Carla Diab

Carla Diab: Early Life, Career, Bio, Age, Net Worth & Height

Carla Diab is a talented American fashion designer, philanthropist Television Artist, and business women. She is a highly successful member of, the National Society of Leadership and CSU’S National Society of Collegiate Scholars. However, the net worth of Carla Diab is presently blazing the budding artist. But Carla Diab’s net worth started in early (2000) when she cast her eponymous fashion line.

The working of Carla Diab in the entertainment industry and television success had great perks, but Carla Diab’s hard work, focus, and resolution made her hold onto the frame. In addition to Carla Diab’s excellent influence in the fashion world through her fashion line. Carla Diab’s impact on the whole society through her social work. And if you’re to keep in touch with Carla Diab’s new projects and appearances you can subscribe to updates from her official websites or fan pages or different social media accounts.


Carla Diab

Her Net Worth

Her net worth is currently estimated to be 5 million dollars. The 1st rising star of social media influencer gets payment as she is actively involved in reality television shows and as a television host. There is not a single authentic information on how much Carla Diab earns monthly or yearly. But we will try to update on this once we find out the authentic information. But one thing is certain she’s a millionaire. The famous fashion designer also earns from her fashion line which she started in early 2001.

As a fashion influencer and first-rising social media influencer, we are expecting a huge increase in net worth this year. Carla Diab’s most of income is from her career and business. Also earned a lot of profitable earnings from it. Carla Diab quickly rose to fame after featuring on reality television shows such as Project Runaway and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He was also paid after she hosted the Lebanese version of (Dancing with Stars). After that, Carla Diab does the marketing for the fat2fit fitness company. Also a broadcaster for Fi-Male. Carla Diab has donated a part of her money to charity.

Her Career

Carla Diab was born in Ohio, Rocky River, United States. There is no clear information about her brothers, sisters and parents yet. Carla Diab attended her early education at Rocky River High School. These appearances have helped her to increase her wealth and fame. Graduated in early 2016s and was then listed in Cleveland State as a Major in Finance. The businesswoman and author have an interesting career profile.

Carla Diab worked in an assisted living facility for the old in addition to babysitting for neighbourhood families. Also worked at Five Below as a sales associate. Also did the whole that work while she was still in college. In the 2019 Summertime, Carla Diab completed her internship in Finance at KeyBank’s Corporate Treasury Division. 0n 30 April 2020, Cleveland appreciated her with the awards of Excellence in Finance.

Her Dating

Though people have led to estimate her net worth. But they can’t do the same about her dating. The generous individual doesn’t talk about Carla Diaz’s private life. We still don’t know because Carla Diaz has kept her personal life private. So, still, there is no news on who she is dating or married to.


Carla Diab

Her Profession

Carla Diab is a businesswoman and a very talented fashion designer. Carla Diab is the visionary director and founder of her eponymous fashion line. It is famous for its unique and sophisticated designs. Also works as a fashion designer. Carla Diab has made her name for herself in the industry of reality TV shows. Also Appeared on many famous reality television shows. Where she has shown her expertise and amazing skills to the people of the whole world. She is a very established and versatile figure in the fashion line. Carla Diab’s creativity and passion inspire other people across different fields.

Her Early Life

Carla Diab’s passion for the fashion line began at a very young age, she was very passionate about it. Carla Diab has been working in the fashion line ever since. Pursued her dream by interning at a fashion line in Paris (France). Carla Diab honed her skills and gained a very valuable experience in the fashion line. After she completes her internships, Introduced her fashion line in the early (2000s). Since then, Built her own business and thrived on it, which has gained a fame and reputation for its best quality and unique designs. Carla Diab’s keen eye for fashion line along with her passion, hard work and dedication, enabled her to achieve huge success in the fashion industry.

Overall her hard work, passion and dedication made her a successful fashion designer and excellent entrepreneur. Carla Diab’s success in the fashion line and appearances on different reality TV have helped to build her as a household name and contributed to good wealth. Despite being an individual life, Carla Diab’s also known for her support of many charity institutions and philanthropy. Carla Diab’s also known for her sophisticated and unique aesthetic. As of now, her net worth is estimated at 5 million dollars. After interning in a fashion line in Paris (France) and launching her fashion line in the early 2000s, she is making millions of dollars every year.

Her Education

Sadly, based on available search results do not provide all information on Carla Diab’s early study or schooling. However, it is still known that she completed her higher study in fashion design at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, where Carla Diab earned her bachelor’s degree in fashion design. After that, Carla Diab went to France, Paris, for further skills in business and fashion-line.

Her Family

Carla Diab is a very well-known businesswoman and fashion designer from the United States of America (USA). Acc. to sources, Carla Diab is a very private person, and when it comes to her personal life or her family, there is not much information is available about her private life and family background. However, it is known that she has one sister named (Maya Diab). who is a TV personality, Lebanese singer and actress? Based on sources, the name of her parents is Mr.Diab and Mrs.Diab. But information about their work is still not known at the moment. Carla Diab follows the Christian religion and she belongs to the white ethnicity.


Carla Diab


What is the Net Worth of Carla Diab?

It’s still not publicly known what type of homes she owns. However, given her wealth of 5 million dollars, it is very likely that she owns at least one luxury residence.

What is the Age and Physical Appearance of Carla Diab?

There is still not any authentic news about her age. Carla Diab is an author, Television personality, American Fashion Designer and businesswoman. Her date of birth is 11 October 1985 but it’s still not confirmed. Carla Diab’s height is 5 feet and 10 inches.


Carla Diab is born and raised in the United States of America. As far as her birthplace is concerned, there is no proper information disclosed yet. In addition to these, she has been an author, fashion designer and a famous businesswoman. Due to her professional career, she earned a lot of fame in a shorter period. This is complete information an individual can get regarding Carla Diab.

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