Macallan 12

Macallan 12: A Famous Wine, Price, Alcohol Content, Features & Alternatives

Macallan 12 is a special kind of whisky which is famous due to several ingredients. In addition to these, it is made especially for the richest people. Sheery Oak single and double casks are two advanced flavours of Macallan 12. It has been a wonderful experience according to flavour and quality-wise. Most important of all, you can preserve it for almost 12 years which shows its high durability. However, there are some flavours also available that you can enjoy even while living in desert areas. It does not contain any smoky, peat or demanding notes which are harmful to human health. In this article, you will get all information regarding alcohol content, features, benefits and price of Maccalan 12.

Macallan 12

Taste of Macallan 12

The nose is rich in Vanilla with a combination of a tad of oak and dry fruits. However, Sherry Oak offers a unique creamy texture on the palate. Users will start to enjoy even from the 1st sip of Macallan 12. Because it includes hints of vanilla, dry fruits and gentle touch of oak and prune. As far as the finish is concerned then it is long enough to make you able to enjoy it while sipping a fine malt. Moreover, Macallan sherry oak is a smooth and unique mellow whisky. It does not contain hardness, therefore, it is very easy to sip. It is a sweeter kind of Macallan 12 double Cask which makes it more impressive in flavour because of the extra sherry wine sweetness.

Does Mcallan 12 Whisky contain Smoky Ingredients?

Whisky is completely free of peat, smoke and demanding notes. Therefore, Speyside whisky does not contain a such feature which does not meet the requirements of the consumer.

Quality of Macallan 12

  • The latest version of sherry oak is more favourable and good for consumers instead of the Macallan double cask.
  • Moreover, sherry oak is famous for its pleasing tasting notes and intense smoothness.
  • The drink is nicely clean without adding a chaser or water.
  • It requires a little bit more costly as compared to other whiskies however, it is normal among Macallan releases. Consumers will feel a better experience from nose to finish.

Role of Chill-Filtered and Caramel-coloring whisky

The sherry oak Macallan 12 is a chill-filtered whisky and the process of making is not very difficult. However, the process is quite easy in the industry which prevents a whisky from unnecessarily hazy. In addition to these, few purists frown upon chill-filtering because they considered it a robbed process. Most important of all, the flavours present in this whisky are completely different from all previous flavours of whiskies.

On the other hand, Mcallan 12 does not include caramel colouring. However, if you manage to follow some rules and regulations then you can add caramel colouring to your whisky flavour. Therefore, everybody needs to be very careful while purchasing this flavour of whisky.

Macallan 12

Natural Phenomenon

The whisky contains somehow brown-sugar lustre which is an artificial process. However, very few people observe a whisky or wine by its colours. Because they do not know the importance of colour in a wine as it is artificially hued. Macallan is one of the best whisky because it avoids caramel colouring. However, it includes a packed inordinate quantity of chewy fruit flavours along with some light colours. Therefore, a douse red whisky is also known as Mega purple. In addition to these, there are no chances of smoky and peat ingredients which makes it an impressive wine over all remaining ones.

Durability Factor

You can preserve sherry oak casks for almost 12 years with hand-picked Oloroso Sherry-seasoned oak casks. The flavour of Oloroso is sweet and Spain introduced this wine for the very 1st time. Moreover, it is a unique and smooth wine while flavours are present in single malt. You must try this wine at least once in your life while living in dessert.

Important Facts

Drinking Style Add some water
Nose Dried fruits, Vanilla and oak
Palate Prune, dry fruits, oak and vanilla
Alcohol Content 43 % of ABV (86 proof)
Similarity Dalmore 12 GlenDronach
Finish Sherry and Oak

This wine is nicely clean in the bottle however, you can make it neater by adding some amount of water. By doing this, consumers will enjoy a better and clean wine.

Alternatives to Macallan 12

There are several alternatives available in the market and we will discuss famous whiskies below.

GlenDronach and Glenallachie

These are the two famous 12-year scotch whiskies which are cheaper than sherry oak wine. On the other hand, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban is 14 years older whisky however, the price is unbeatable. You can enjoy the rich nutty and delicious flavour of Quinta Ruban. Because its durability is 12 years in previous bourbon barrels however, finishing is just 2 years in ruby port pipes. If you are a beginner then it is going to be a great choice for you. It is a smooth wine which is favourable mostly for wealthy people because its cost is very high.

Macallan 12

Different Prices in Many Countries

Australia 135 $
United States of America 87 $
United Kingdom 80 $
Canada 160 $

How is it produced?

It is easy to make Sherry Oak whisky by using golden promise barley. However, it includes low nitrogen and high starch quantity therefore, it is the finest in the market with oily and rich whisky. Therefore, it takes almost 8 hours to complete this process and barley needs further fermentation with cultured yeast. It is done before twice distillation via copper-pot stills. Moreover, distillers require 16 % of the spirit to fulfill into casks for maturation. Distillers can easily remove the heads and tails of the wine in this regard. The ‘’CUT” is one of the famous Scottish distilleries in rich and full-bodied whisky.

ABV % 43 %
Quality Yes
Peaty No
Warm No
Sweetness Mostly
Does it Expire? No
Is it Top-Shell? Yes
Calories/shot 108
Keto-Friendly Yes
Gluten-Free Yes
Kosher No
Best for Beginners? Yes
Best for Cocktails? No
Age Statement 12 years
Kind of Whisky Single Malt


How much alcohol content is present there?

The alcohol content present in Macallan 12 is almost 43 % of ABV (86 Proof). Therefore, it offers a smooth and unique pour.

Is there any possibility of Getting Expired?

Alcoholic beverages do not expire and last for many years. However, it depends upon you how long you keep it in a cool place. It is important to take it away from sunlight.



Macallan 12 is a favourite wine for many consumers not only in America but all over the world. Moreover, a person who is fond of drinking whiskies then it is a great choice for him in this regard. There are some restrictions in the extra addition of ingredients but if you follow some rules and regulations then you can enjoy your favourite flavour without any difficulty. Similarly, there are some alternatives available in the market to tackle the monopoly of Macallan 12.

The price of this whisky flavour is a little bit higher as compared to the previous ones. However, we have covered up the whole facts regarding a famous drinking wine Macallan 12.

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