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Javaughn J. Porter: Bio, Age, Early & Professional Life

Javaughn J. Porter is a popular kid whose popularity comes from his well-reputed father. Blueface, an American hip-hop personality, and he is the father of five years old boy. Blueface got fame because of working with Cardi B on the hit song ‘’Thotiana’’. A famous American rapper Jonathan Michael Porter is an American rapper. Moreover, he also has a son named Javaughn J. Porter. Top-tier musicians such as Scott Storch, Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake and others are already cooperating with Blueface. In this article, you will get information about Javaughn J. Porter.


Javaughn J. Porter was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America, in 2017. He celebrates his birthday on April 28 each year: as of 2023, he will be 6 years old. His father, Jonathan Michael Porter, a musician who performs as a composer, singer and rapper. He created a unique song called Deadlocs when his kid was just born. Most importantly, he got his baby’s name tattooed on his right platform.


Jaidyn Alexis is the only sister of Javaughn J. Porter. However, her father has an older brother who was sentenced in jail to 13 years in accusation of accidently killing someone. Similarly, her father also has an incredible younger sister named Kali Miller. In 2019, the year when rapper expelled her sister, and it has been an incredibly upsetting. A recent Blueface video went viral which appeared to show women sleeping in bunk beds. He advised women to leave or get tattoos in his realty show. Therefore, it made headlines across all news outlets for many days. Consequently, the rapper, although, abandons the information and claims that he has not broken any law.


Full Name Javaughn J. Porter
Date of Birth April 28, 2017
Place of Birth California, United States of America
Weight 40 Pounds
Height 3 feet 3 inches
Mother Jaidyn Alexis
Father Jonathan Michael Porter
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Popular as Son of Famous Rapper, Blueface
Occupation Celebrity Kid
Nationality United States of America



His father, Blueface, is a popular American rapper, and his mother, Jaidyn Alexis, is an expert in beauty and skincare. J. Porter was born outside of marriage, so his parents are not married. When Blueface was going out with Jaidyn Alexis, he had already a son. Javaughn J. Porter is a fortunate son loved by his grandparents, parents and other family members. Blueface has one child whose name is Javaughn J. Porter. Most importantly, Jaidyn and Blueface moved on with their lives so that they may have children in the future. After that, Javaughn with get stepsisters and stepbrothers.

javaughn j. porter

Net Worth

Javaughn J. Porter is a young person, however, his net worth is reported to be around 10,000$, as of 2021. Moreover, it is easy to assume that he can purchase himself multiple treats and sweets. Similarly, he can also buy his preferred games, when he reaches adolescence. He has yet to look for a job, so he must still be a kid. His parents are curious about him, and he gets money from them. Javaughn J. Porter has less than 50,000$ USD in cash on hand. But it is his right to have his father’s property and money when he turns 18. Estimates say that Blueface has a net worth of around 5$ Million USD, which is a lot.

Early Life

Javaughn J. Porter was born to Jaidyn Alexis and Jonathan Michael Porter family, in 2017. Moreover, his birthday is 28 April, and the popular kid was born in Los, Angeles, California, USA.

Private Life

Javaughn J. Porter is 5 years old, therefore, he is too young to use Instagram and other social media platforms. However, people can see him in photos that his parents upload on their public Instagram pages. Jaidyn Alexis contains an Instagram account with the handle @bluefacerap and @jaidynalexxis handles Blueface’s account. Pictures of Jaidyn’s kid and Blueface were put on Instagram and shared with users.

Javaughn Earning Fame as a Child Model

Javaughn’s mother has earned a lot of fame in the modeling industry. However, the CA native took her son into modeling as well. The American celebrity child has been in many prints and onscreen advertisements. He also appeared in various magazines and photo-shoots. While, considering his age, his modelling portfolio is highly impressive. Javaughn J. Porter is associated with famous big brands like Baby Phat x Russel Simmons, Butter Super Soft etc. Keeping all these achievements at such a tender age, you can conclude that Javaughn may turn out to be the next incredible thing in modelling.

His Recorded Acting Roles

The youngster is gunning for the top, from what is considerable. Javaughn J. Porter has already debuted on the acting scene at his tender age. The star made his debut on the set of the film, albeit in a cameo, Welcome to Gizmo City. In addition to these, he also appeared on major talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

javaughn j. porter

His Social Media

Parents decided to make their kid’s Instagram account so that they can share his pictures and other stuff on it. They believed that their son was going to earn fame within a short while. An Instagram account @jaidynbabyy has acquired 20.3K followers and still counting. His parents, Alexis and Blueface, are handling this account, and have shared a total of 112 posts. When Javaughn was younger, his father decided to keep Javaughn away from prying eyes of the audience unless he becomes a little older.

The youngster has made appearances in movies, music videos and major TV shows. He is barely of school age, and has modeled for major brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Javaughn J. Porter’s Place of Birth?

The birth place of Javaughn J. Porter is California, the United States of America.

What is the Full Name of Javaughn?

His full name is Javaughn J. Porter.

What is Javaughn J. Porter’s Weight and Height?

His weight is 40 pounds, and height is 3 feet and 3 inches.


Javaughn J. Porter is kid of the famous American celebrity, Jonathan Michael Porter. Most importantly, he has earned a lot fame at such tender age. His parents created his personal Instagram account and started uploading videos and photos related to him. People want to know the factors which made Javaughn earn fame within a short while. His father has been a popular rapper, singer and social media influencer. Furthermore, his height is 40 pounds and weight is 3 feet & 3 inches. This is the complete information a person needs to know about Javaughn J. Porter.

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