Cumbrellas Invention; Theories behind its origin & facts

Currently, a meme has gone viral where it is claimed that a 19th-century prostitute made eyelashes so that the bodily fluids of a man do not enter her eyes. That is why, those artificial eyelashes got their name as cumbrellas.

Social media has developed into an effective tool for instantly sharing information throughout the world. However, this rumor went viral with social media sharing and people started to believe it a true news. Let us find out the exact origin of the term cumbrellas and what rumors and fake news are related to this term.


What Was the Initial Name of Fake Eyelashes?

A Canadian inventor named Taylor said that she discovered eyelashes for the first time on June 6, 1911. Further, it refutes history by stating that the name “Cumbrellas” has never been used by anyone in history.

Who shared the fake eyelash memes on social media?

The misleading Facebook post includes a photograph of an old French actress Alice Regnault instead of that prostitute. Alice Renault has nothing to do with prostitution and she was not the inventor of these fake eyelashes. So, everything about this meme and the origin of cumbrella is totally false and has no truth in it.

In addition, another viral picture displays a snapshot of a Google search for elongated lashes in 1882. Which yields results that support the erroneous claim. The Americas Best Pics and Videos meme website appears to be the source of the search results. She also posted the meme in late January.

Who shared the fake eyelash memes on social media?

In addition, a video that TikToker uploaded on February 4th, 2021. It describes the purported origins and stories of artificial eyelashes. It had over 200,000 views in under two years. After the image allegedly went popular on Facebook on February 9, USA.

It eventually becomes clear that the story is true. Thus, this term gained popularity on social media for a number of years. TIkToker @erin_cruis3 shared a video.

Furthermore, on April 26, 2022, Tiktoker claimed to have been today’s age when she first learned about the tale behind it. Within a year, the video got over 2.5 million views.

However, Sneako, TIkToker @fghuuxzujmo, published a video on March 4th, 2023, allegedly telling the narrative to many women.

Which competing theories exist about the Cumbrella origin?

There are several false theories regarding the invention of false eyelashes, and their history dates back to antiquity. Although we do not know the actual origin, people often credit ancient Egypt as the birthplace of using false eyelashes for cosmetic purposes.

In addition, there are several theories regarding the invention of false eyelashes. Further, their history dates back to antiquity. Although we do not know the actual origin, people often credit ancient Egypt. As the birthplace of using false eyelashes for cosmetic purposes.

However, as you pointed out, one idea holds that Egyptian women applied synthetic eyelashes composed of actual hair. Given how important cosmetics and ornamentation were to ancient Egyptian society. They could have also been utilized for aesthetic purposes.


How 20th Century and Hollywood make cumbrella fashion?

Early in the 20th century, fake eyelashes became more and more common. Particularly in the entertainment sector.  Furthermore, Hollywood actresses were largely responsible for elevating long, glitzy eyelashes as the status of conventional beauty.

Current Developments

The availability and variety of fake eyelashes have increased in the last few years. Due to the development of new materials and procedures.

However, the precise origin of fake eyelashes is still somewhat of a mystery. It is evident that they have a lengthy history across many civilizations. Further, their application has changed over time.

Safety precautions for artificial eyelashes:

Here are some of the precautions that one should take before applying cumbrellas.

Quality of the Product:

To guarantee the product’s safety and quality, you should use recognized and trustworthy brands when buying artificial eyelashes. So, that your skin is not affected by a low-quality eyelash.

Use Premium Glue material:

Apply a premium adhesive made especially for use with artificial lashes. Adhesive directions should be followed. Go for the high-quality glue because it ensures that it does not cause any allergies or rashes on your skin. Moreover, such adhesive materials are easy to remove. Do not use strong glues or adhesives that might cause eye damage while removing them.

Usage Manual:

Always make sure that your hands and fingers are clean and that no chemical is there when you apply fake eyelashes. This would keep your eyes from coming in contact with that material and causing irritation or infection in the eyes.


Be aware of any allergies you may have to materials used in false eyelashes, such as latex or specific adhesives. Perform a patch test if you’re unsure.


Steer clear of wearing fake eyelashes for lengthy periods of time. To avoid eye strain and other possible problems, take them off at the end of the day or as directed by the manufacturer.

Appropriate Removal

Take off fake eyelashes with care and gentleness so as not to hurt your eyes or tug on your real lashes.

Eye Health

Stop using immediately and seek medical advice if you feel any pain, irritation, or an allergic response. You need to contact the eye specialist as soon as possible for further treatment and care.

On a Final Note:

Cumbrellas are fake eyelashes and many irrelevant and fake news spreads about their origin. A meme went viral claiming that a prostitute used these fake lashes. Then, a Canadian has patented these fake lashes for the first time. Nowadays, these are used as fashion symbols and are quite popular among the current generation.

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