tough and important process to find and hire an influencer as a brand ambassador. The company must prefer such an ambassador which can promote values and mission to the consumers through his authentic skills. There are many advantages to hiring the right and skillful influencer or brand ambassador for a business company. These benefits include enhancing awareness of the brand among consumers, sales and engagement.

Influencers Gone Wild


There are many reasons why influencers have gone wild. However, we have witnessed many influencers who showed unethical and controversial behaviour to gain the attention of audience. In addition to these, it is a complex process of hiring a right influencer or brand ambassador for your business company. Because the wrong one can damage your mission and services in every unacceptable aspect. We have discussed many examples in details regarding influencers gone wild. This is the whole information a person needs to know about influencers gone wild. If you are an animal lover, you will definitely be interested in animal themed custom keychains. If you are an animal club leader, you can have your own custom keychains to wear at events with your members to reflect the club’s purpose and spirit. You can use these cute animal images to make adorable animal keychains. Keychain customization can be used to convey

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