who is leaving days of our lives in 2023

Who is leaving the days of our lives in 2023? A Complete Guideline

I know it is very tough to accept who is leaving days of our lives in 2023, however, there will be more new arrivals and painful exits. The news of their leaving has left viewers feeling unhappy and disheartened. These artists have become an important part of Days of Our Lives, bringing us happiness and entertainment through their attractive story plots and magnetic personalities. Saying goodbye to them feels like losing our families. Let’s take a moment to honour their aids to the show and appreciate the memories they’ve left behind.

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Camila Banus: A Pot-Stirrer Leaves

Camila Banus, who plays Gabi Hernandez, is one of the most recent exits from Days of our Lives. Samila Banus stated to The Wrap that she decided to exit the show. After it was promoted to the streaming service Peacock. Camila Banus said that the move to Peacock made her feel it was time to start a new chapter in his life. Camila Banus is one of the show’s most famous characters and has been a part of the cast since 2010. Her exit is a substantial loss to the show, and writers and directors will find the void requirements.

Lauren Koslow

Lauren Koslow had been the backbone of Days of Our Lives for nearly 2 decades, playing the key role of Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives. Though, in late 2022, her character left the show – or at least this flat of existence – when Lauren Koslow passed away. Fans and followers were very surprised by Lauren’s death, and many took to social media platforms to express their unhappiness at Koslow’s departure.

Lindsay Arnold: A Legend Says Goodbye

Lindsay Arnold performed the character of Allie Horton on Days of Our Lives. She declared in early 2023 that she had ended taping for the show, and her character’s future remains indeterminate. Allie Horton played a significant role in the show. who is leaving days of our lives in 2023 However, Lindsay Arnold’s exit has left fans speculating what will happen to her character.

Mary Beth Evans

Mary Beth Evans, who played the key role of Kayla Brady on Days of Our Lives, left the drama in 2022. Kayla’s exit plot involved her character dying, but her portrayer did not truly leave the show. Mary Beth Evans has been with the show for over thirty years and is one of its most adored characters.

Tamara Braun

Tamara Braun’s 2nd spell as Ava Vitali came to an end in December 2022, just before Christmas. The Emmy-winning artist took to social media to thank her fans and followers for their support and love over the years. Most importantly, many viewers were very sad to see her go.

Sal Stowers

After 6 years as Lani, actress Sal Stowers took her leave of Salem in the summer of the year 2022. Departing an even greater setback to the fans and followers was the fact that just as Sal Stowers was thrilling, so was Lamon Archey who played Eli. With her exit, Days of Our Lives viewers and fans not only lost Eli and Lani, but they also lost “Elani”, the famous couple fans had come to love.

Linsey Godfrey

Linsey Godfrey played the key role of Sarah Horton, a character she has represented since 2018. On social media, Godfrey publicized in March 2021 that she would be leaving the show. Linsey Godfrey thanked her fans and followers and said that she would miss her character and her many hairdos.

Kristian Alfonso: The End of an Era

Kristian Alfonso had been essential on the show since the 1980s, and her exit was a big setback to the fans and followers who had grown up watching her on screen. Clarified that a request for 4 or 5 months off had encouraged her to walk away from the show, saying that it was “the perfect moment to make that decision”.

Marci Miller

In June, the love story of Abigail and Chad came to an end when Marci Miller’s absence made her the unlucky star of a murder mystery. Fans and followers were very upset that the show did not bring back Kate Mansi, who had played a key role in the show before and are now waiting to see what the near future holds for the beautiful couple.

Deidre Hall: Fan Favorites Come and Go

who is leaving days of our lives in 2023 Like Kayla and Kate, Deidre Hall’s character, Marlena, also met her creator early in the year 2023. Deidre Hall, who has been with the Days of Our Lives on and off since 1976, had left-hand the show before and returned several times, so it’s probable that we could see Deidre Hall back in Salem shortly. For now, though, Marlena has passed on, parting behind any clothing that wasn’t white.

A Martinez: A Quick Return and Exit

The 1st blow to Days of Our Lives fans and followers came with the statement that A Martinez, who had lately reprised his role as Eduardo Hernandez, would be leaving the show. Although the artist’s return had first thrilled viewers, it soon became clear that his character was being brought back merely to usher off his kids. This was a very unsatisfactory turn of events for fans and followers of the show who had been hoping for a long-term return for Martinez.

Linsey Godfrey

She played Sarah Horton on Days of Our Lives and also proclaimed her exit in 2022. Linsey Godfrey had been on the show since 2018 and was a huge fan favourite, so her departure came as a shock to many viewers and his fans and followers. Linsey Godfrey’s character departure storyline involved her leaving for Chicago (USA) without telling her baby daddy, Xander, Linsey Godfrey’s exit left a big hole in the show, and fans are still grieving the loss of Sarah.

Alison Sweeney

who is leaving days of our lives in 2023 In a recent interview, she clarified that she had many other scenes to work on at that moment, so instead of saying bye, she changed it into “See ya soon” for her fans and followers.


Greg Vaughan: An Emmy Winner Says Goodbye

Shortly after Banu’s departure was announced, it was publicized that Greg Vaughan, who had played Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives since 2012, was also leaving the show. Greg Vaughan, an Emmy winner, said that he was leaving with “laughter, love and tears of joy” and that he was very thankful before his time on the show. Fans and followers were feeling depressed to see him go, but thrilled to see what the actor would do next.


In this article, you will get information about Days of Our Lives. Be sure to share it with the community. As we bid goodbye to some of our beloved characters and actors on Days of Our Lives, it’s natural to feel unhappiness and loss. But let’s remember that the show must carry on, and we can look forward to new characters and plot rotations to make us stand on our toes, biting our nails. So let’s stay linked and see where the journey takes us next.  

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