Myflexbot is a secure and fully customizable auto grabber app for Amazon Flex offers or blocks. Moreover, it is easy to simplify the process of batch grabbing by the automated software system. This automated software system is introduced for Amazon Flex drivers. It allows drivers to efficiently and quickly search for available batches in their area with the help of streamlining the entire operation. The software also helps drivers for many purposes such as email and text notifications, logs, automation settings, speed control and the latest filters. In this article, you will get whole information regarding Flexbox.

We can say Myfklexbot is a gigs hunting tool. Moreover, you can easily identify the batches by Myflexbot which are applicable for a few clicks. Therefore, it is enough to remove the need for drivers to manually shift via posts for hours at a time. Similarly, Myflexbot provides extra features to its users beyond offering job leads. For instance, it is highly helpful for drivers to accumulate advanced filters.

Is It Safe To Use?

Many Amazon Flex drivers are using Myflexbot to automate their work. However, it has been beneficial for streamlining the jobs of drivers. Therefore, it is a completely safe practice to use Myflexbot.

Block Grabbers VS Flex TOS

Two terms are needed to understand before answering this question such as Amazon Flex and potential security issues. If drivers will use grabber software or other automated process to fulfill batches then it is a clear violation of the policy of Amazon Flex. Consequently, they will have to face the deactivation of their accounts from Amazon Flex. It portrays that if someone is caught using Myflexbot along with Amazon Flex then his account will be automatically deactivated.

Amazon Flex Credentials

To fulfill the security requirements, the user needs to enter login credentials. These include an email address and password for the bot to function. You are compromising your data while using Myflexbot. Therefore, Myflexbot took several important steps to ensure the privacy and safety of users. There are several cases surrounding in which users’ accounts are hacked after sharing information with bots. Although, Myflexbot introduced a strict policy against automated processes and bots but still user find themselves in problems with Amazon.

Myflexbot is offering extra convenience to the drivers regarding completion of deliveries on Amazon Flex. The drivers who prefer bots in their decision-making then it is greatly advisable for them. It allows them to adopt some precautions for tackling any security risk. However, the driver app is the key work tool for Amazon Flex drivers.

Most importantly, the amazon flex bot grabber app provides drivers with a wide range of valuable services in the form of automotive route optimization. With the help of it, you can calculate the best route between delivering points based on current traffic conditions. Driver scheduling is useful in creating custom schedules which allows them to see the order history along with past batches they have applied. Therefore, now customers can easily identify specific times during delivering process.



There is almost 15 day free-of-cost trial period for Myflexbot. However, variations in the length of the trial depend upon availability and region. Most important of all, Myflexbot is charging 50$ every month to its customers. The cost depends on many factors such as scheduling capabilities and task automation, access to customer support and resources, unlimited number of bots.

Working of Myflexbot

Amazon Flex drivers use Myflexbot to acquire more batches quickly. In addition to these, it frequently monitors the Amazon Flex app for new batches. The driver will receive a notification when one is available there. It saves effort and precious time when they are seeking work. However, it is not essential for drivers to manually check the app for open batches. Myflexbot is neither available on Google Play Store nor Apple Store. Myflexbot is straightforward to use.

How To Create Your Account?

You can easily create your account on Myflexbot by following some steps.

  • First of all, create your account by entering your email address and password.
  • Login to your account and connect it with the account information of Amazon Flex.
  • Once you logged in, be ready to get some alerts and notifications in case of a new batch job is available.

Moreover, you are also able to customize settings to receive notifications after meeting some criteria. The criteria include the type of job and location. Myflexbot incorporates such extra tools and features which can be beneficial for drivers in their jobs. These include tracking previous earnings and route optimization. It contains such latest search features through which drivers search for particular types of batches within their areas of delivery. Therefore, it is easy to quickly identify your preference rather than scrolling all possible jobs available.

However, the search feature lets users narrow down results by some specific criteria. The criteria include offered pay rate and hours available which is great in finding out the best batch job regardless of irrelevant results.


Benefits of Myflexbot

There are many advantages of Myflexbot which we will discuss below.

  1. It is easy to safely extract data by Amazon Flex Blocks via Myflexbot.
  2. Users can approach the data stored in Amazon Flex Blocks with simple and quick access. Myflexbot contains a simple UI.
  3. It is a fully secure auto-grabber program for Amazon Flex Blocks. Because it enables users to add products to their shopping baskets by choosing them from Amazon Flex Block.

Configuring Myflexbot

It is possible to own blocks like several other Amazon Flex users. However, auto-grabber makes you able to safely grab Amazon Flex Blocks in this regard. It allows users to get blocks out of their inventory and place them back by using Amazon Flex Blocks account.

Settling of Amazon Flex Blocks

Login to the website and choose the Configure tab at the top. However, Amazon Flex drivers are struggling to save the share of delivery shifts, usually famous as flex block. Moreover, there is an alternative which the Amazon Flex app contains in the form of Amazon Flex bots. Because these bots provide hardware solutions and automated software which helps employees in the gig economy. Therefore, it is useful to obtain the fair position of available Amazon Flex Blocks.

They are working better than a human finger ever does when swiping and touching via every delivery block on the phone screen.

Placing Amazon Flex Block Together

By introducing several settings, you can connect Myflexbot with Amazon Flex Block. However, it is essential to set up the Amazon Flex block first. Follow the directions of Amazon Flex Block however, you must configure a block after creation of it.



Myflexbot is an auto-grabber app for Amazon Flex Blocks. With the help of it, you can easily concentrate on your presentation. In addition to these, the app is launched for the ease of drivers who use Amazon Flex. Because they can easily set up pay offers and hours with the help of this app. it contains a lot of benefits which we have discussed above in detail. Moreover, some people feel hesitation while using Myflexbot because rumours are surrounding it about its safety. People have claimed about the hacking of data therefore, Myflexbot introduced strict policies in this regard.

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