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Alice Delish :Social Media star, Early Life, Relationships, Net Worth

Alice Delish is a renowned social media influencer, Youtuber, and content creator who hails from Moscow, Russia. She rose to fame in a quite limited time span with the help of her engaging and entertaining content. Moreover, Alice interacts with her followers and audience on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok which contribute to her further popularity and fame.

This blog will discuss their social media life, personal life, net worth, and family background. So, without any further delay, let’s jump into the details of Alice’s life events.

Who is Alice Delish?

Alice Delish is a recognized celebrity and cosplayer. She enjoys making humorous TikTok videos. She shares her lip-sync dance videos on TikTok. Furthermore, she loves to create hilarious videos and content to entertain her followers and subscribers. Besides these videos, Alice is also a cosplayer and gamer. Therefore, She also posts short clips of herself playing video games on Instagram and TikTok. With the aim to improve her social media presence, she repeatedly shares amusing or dance videos, hoping to draw attention and gather followers.

alice delish

Quick Biography

Real Name Alice Delish
Nick Name thebbyalice
Birth Place Russia
Date of Birth May 3, 2002
Age 21 years
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Religion Christianity
Nationality Russian
Profession Social media infuencer

Education Background

In 2008, Alice graduated from high school. She decided to take a study break after getting admission to a college. In 2010, she started to work as a model and actor. After getting some popularity, Alice started to feature in a variety of programs and films. Besides acting, she also directed some short movies and documentaries.

alice delish

How did she rise to fame so early?

From a very young age, Alice had an interest in acting, dancing, and modeling. Furthermore, Her parents have always been supportive towards her dreams of being a model. So, She started modeling at the age of fourteen which led to her so much fame at a very young age.

Besides these acting and modeling tasks, she even partnered with various clothing and fashion brands. They also offered her good money to advertise their products and brand. Therefore, When she signed with IMG Models, she was given the opportunity to work with several companies such as Zara, H&M, and Tommy Hilfiger.

alice delish

Physical Attributes:

Alice Delish has a slim and slaying body figure that has helped her in her modeling and acting career. Therefore, she has to maintain her physique and body shape to look perfect for different roles in her short movies and reels.

Weight 50 Kg ( 110 lbs )
Height 5 ft 2
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Body Measurements 30-24-34 in (76-60-86 cm)
Ethnicity White

alice delish

Professional Life Experience:

Alice Delish got all this popularity and fame as a result of her social media videos and vlogs. After gaining fame, she entered her career on this side. In addition, Her popularity began when she was young because of her creation of amusing videos shared with other users. However, Dancing videos and outfits posted on Instagram give her joy.

She consistently produces funny content. Others view her postings and videos and decide to follow her. She amassed about 960 thousand followers on Instagram in a brief period of time. Alice eventually began pursuing her passion with the assistance of various social media sites. She has approximately 448,000 people following her on Twitter and 50,000 YouTube subscribers.

What are the Hobbies of Delish?

She also owns a YouTube channel where she often shares Autonomous sensory meridian reaction videos that her followers appreciate. With such reaction videos, she has garnered over 90k subscribers. However, she entertains her audience with her reaction and game videos and they love watching her playing video games and various kinds of gaming videos. Delish is well-known for her bouncy personality. She is a fantastic role model for young women.

alice delish

Relationships between Delish and her Parents

Alice’s birthplace is Moscow, Russia. In addition,  Her father holds significant popularity as a businessman and he is Britisher. His line of work revolves around car manufacturing.

Alice’s mother is a teacher in a Russian School, and her parents have been happily married for over thirty years. However, She prefers living with her family in Moscow City and is the oldest of three younger siblings whom she loves dearly: a brother who is ten and another who is only eight years old, and a three-year-old cutie is also part of her family.

Relationships between Alice Delish and her boyfriend

She makes a conscious effort to avoid sharing details of her personal life on social media platforms, particularly her personal relationships. Therefore, it seems like Alice has managed to keep updated information on her current or past relationships off the internet. This is because she keeps posting videos, cosplay content, and fashionable outfit pictures on both Instagram and TikTok. Whether or not she’s involved with someone who is very close to her.

How much did Alice Worth?

Alice being a top social media star and popular streamer earns big bucks nowadays. However, her major earnings come from her content creation via her Patreon account. Moreover, Her other revenue sources are paid memberships and sponsorships from various brands and businesses. In addition, She also earns an estimated $15,000 per month from modeling and working with several brands and corporations.

Social media Engagement of Delish on Social Media

Alice Delish is well-known on Instagram for her pictures and dance videos. She has over one million followers who love to share and like her every post.

YouTube 90K + Subscribers
Patreon 931 Premium Members
Instagram 1 Million + Followers

Some Interesting Facts About Delish

  • She has lovely blue eyes and hazel hair color.
  • However, There is no information about her parents or their relationship on social media.
  • Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lawrence are among her favorite actors.
  • Alice prefers Chinese food over other cuisines and dishes.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • Additionally, Alice has a wonderful and loving personality. Especially, when she participates in certain roles.
  • She primarily enjoys watching Spiderman flicks.
  • In addition, She likes animals, especially cats.
  • Interesting to know that Alice has no tattoos on her body.
  • In her spare time, she enjoys playing online games.

alice delish

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alice?

Alice is a Russian well-known Tiktok star. She is a social media influencer on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. She creates fantastic and engaging videos. Moreover, She also enjoys cosplay gaming. She is well-known for her artistic abilities. She amassed tens of  thousands of subscribers and followers on Social Media . Her nickname is thebbyalice.

Is Alice Delish married?

She does not post about her current or previous relationships on social media. She keeps her personal life private. As a result, we are unable to reveal any information on her relationship. Maybe she’ll discuss her personal life shortly.

How Old is Alice?

Alice is 21 years old (as of 23). She gets early fame on social media.

Where is Delish from, and what is her Religion?

Alice was born in the Russian capital of Moscow. She is of Russian background. Her faith is Christian. She has a Zodiac sign is Taurus.

How wealthy is Alice?

Alice has an estimated net worth of USD 1 million. Her earnings come from various brands such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and online gaming platforms.

On a Final Note:

This blog clearly described information regarding Alice Delish who is a popular model and social media influencer from Russia. Alice has amassed a huge social media fan base with 1.1 Million followers on Instagram alone. Because of this huge following, she has been reached out for various brand deals and promotions. Today, she has biome popular face on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram.

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