Why Malta is a Top Destination for CBI

The Republic of Malta offers more than just natural beauty, a mild Mediterranean climate, and spectacular sea views. It has a strong economy and industry, a lucrative business environment, low crime rates, and a friendly population. The atmosphere is so pleasant that many people wish to acquire Malta citizenship by investment and stay on a beautiful island to work, study and fulfill all their goals. The program is designed to attract investment to develop the country’s economy and improve the standard of living of its citizens. By making a particular financial investment, you will receive a coveted passport under a simple, well-established scheme and can legally move to an exotic country.

Advantages of Maltese Citizenship by Investment Program

Before collecting your documents, you should examine all the benefits of Malta passport and draw your conclusions. The following are some of the pros:

  • EU resident status;
  • visa-free entry to 165 countries, including the Schengen area;
  • the possibility of moving your entire family to your new country of residence;
  • favorable tax system conditions;
  • simplified procedure for applying for a work permit;
  • medical care is cheaper than in EU countries but not inferior in quality;
  • the high quality of education provides not only the fundamentals but also diplomas with which one can get a job in any European country;
  • you can pass your status on to your heirs;
  • passport can be issued after three years under the standard procedure or after one year under an accelerated process.

Maltese passport by investment allows you to reside in the country for as long as necessary. In addition, you are permitted to leave the country for any length of time at any time. According to Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest Agency), a second passport is a great opportunity and a good investment in your future.

Investment Options

To move to a Mediterranean country, the investor must have €700,000 or €600,000 to invest in real estate. In the first case, it is possible to get the coveted status after one year, and in the second, after three years. The legality of the funds must also be proven.

There are also additional costs:

  • charitable donation: €10,000;
  • contribution to the local national development fund;
  • fees as prescribed in the country’s legislation.

If it is not possible to buy a property, signing a one-year or five-year lease is acceptable. The amount of the payment must be at least €16,000.

Processing Time and Requirements

You can apply from the age of 18 as long as you have no criminal record and no outstanding visa refusals. It is also essential to show your financial solvency and loyalty to the Republic. 

The timeline for each stage of the program is roughly as follows:

  1. Checking for investor approval as a candidate for citizenship: 1 day. 
  2. Interpol screening of the Maltese police for the trustworthiness of the applicant and his family members: up to 2 weeks.
  3. Obtaining residence permit: 3 weeks.
  4. Fulfilment of financial conditions: up to 8 months.
  5. Collection of documents for Eligibility Test: 2 weeks.
  6. Assessment and approval at the Ministry of Citizenship: 4 – 5 months.
  7. Citizenship application: 12 or 36 months after receipt of residence permit.
  8. Obtaining a passport from the Malta Passport Department: up to 2 months.

The procedure involves some time, as many people wish to become residents of the Republic. Therefore, they have to be carefully screened, and only reliable, solvent citizens who will contribute to the further development and prosperity of the island state have to be selected.

Tips for a Successful Maltese Citizenship by Investment Application

To obtain the coveted status as quickly and comfortably as possible and to move to live in a beautiful country at sea, you should contact a specialized immigration agency and entrust the professionals to prepare documents and legal support. This issue is covered in more detail at It will require additional finances but will save time and nerves. Proven lawyers with a good reputation are an opportunity to make your relocation dreams come true faster.

Another tip is to provide only truthful information about yourself and your close relatives. It will still be checked, and you need to maintain a perfect reputation.


Now the question of how to obtain Malta citizenship will no longer be worrying for you. You know all the details and advantages to help you make an informed decision. If your finances allow, and you meet all the above requirements, take your chance to change your life. By doing so, you will not only make a gift to yourself but also to your family. Contact an immigration agency and trust the professionals to handle all the paperwork. Do not delay in making your dreams come true. Start the process tomorrow and begin a new, bright, and happy life in Malta.
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