Unruggable: Everything You Need To Know


Unruggable token belongs to a digital currency and having no CONCERN with any kind of physical currency. What is the real purpose of launching an unruggable? What are the benefits you can get from it? Is it either safe from any kind of scam or not? Does it having any relation with crypto currency? Here we will try our best to answer your all queries.

Real purpose:

As we know crypto currency in physical form can bring a variety of scams. A lot of people have been the victims of such scams. If we want to counter then firstly we need to understand the process and procedure behind such scams and the tactics mostly people use to do so. That is why, to tackle this problem unruggable project is being considered a safe and effective source in this regard.


Development group prepared an effective method regarding its usage. First of all, developers will have to put their signatures before getting a huge number of tokens. Otherwise, you will have to face dire consequences because it is also considered as a scam. This all process name is called unruggable project.

In addition to these, such crypto currency tokens are same in value and main benefit is that you can easily distribute in amongst a large segment of people without facing any difficulty at all. It keeps its fully dependency upon Ethereum platform and its importance in the world of crypto currency is totally matchless.

You can also take numerous advantages from it. Because it can be used as an investment in your difficult times for the future.

Importance of Rug Pull in the world of crypto currency:

We are living in the world where fraud chances are always there due to bad elements of society.  Therefore, such bad elements use proper tactics to take advantages from the loopholes which remain in this industry forever. To abandon such kind of tactics is possible to some extent.

Mostly, they choose De fi market to contain the industry. Rug pull is globally considered a most effective form of fraud in crypto currency world. Token of De fi market is commonly used by registering it on decentralized exchanges. By doing so, it maintains bond to the huge currency platform.

Why do we need to make our investment safe?

First of all, if you want to make your investment safe then do prefer dome tactics such as:

  • Your availability should be for all the time on main social media networks like twitter, facebook and Instagram. Because these are platforms where advertisement is usually carried out.
  • You should depend upon the particular guy who is providing you all basic guidelines and information. On the contrary, you also need a proper verification before investment.
  • If you find any problem and feel confusion then instantly approach that particular person. Do not step back whenever your problem is not be sorted out.
  • Spend such part of investment that you can easily bear. For instance, if you are new in this field then do start from less investment so that you can afford in case of loss as well.
  • Go through proper facts and figures and if there is any kind of problem you find out regarding translation on social media networks. Then stop and resolve your dis-trust first and move forward carefully.
  • To overcome the situation of fraud, first you need to collect all contract information before investment. Do find out either is it public information or not? It should be totally correct.

Protective methods to save investment from scam

Presence of two factor authentication ( 2FA ):

This is considered as a most effective method to tackle any kind of scam in crypto currency. It provides you a proper security and hacking your crypto account becomes impossible. Before typing password it demands its users to make their presence certain via email or contact messaging. Therefore, two factor authentication is the most reliable way to save investment from fraud.

Preferring hardware wallet over software wallet:

Now, keeping your keys in hardware wallet is considered a safe method as compared to software wallet. Because it minimizes the chances of fraud and crypto scam and make its users safer. People mostly seem suggesting hardware wallet more than usage of any other tactics.

Can we establish our own unruggable?

Of course, it is possible to make your own but first you need to prepare a proper design in this regard. You can complete your design via hand or in software form. Once it has been completed then you can upload it whenever you want. Then you have to specify a fixed amount according to your taste via ETH. Moreover, people will go through and buy such unruggable by paying amount in crypto currency.


Now it is possible to summarize the whole conversation by saying that bad elements of society are always present to contain the crypto industry. Therefore, to saving investment of people and distant them from any kind of scan and fraud the concept of rug pull and Unruggable came into being. The origin of it is to make people aware of the tactics of bad actors. As far as its reliability is concerned, by far majority of the people have favored it and got numerous benefits.

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