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Renee Winter: Bio, Family, Net Worth, Age & Family  

Renee Winter is one of the most emerging fitness models. Moreover, she is a Canadian-based YouTuber, fitness model, influencer and Onlyfans creator. She is popular for her workout routine and fitness videos uploaded on Instagram and YouTube. However, she earned a massive following of ‘’Renee Winter Lovers’’ on social media. She has over 114K followers on Instagram. In Canada, updated celebrities considered her as one of the most famous content creators. Renee continuously uploads her fitness tips and workout videos on her social media accounts. In this article, you will get information about the biography, early life, professional life, and family of Renee Winter.

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She was just 2 years old, when her parents divorced. Therefore, she started moving from town to town, feeling like a black sheep. She just wanted to sing and play music when everyone else was picking out prom dresses and boyfriends. At the age of 15, Recorded her 1st demo with stars in her eyes in Nashville. In early 2009, she was diagnosed with a genetic progressive hearing loss. Therefore, it demanded surgery to restore the hearing. Most importantly, Renee Winter has a lot to say but does not dwell.

Her niche by attending Berklee College of Music in Boston along with other 4,000 former teenage misfits. Her eyes were opened to new music via her friends from all over the world because studio became her 2nd home. She moved to Los Angeles after completing graduation from Berklee in 2004. Moreover, Renee Winter has been a collector of experiences, travelling, writing, hoping and collaborating. In 2010, her debut album ‘’Float Away’’ was released.

Early Life

She was born in the United States of America. However, her father and mother were not too rich. When Renee Winter was born, they presided over a pivotal moment in history. She had to ensure that her baby’s life was in order so that she could pay for school. Later relocated to another city in order to pursue a higher degree. She and his siblings established strong bonds throughout her life. Most importantly, Renee has been married too long, however, it is not a secret to anyone else. She has only a few children in her family but all of them are called by her surname.


Renee Winter has been loving fitness and modelling since a tender age. She started posting her workout videos on YouTube and Instagram in April 2020. Moreover, Renee has an active account on Onlyfans where she drops all her exclusive video content and photos. Similarly, she also contains a self-titled YouTube channel where she uploads videos related to workout routine, fitness, Q&A and vice versa. Renee Winter continuously uploads her exclusive content on Twitter, Onlyfans, Reddit and Instagram.

Physical Appearance

Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size U.S 6
Body Measurements 36-27-36
Weight 55 KG
Height 5 ft. and 3 in.


Marital Status

Renee Winter is popular for her social media username, ‘’Redhead Winter’’. Moreover, she never disclosed anything related to her private life. However, we will let you know, if she does. Renee Winter is single in accordance with several interviews and online sources. She enjoys to expose her body, and she has been a fitness freak. Her body weight is almost 55 kilograms, and she is approx. 5 feet and 3 inches tall. As far as her body measurement is concerned, she has approx. 36-27-36 (Hips-36 inches, Bust-36, and Waist-27).

Additionally, Favorite hobbies are outdoor, gyming and travelling. Moreover, she has blonde hair and green eyes. You should follow Renee Winter on social media, if you are looking for more information. Because she has been continuously active on Instagram.

Marital Status

Bio Details

Original Name Renee Winter
Date of Birth 15th of July, 2000
Birth Sign Capricorn
Place of Birth The United States of America
Age 23 Years
Ethnicity White
Profession Model, social media influencer
Current Location Canada


Net Worth

Renee Winter is one of the wealthiest personalities on the earth. Some years down the road, she will have earned widespread popularity and will have reached a new level of success. There is a wide variety of sources of income which have led her to get to the top of the celebrity. According to industry experts’ current assessments and Forbes, Renee Winter’s net worth is reported to be over a couple of Million USD. However, her overall revenues are increasing with the passing of time.

Year Net Worth
2020 20 $ Million USD
2021 20.5 $ Million USD
2022 21 $ Million USD
2023 21.5 $ Million USD



Renee Winter started his academic career while studying at home. However, he managed to get a good foundational education. After that, he completed pre-kindergarten. He received a degree from high school. He continued a college education after high school and eventually got a degree. When he was studying in high school, he completed a college degree. We just found a few things about Renee Winter. Consequently, he has earned many degrees from numerous fields to reach his current position.


Renee Winter immediately went to his profession after completing his education. However, it was highly difficult to meet the demands of his job. He worked full-time at a clothes business and lacked a college degree. He decided continuing his managerial talents after consideration. Renee knew that he had the strengths needed to be an Executive Assistant. But he was unable to identify how to land the dream role.

He yearned for a more difficult position although, he enjoyed his job along with his coworkers. However, Renee Winter still has little ground to cover, he has been well on his way. Consequently, Renee reached a large number of individuals and thereby achieved his professional objective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Occupation of Renee Winter?

Renee is one of the most emerging celebrities of the USA. However, she is a model and social media influencer.

Which Country Does Renee Winter Belong to?

Renee was born and raised in the United States of America. According to some reports, she currently lives in Canada.

What is the Birth Sign of Renee Winter?

The birth sign of Renee is Capricorn.

What is the Birthdate of Renee Winter?

Renee Winter’s birthdate is July 15, 2000. Therefore, she is just 23 years old as of now.


Renee Winter is one the most emerging celebrities, model and social media influencer. Moreover, Renee earned a lot of popularity within a short while. Capricorn is the birth sign of Renee Winter.

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