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Andrew Janine Tate is a popular British-American businessman and kickboxer. Moreover, he has two siblings, a sister and a brother named Tristan. Are you searching for the sister of Andrew Tate? Janine Tate is the name of his sister who kept a low profile. On the contrary, her brothers have made many headlines and enjoyed a significant social media presence. Who is Janine Tate, and what is she doing now? Unlike her brothers, Janine Tate carved a great path in her life. She lives in Kentucky and is famous as a certified lawyer. Moreover, Janine Tate is popular for being the sister to Tristan and Andrew Tate. In this article, we will discuss the bio, net worth, and early and professional life of Janine Tate.

Janine Tate



The birthday and month of Janine Tate has always been a mystery however, she was reportedly born in 1992. Her mother, Eileen, is of British origin while, her father, Emory Andrew, is an American-African. Janine Tate has two popular brothers, Tristan and Andrew. Emory, their father, earned an international master’s title in chess competitions in 2007. However, he was also famous for the tactful and creative play that helped him win around 80 tournament matches in the United States of America.

His wife, Eileen, was working as a catering assistant. Eileen looked after her kids after being divorced from Emory. After collapsing during a tournament in Milpitas, California, Emory died on October 17, 2015. Most important in all, Emory was an air force veteran.

Body Measurements 35-25-36 inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Weight 56 KG
Height 5’ 4’’ inches

Early Life

Janine Tate is an accomplished motivational speaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Moreover, she is the CEO and founder of Tate Inc., a leading communication and marketing organization based in New York, USA. Her business dedication and acumen for social responsibility reputed her as a trailblazer in the industry. Janine was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1975. She stepped into the world of entrepreneurship from an early age because her parents owned a small business.

She got admission to Spelman College where she majored in Marketing and Business Administration. After completing graduation in 1997, she started making a career in marketing and earned a high rank. Janine Tate established her own company in 2001 named Tate Inc. However, the only purpose behind it was to offer such advanced innovative marketing solutions which can lead a business to succeed and grow. Therefore, the company has become one of the most respected communication and marketing firms across the country under her leadership.

The clients of Janine Tate contain several of the famous names in the industry including Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola.


Janine Tate

Educational Qualification

Janine Tate has completed her schooling at a private school in England. Moreover, she completed her law degree from a popular firm and attended a reputed university in the United Kingdom.


Janine Tate is married to Norman Webb. She did not disclose her private information to the public as she has a son. In addition to these, she is living with her family in Kentucky.


Norman Webb is a nutritionist, enthusiast, fitness and bodybuilder. Similarly, he has a degree of doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Kentucky. Janine Tate earned popularity because of her brothers and father. She has been avoiding interviews or social media not to share her private information. Similarly, nobody knows about her boyfriend and love life. People even did not know whether she is married or not. In accordance with her images, she appeared as a decent lady who will surely be loved by a gentle person. According to several rumours, she married a guy who has also a law profession background.


Janine Tate was a lawyer and enjoyed keeping her distance from their brothers. Moreover, she does not take an interest to talk about them. Her brothers have lived in Romania for various years while, Janine lives in Lexington, Kentucky. Tristan and Andrew were arrested in Romania in December 2022. They were accused of suspicion of human trafficking and organized crime in Romania.

On the contrary, Andrew has also faced a ban for violating rules from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts. After winning an appeal to move to house arrest, bother brothers were released from detention in March 2023.


Janine Tate


Janine Tate was born into a well-reputed and well-settled family however, her parents were British-American. Her mother Eileen is a housewife while her father Emory Tate has been the winner of a chess competition of 5 United States Armed Forces. The mother of Janine is British while, her father is Afro-American. She and her siblings were younger when their father died on October 17, 2015. Janine Tate moved to the United Kingdom after the separation of her father and mother. However, Janine Tate spent a lot of years there before shifting to Kentucky.

Janine Tate has 2 elder siblings named Tristan and Andrew Tate. However, her 1st brother Andrew Tate is a professional actor, social media influencer and kickboxing player. On the other hand, Tristan Tate is a fight commentator and popular kickboxer for EuroSport TV and Box National events.

Net worth

According to an estimation, her net worth is $300,000. Similarly, Andrew’s net worth is almost $700 million however, Tristan has $350 million. Janine Tate remains committed to her passion for women’s rights and justice regardless of a fractured relationship with her siblings.


Janine Tate is the mother of one who is a full-time lawyer practicing in Kentucky. Moreover, Janine holds a law degree from a prestigious law college, J David Rosenberg, University of Kentucky. She has been a member of the Kentucky Bar Association where she got admission on October 23, 2027. She made her account on Instagram named janinetate.

Amazing Facts about Janine Tate

  • She does not like to appear in media talks or interviews.
  • She was 56 years old when her father Emory Tate passed away.
  • Most importantly, she was the 3rd child of her parents after Andrew and Tristan Tate.
  • However, her brother has earned millions of dollars by investing in cryptocurrency.
  • She avoids living with her elder brothers therefore, she resides in Kentucky nowadays.
  • Her brother Tristan Tate has earned millions of fan followers on his Instagram account.
  • Brother contains a vast collection of luxury and expensive cars such as the Bugatti Veyron.

Janine Tate

Why does Andrew Tate hate his sister?

Andrew Tate has claimed that it is impossible for him to live with Janine Tate. Because both have different lifestyles and ideologies. Moreover, my brother always loved their social media presence and going outside. While Janine Tate has been preferring a quiet and private life.


Janine Tate is the sister of a famous actor and social media influencer, Andrew Tate. In addition to this, she has 2 elder siblings however, she is not living with them due to many reasons which we have already discussed above. Janine Tate does not like to disclose her personal information in media interviews or talks. She wants women to explore their abilities so that they can also serve the nation along with men. A large number of people are curious to know about her love life and boyfriend. But nobody can give us the right information in this regard.

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