Are you searching for a special brand protection agency in Saudi Arabia? If you are looking for such information then you came to the right platform. Brand owners of various famous brands in Saudi Arabia are facing threats from fraudsters. To tackle the issue, an online platform is launched named special brand protection agency Saudi Arabia. It was essential to counter these problems because it could lead Saudi Arabia toward huge financial loss.

In addition to these, the online platform contains a lot of features regarding monitoring or management services. There are some head offices located in different cities in Saudi Arabia. In this article, you will get whole information regarding features and types of services of special brand protection agency Saudi Arabia.



SSG Brand Protection Group of Saudi Arabia

SGS is offering 360 degrees of protection to your brand. However, its services include traceability and tracking, saving your investment with multiple solutions for e-commerce, increasing profits and reducing counterfeits. Moreover, the company has launched a wide range of solutions through which it is easy to protect your investment, reputation and market shares. Our main purpose is to provide 360 degrees of protection.

On the other hand, we will accommodate our customers in case of any protection issues. Because traditional solutions along with new technology help us to deliver the most creative and diverse brand protection solutions for your business and supply chains.

BRANDPOL Brand Protection Group of Saudi Arabia

The BRANDPOL system allows users to search websites and other online platforms at the maximum automatic process in Saudi Arabia. In addition to these, it is helpful in disclosing IP rights holders and distributing counterfeit or infringed products. However, you can analyze websites and detect suspicious content by using the BRANDPOL platform. It also eliminates information, violates true holder rights counterfeit goods, audio and video content, author text and pirated software. You are able to achieve access rights to your security 24/7/365.

Brand Protection Services

The company has looked at the issues of brand and valuable solutions which exist within a supply chain. Special brand protection Saudi Arabia is offering an ecosystem of solutions which uses advanced technology to provide you access to real-time data on your items. Moreover, the services provided by brand protection services in Saudi Arabia are discussing below.


Using the most advanced technology to identify potential weak points and inefficiencies in the supply chain is useful to pinpoint suppliers utilizing unauthorized distribution channels.

Delayed Transport

It is highly essential to monitor the transportation of products in real-time. Therefore, the company provides easy access to its customers through visual dashboards which is helpful in decreasing the chances of delay.

Unauthorized E-Commerce

Pinpointing unauthorized places and retailers where valuable products are replaceable with counterfeit goods.

Lack of Traceability

Tracking technology whether it is embedded or affixed to the individual goods helps in tracking each product along the supply chain. Most importantly, it offers insights and provides complete visibility to allow for quick data-driven decisions.

Manufacturing of Counterfeits

It monitors suppliers in order to save the production of counterfeits.



How to Search For Online Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia?

The company is always available to provide its valuable services to customers, especially in Saudi Arabia. You are able to get answers in response to every query about online brand abuse. They have been offering brand management services and online brand protection for many years. Therefore, people are not showing their doubts because the company has extreme expertise in this regard. Moreover, special protection brand solution offers quality tools and services to prevent clients in Saudi Arabia.

The company has a great affiliation with international associates and local partners for getting their support in offering the best investigative intelligence and services to the clients. Therefore, investigators of brand protection incorporate immense knowledge of taking down a fake profile and webpage. In addition to these, they know very well how to report such profiles or webpages as a spam to take them down. To prevent financial damage,

Types of Services of Brand Protection Agency Saudi Arabia

There are many advantages to approaching a special brand protection agency in Saudi Arabia. However, some of these are discussed below to inculcate awareness among people.

  1. Social media monitoring and listening services in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Domain monitoring services in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Brand management portfolio in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Brand watch services in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Business evaluation, brand audits and mystery shopping services in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Online monitoring marketplace in Saudi Arabia.
  7. Investigation & online brand protection services in Saudi Arabia.

How Do Fake Profiles Damage Brand Image?

There are millions of fake profiles or web pages available on different social media platforms which damage the image of a brand. In addition to these, such a damaged image further leads a brand towards financial loss. Therefore, those companies especially those that contain powerful internet exposure are currently at high risk in Saudi Arabia. However, in order to keep an eye on such fraudsters, the special protection brand agency Saudi Arabia introduced online monitoring services. It is assisting those clients who are located in Dammam, Abha, Jubail, Mecca, Jeddah and Riyadh.

It is feasible for every brand owner to defend against possible threats on an early basis. However, it is very important to note that all business queries are handled confidentially and discreetly. Special brand protection Saudi Arabia is always there for customers with authenticated pieces of advice. The company also uses professional tools like AI to defend the brands of its clients. People do not get worried about the threats of fraudsters because the company has a solution for every problem in this regard. If you face any threat then contact us at our email address

How To Track Fake Orders?

There are many methods through which the special brand protection agency Saudi Arabia tracks fake online products.

  • Removing fake orders of products by tracking trademark infringement online.
  • Removing infringing material by tracking pirated content online.
  • Assisting in settlement or enforcement by conducting offline investigations.
  • Assisting in legal drafting and researching and specialized services of China.
  • Location of Offices in Different Cities

1-Jaddah Office

AI Rabwa District-Omar Bin Abdul Al Aziz

Road exit 14 AI Roward Center- 1st floor-office 9

2-Alkhobr Office

AI Bandariah district-King Fahad

Street AI Khobar gate tower-floor 21 office number-204.

3-Riyadh Office

Eastern Ring road-Omar Bin Abdul Aziz

Road-AI Rabwah, district exit-14, Riyadh 14213


Riyadh Office


Special brand protection agency Saudi Arabia is providing management services to its customers across the country. In addition to these, it is providing protection to save the investment of the people of Saudi Arabia. Fraudsters were causing financial damage to popular brands in Saudi Arabia. However, it is using various professional tools such as AI to counter the threats of fraudsters. There are thousands of fake profiles and web pages available that damage the images of big brands in Saudi Arabia.

To tackle these issues, an online platform under the name of special brand protection was introduced for the 1st time. However, the company has several head offices in different cities of Saudi Arabia which we have discussed above. This is the whole information a person needs to understand about the brand protection Agency in Saudi Arabia.

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