Jidion real name

Jidion real name: A famous American Youtuber & Commedian

Jidion real name is a character that most people in America do not know. Jidion real name is Jidion Adams is a famous American citizen due to numerous factors. Jidion Adams is an American YouTuber and prankster who managed to gain a significant following on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. With over one million subscribers on YouTube alone, Jidion earned fame as one of the most entertaining and creative pranksters in the USA. In this article, we will discuss the whole biography of Jidion real name.

Jidion real name

Bio Details

Original name Jidion Adams
Nickname Jidion
Birth date December 12, 2000
Place of birth United States of America
Age 23 as of 2023
Reason of popularity Videos on YouTube
Hobby Travelling
Religion Christianity
College Nothing is clear
Citizenship American
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Home town United States of America

His Age & Height

According to 2023, Jidion Adams is 23 years old nowadays. Moreover, his weight is 84 kilograms while his height is 6 feet and 1 inch. His eyes are brown and the colour of his hair is black. On the other hand, the size of the shoe is 20 (US) and nobody can confirm his body measurements. As far as his physical fitness is concerned, Jidion Adams is a completely fit man and is bald. Similarly, he loves to wear a durag on his head.

His Net Worth

According to an estimation, his net worth is almost 2.5$ million. However, the major source of his income comes from YouTube and Merchandise. His source of earnings is Google ads and YouTube videos. Every month he gets about 50-60 million views, according to SocialBlade. His per-month earning is around $110, 000. Therefore, his yearly earning is above $1.25 million. He got sponsorships from a few companies to promote their brands, particularly SeatGeek on his YouTube channel in this way he is increasing his earning.

In addition to these, he decided to launch his merchandise. His official website is famous for selling products such as apparel. Justbeingme. co is his other website which released 3 products including one hoodie and two t-shirts. This is the reason he decided to make his website. On the contrary, he has been a part of prime hydration. Jidion’s real name showed his appearance on his podcast that he is a prime member of Prime Squad, Logan Paul says. He has an affiliation with a multi-million dollar company therefore, he can earn a lot of money.

Jidion real name

His Career

Jidion real name was when he was studying in high school and made his own YouTube Channel. In July 2018, he posted a video for the first time on February 2019. However, he was not frequently uploading 2-3 videos in a single month. Most of his videos are filmed publicly, he does not like random stuff and pranks in these videos. ‘’Asking strangers to marry me’’ is one of the best videos which went viral in a shorter period. He managed to get 500k subscribers at the end of 2020. In addition to these, he also achieved 1 million subscribers on August 2021.

With the passing of time. He started coordinating with numerous YouTubers such as Baylen Levine. However, his popularity went skyrocketed in front of partners regarding the hydration drink brand Prime. Moreover, Jidion Real Name went United Kingdom along with his Co-Founders Logan Paul and KSI. He has 423 million total views on his videos with almost 5 million subscribers. He never participates in video games and uses ‘’Just Chatting’’ streams. While he has faced a ban from a website for a hate raid on Pokimane.

Similarly, he loves to share highlights of Twitch live stream on his second channel Jidionpremium. After that, he decided to make life streaming on his second YouTube Channel. Therefore, he is busy making and sharing live-streaming highlights on his channel. According to an estimation, he has almost 1.66 million subscribers nowadays. To keep his popularity, he made a third YouTube channel name Jidion Shorts. He uploads short videos on this channel which are only 1 minute long. However, Jidion Real Name includes 76k subscribers and uploaded only 19 videos on this channel.


There are few controversies which came out in many events by Jidion’s real name. on the other hand, the first controversy came out when Jidion Adams started trolling Pokimane on different social media platforms. Similarly, his fans also bashed Pokimane a lot therefore, she decided to stop her live videos from her YouTube Channel. The second controversy came out at the TwitchCon event which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. These are two famous controversies of Jidion’s real name Jidion Adams.

1. Pokimane V Jidion

January 2022 was the time when the first controversy about Jidion came out. Moreover, when Jidion celebrated the Twitch partnership then he decided to challenge a famous influencer Pokimane. To entertain his fans, Jidion showed his hatred towards Pokimane in his live streaming. Therefore, his millions of fans also gave dirty comments to Pokimane. However, Pokimane felt bad about this and quit live streaming for almost 14 days. While Pokimane was demanding to ban Jidion’s channels permanently. Furthermore, Twitch paid heed to his words and banned the channel of Jidion’s real name Jidion Adams.

On the other hand, Pokimane and Jidion wanted to stop such hatred towards each other. Therefore, both decided to get together for a beef dinner. In addition to these, Pokimane uploaded a video with Jidion on his channel. Now they have no hate for each other which is an appreciable act.

2. TwitchCon V Jidion

Jidion visited many countries in Europe in his last couple of years. Similarly, he has also attended an event of TwitchCon which was held in Amsterdam between the 16th and 17th of July 2022. Therefore, he started bashing famous Minecraft Youtuber TommyLnnit. His behaviour was not right therefore, people decided to kick him out of the event. However, he had to face a ban from the administration for that event.

In addition to these, Tommy wants Jdion to delete such videos which were not made with his permission. On the contrary, Jidion posted a video on 3 August 2022 and earned appreciation and fame from his millions of fans.

Jidion real name


What is the age of Jidion?

The current age of Jiddion is 23 as of 2023.

What is the net worth of Jidion?

The net worth of Jidion is almost 2$ million.

Does he have any girlfriends?

No, he is single.

Who is Jidion Adams?

He is a streamer, social media star and a famous YouTuber.


Jidion real name or Jidion Adams is a popular American YouTuber and Commedian. Moreover, Jidion’s real name is famous for his pranked videos on multiple social media platforms. Therefore, he has gained a lot of fame in the United States of America in a shorter period. However, most people feel confused regarding Jidion Adams. Because they do not know anything about Jidion’s real name. Jidion Adams has numerous fan following on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to these, he loves to share his comedian video clips publicly. Therefore, the whole discussion is the biography of a famous American YouTuber Jidion Real name.

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