There is nothing more comfortable than a TV recliner which feels you relax in front of the TV. However, a TV recliner is such a kind of chair which makes the user lean back and lift his feet up. Moreover, it offers a welcoming and warm atmosphere which is useful for human health. We have associated this chair with entertainment and relaxation. If an individual wants to improve his mental and physical health then a TV recliner is a great option for him. Are you seeking the benefits of a TV recliner? In this article, we will provide essential information regarding a TV recliner.


Advantages of TV Recliner

There are many benefits of a TV recliner which we will discuss below one by one.

Improves Blood Circulation

A major benefit of a TV recliner is its tendency to improve blood circulation in the human body. Because sitting in an upright position forces blood to move in the lower legs and feet. This can lead to swelling and discomfort. In addition to these, you will elevate your feet with the help of a TV recliner. This measure reduces the risk of blood circulation issues and promotes healthy blood flow within the human body.

Decreases Back pain

Decreases back pain is possible only by a TV recliner. On the contrary, if you sit in an upright position for a longer period of time then it causes strain and discomfort in your lower back. However, it is easy to shift your relieve pressure and body’s weight on the spine. Because it reduces the harmful risk of back pain.

Increases Relaxation and Comfort

A TV recliner helps a lot in making users comfortable and relaxed. Because it offers an inviting and comfortable seating position. Most important of all, it reduces anxiety and stress and allows a man to enjoy his spare time.

Enhances Independence and Mobility

A TV recliner is helpful for the increase of mobility and independence. Because it has a tendency to decrease balance and mobility problems of people. Therefore, you will get a stable and safe seating position in this regard. You can easily maintain your independence during your spare time without fear of falls and injuries.

Helpful in Sleep

A TV recliner is highly helpful in sleeping. Because it provides healthy sleeping habits by reducing anxiety and stress. Moreover, it reduces the risk of back pain and improves blood circulation. You will also get a rejuvenating and restful experience as a result. Most importantly, it helps a lot to make you feel energized and refreshed in the morning.


Types of TV Recliners

There is a wide variety of TV recliners available in the market. However, many manual and power options are available which we will discuss below.

Internal Manual Lever Release

Many TV recliners have lever release but they are not designed in accordance with your choice. However, we will suggest you launch a small lever on the inside of the chair rather than a large lever on the exterior of the chair. It needs more carefulness during the removal of the tripping hazard of the exterior lever.

Manual Pull-Tab Release

You can replace the bulky exterior lever with a pull-tab design. However, it is a great option which makes TV recliners more accessible. It is useful for those who are unable to have a better grip for a modified or traditional lever release. Benchcraft Brevel Charcoal Rocker recliner is the best example of it. Because such faux leather recliner offers a pull-tab design for smooth reclining every time. If you have grandkids or kids in your home then it is going to be an excellent choice for you. Because it includes a footrest and seat on the TV recliner chair.

Power Recliner Release

Moreover, it does not force you to have a fully loaded power recliner chair for getting power controls. You are able to take a traditional, simple-style recliner with a power headrest and footrest. You can also customize several power recliners to have a powered lifting mechanism for a seat. Therefore, it has been a great option regarding accessibility.

A FlexSteel Fenwick Brown Power recliner with a power headrest is the best example of a power recliner. This power recliner includes every feature which you need regardless of all the expensive whistles and bells. Most important of all, it contains more stationary power as compared to a rocking recliner. This quality is beneficial for those who want stable seats which to rise.


TV Recliner Designs:

Designs of TV recliners have been evolving for centuries ranging from swivel to oversized recliners.

Swivel Recliners

Once, people were taking swivel recliners as a brand however, there is no fashion nowadays. But a small number of people are still using these recliners. However, there is only one brand which is offering swivel recliners to its customers and that is Stressless. Most important of all, it is easy to shift the swivel recliner from TV to conversation. It is a great option for you regarding living room seating.

Oversized Recliners

They are earning fame in the 80s and 90s. However, people do not consider these recliners as fashion in the current era. However, it is still a favourite choice for the majority of families all over the world. Most importantly, it is easy to fit 2 or 3 kids in only one oversized recliner. Otherwise, you will feel comfortable with your spouse in a romantic comedy.

Rock Recliners

People are fond of remaining stationary therefore, they are looking for a chair which rocks. It is a great option for those who want such kind of chair in their TV Lounge. On the contrary, parents and grandparents always prefer rock chairs in their living room. In addition to these, a rocking recliner helps a lot in releasing your nervous energy. It is also beneficial for those who watch long movies on TV because it reduces tension and improves focus.

Stationary TV Recliner

If someone wants more stability while sitting then a stationary TV recliner is a great choice for him. Moreover, it is favourable for those adults who are going through back or joint issues. However, there is great competition between rock recliner chairs and stationary TV recliners.

Fully Loaded Power TV Recliners

A fully loaded power TV recliner is one of the most advanced recliners in the ongoing era. Because it includes tons of features and advancements. A large number of recliners are adding features day by day as Tim Allen says, ‘’More Power’’. We will suggest you visit our store locations in Nevada or Utah to select a perfect recliner for TV viewing. In addition to these, we are selling TV mounts to provide you with more freedom regarding designing your living room.



Can We Say TV Recliners Beneficial for Blood Circulation?

Poor blood circulation can lead to swollen feet and legs. Moreover, prolonged sitting or standing can cause clogging of veins. Therefore, a TV recliner is a great choice to reduce these risks to human health.

Can it be Okay to Sleep in a TV Recliner?

People usually consider a TV recliner as the safest for sleep. However, an individual can easily sleep with little health risk. However, for people who are going through GERD, Apnea and back pain then it is favourable for them.


A TV recliner allows its users to get a better experience while watching a movie after a hectic day. There is a wide variety of TV recliners available in the market. TV recliners have evolved with the passage of time. It is beneficial, especially for proper blood circulation inside the human body. In addition to these, it reduces tension, stress and anxiety in people.

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