brighton butler divorce

Brighton Butler Divorce – Reason & current relationship status

Brighton Butler is a well-known fashion blogger and social media celebrity with a sizable fan base that will only grow. Furthermore, in  2017, she tied the knot with Duncan Butler, and the couple now has two kids. However, they are divorcing each other due to an array of reasons, including evidence.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss everything regarding the Brighton Butler Divorce and the custody of the child.

What reason is Brighton Butler’s divorce?

Brighton Butler and her husband Duncan Butler presented for divorce in the first part of May 2023. In addition, the divorce process between Brighton Butler and her partner is continuing.

Therefore, the precise reason behind their divorce filing remains unknown. Further, there have been exchanges and guesses. However, some people think that their decision to split up might have been affected by things like cheating or alternate parenting concepts.

In addition, Brighton Butler actively participates in the divorce process, taking the required actions to bring their divorce to a close. Further, the likelihood is that they are negotiating, talking, and even attending court proceedings. However, to agree and go on living their separate lives.

Furthermore, separation can be a difficult and complex emotional process that takes a lot of time, energy, and guidance. Like many others in the same position, Brighton Butler has to deal with the emotional. However, fallout from their failed relationship in addition to dealing with the complex legal system.

brighton butler divorce

Additionally, all information is kept private, so nobody is aware of the property diversification, the income division percentage, or the custody arrangements for the kids.

Who is Brighton Butler?

Brighton Butler, a well-known blogger and trend advocate, has a significant social media following. Additionally, she began to grow and possesses a wide range of hobbies, skills, and preferences, making her a well-rounded person. Further, Brighton Butler uses commonplace attire and experiences to convey her outlook on life.

brighton butler divorce

In addition, Blake and Four are the names of Brighton Butler’s two children. Their kids have appeared in posts by her on social media. Although, she is now a well-known personality and celebrity in fashion. As well as life business sectors due to her social media blog post.

Education Background

Brighton Butler proved a student in the Business Honors Program at the University of Texas.
Furthermore, she initially looked to both of her parents for ideas as she searched to grow her career in company operations.

Professional Career of  Brighton Butler

When fashion blogging first started in 2011, however,  Brightin enjoyed no idea. Furthermore, her dedication and drive paid off. Further, her blog has grown to become one of the most incredible resources in the fashion industry.

Additionally, she manages her website in addition to being a busy social media influencer. However, she went on to co-found Les Filles a La Mode, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the community. So, she calls home to recover from Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.

The Social Media of Brighton Butler

A celebrity influencer can only exist by having online social media profiles. In addition, Brighton is not a unique case in this instance. In addition to her popular website, she is active on a selection of social media sites.

Additionally, her 369k followers can follow her on Instagram, where she is active under the handle @brightonbutler. However, her daily stories provide further information alongside her daily posts and rails. So, Butler is readily available on Twitter at @Brightonkbutler, just like he is on Instagram. As well as, she is not very active on Twitter, even though she has more than 4,800 followers.

Net Worth of Brighton Butler

You can tell that Butler has a large following on the internet by reading this article because of her exclusive fashion blog. Thus, her fans’ other preferred issue is her net worth.  Furthermore, Brighton’s determined net worth in 2023 is $5 million, according to online sources. However, her net worth does seem to decline after Brighton Butler’s Divorce.

Additionally, she makes the most money from her Sense of Style website. However, she also makes money through events, advertising, and brand partnerships. Further, she has a sizable following on Facebook or Instagram, as you can see, thanks to her appeal there as well. Additionally, the audience benefits from the page and online presence.


Things didn’t work out for Brighton and Duncan, even though they had a happy marriage and two beautiful kids. Therefore, they are in danger of breaking out. Furthermore, it’s best to accept their choice because we don’t know the real reason. However, all we can do is hope for a bright future for them both after Brighton Butler Divorce.

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