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King Von Autopsy Report: Death cause, who leaked photos?

On November 14, 2015, King Von was the victim of a murder in the autopsy room. According to accounts, he was well-known for his music, as well as his drug addiction, lady problems, and club allusions, as well as his independence and an expanding number of homemade t-shirt designs. The autopsy revealed that he died as a consequence of gunshot wounds.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss who was king von, his career and his educational background, his murder, King Von’s autopsy, and the leak Of his autopsy report.

king von autopsy

How did King Von Death?

On November 6, 2016, the city of Chicago rapper King Von and his buddy entered into a fight with Quando Rondo at a gas tank on Smooth Creek.  They were some three miles away from the closest corner of Moreland Avenue and Smooth Creek Highway.

On November 6, 2016, the city of Chicago rapper King Von and his buddy entered into a fight with Quando Rondo at a gas tank on Smooth Creek.  They were some three miles away from the closest corner of Moreland Avenue and Smooth Creek Highway.

In addition, Two different gun skirmishes ensued between King Von’s group and Quando Rondo’s. When he arrived, he got out of his car and went to the Sunoco petrol station to grab a Coke. Quando Rondo stopped him as he walked to the gas station entrance and inquired why he was staring at him.

However, Quando Rondo and his team fled the site after the start of the conflict. King and his gang re-entered their car to recover money from one of their wallets, after the second gunshot conflict, the King rapper Von died at that moment.

Who Leaked the Rapper’s Autopsy Photos?

Marquinez Robinson, Quando Rondo’s uncle, posted a photo of King Von’s dead body on his Instagram account. The photographs are terrible showing the corpse placed on the autopsy table with his upper body stitched up. His body art is also visible in the photos. The stolen photographs infuriated fans of the artist, who labeled them “nefarious.”

According to accusations, King Von’s assassins shared photographs and reports from his autopsy. Now the rapper’s sister expressed her disgust, accusing the authorities of incompetence in disclosing the photographs.

king von autopsy Leaked the Rapper’s Autopsy Report Online

On Wednesday, December 2, King Von’s autopsy report came out, revealing some unexpected revelations and details concerning the rapper’s demise. According to the autopsy report, King Von suffered a gunshot wound and died. Since Von’s death, videos have been posted online photos depicting the parking lot where Von was filmed and the thought the shooter has been apprehended.

Who is King Von?

King Von is a music rapper who grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and he has six half-siblings. Unfortunately, his father spent his whole life in jail, when King was 11 years old.

Furthermore, King Von committed the song “Exposing Me” to his father, and he went to jail for the first time at the age of 16 for the first time. Because of his incarceration, Von noticed several issues with the law throughout his professional and personal life.

Moreover, Lil Durk and King Von worked on several amazing melodies. Their efforts aided in pushing Von into the national spotlight, which became ever more vibrant for him until his tragic and dreadful death.

king von autopsy

Educational Background

He was a part of the running squad at Brenton High School. He was well-known as “King Von” in Chicago’s Brighton Park area. Multiple high school musicals and helped establish the “Suncoast Order of Performers” at his school.

Additionally, His high school group, “The Street Soldiers,” played at events across the Chicago region,  his band issued a number of its recordings, including, “The Streets Are For Free.” “Soldiers of the Streets”.

The Life Experience of King Von

The American city of Chicago raised  King Von with six half-siblings and a father who was incarcerated and eventually murdered. He was a well-known famous rapper in the musical industry and many people loved his music. Additionally, Von faced a number of challenges in Chicago, Illinois, the pain and difficulties he was going through, as well as a sincere homage to his late father in the song “Exposing Me,” were all portrayed via his music on a daily basis.

king von autopsy

Lil Durk’s Relationship with King Von

When the rappers started to grow up, they were friends as well as regular companions. According to rumors, they worked together on seven songs, including “Still Trappin” off Durk’s 2020 album The Voice. The record cover showed a snapshot of the two together with the words “Long live grandson”.

Therefore, the autopsy was worked on by Lil Durk and King Von, who were close buddies. to the autopsy, Von died of a gunshot wound by someone associated with Quando Rondo, another rapper on Von’s roster. On November 14, 2015, King Von was assassinated in the autopsy room while Lil Durk was present. Initially, there were reports that the two were feuding, but it was later shown in some reports that this was incorrect.

king von autopsy

A shooting case resulted in King Von being captured

King’s capture astonished many people, he was one of the most well-known artists in hip-hop until his capture. His rap career spanned over a decade, and he rose to become one of the most well-known rappers of all time.

However, he has a convoluted background. Von was convicted of singing without authorization and was arrested in May 2014 in connection with a shooting investigation.

Von was able to prove his innocence and reclaim his freedom while imprisoned. Following being freed from prison, he worked on many songs with Lil Durk. In December, he released the single “Crazy Story.”

Interesting facts about King Von

  • King Von was born in the city of Chicago, and he has six step-siblings.
  • He Was Very Close to his mother, and He established a point to take excellent care of his mother after creating his career and reaching its pinnacle.
  • Von was a big football fan, particularly baseball. He used to play baseball in high school and studied the activity throughout his time there.
  • He Lost his Father at an Early Age.
  • He had always been a music lover, and he is a big fan of Lil Wayan.


Although it provides insight into the horrific events that led to King Von’s death, the post-mortem paper isn’t the end of his story. It is a true record that assists in comprehending the circumstances surrounding his demise; but, this should now not reduce our memories of him or the accomplishments he made during his life.

In addition, While we examine the facts in the study, we must remember King Von as a performer, a brother, a friend, and a person who made an unforgettable imprint on the world. Let us focus our attention in the aftermath of this awful calamity on the lessons we can learn from it and work to establish steps to prevent such situations from occurring in the future.

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