Tunnel Rush 2

Tunnel Rush 2: How To Play It? Features & Benefits

Tunnel Rush 2 makes a person able to feel like Han Solo, directing a spaceship via speeding light beams and avoiding barriers which seem to pop up out of nowhere. However, the game includes a higher retro vibe which comes from arcade-style graphics and a normal enough concept. Tunnel rush 2 seems an easy task but it is actually a frustrating and challenging game. Because it needs well-timed dodges, immediate reflexes and an even, steady, quick pace. Moreover, it is useful for boosting your adrenaline and makes you more susceptible to mistakes. Therefore, an individual can double down and concentrate. Do you need enough speed while passing through the tunnel? In this article, you are going to have all information regarding tunnel rush 2.

Tunnel Rush 2


Unstoppable Gameplay, Infinite Tunnels for Infinite

The purpose of tunnel rush 2 is to survive for as long as an individual possibly can. Moreover, it is endless with infinite tunnels for infinite gameplay which represents spinning caves of colour and blazing via random in the spaceship. There is no need to worry because unstable feeling is all in your head. It is brought on by the closed-in feeling and spinning colours of the tunnel.

How to Avoid Dangers?

There are multiple red obstacles which pop up throughout the tunnels. Therefore, we can compare them with cutting laser lights from the 1st resident evil movie. However, red automatically portray danger, especially in video games and movies. In addition to these, each tunnel is hundred percent random every time you play. People mostly do not know what to do again if they happen to burn and crash. It is a gameplay which strives to keep you on your toes, however, the ever-changing tunnels may be an annoyance.

It is quite easy to master a game with the help of tunnels stayed the same. Most important in all, creative and crazy developers cannot have that Wink.

Important Facts of Tunnel Rush 2

Tunnel rush with 3d makes a person able to feel like he is sitting inside tunnels. Additionally, tunnels are spinning in rotating rainbow colours which then change to white and black. These shifts divert concentration therefore, you must focus less on winding caves and more on avoiding the coming red barriers. Every tunnel is completely different from each other however, these are meant to be levels. When a tunnel drastically alters in dangers, colours and textures, that is a new level.

An individual can easily make competition with his close friend. However, it is not possible in the actual game but in general at the same time. You can also challenge your buddy to separate games of tunnel rush 2. Set up some rules like one which survives the longest gets bragging rights for a month. On the contrary, if a person losses then he will buy a pizza for all other friends. Therefore, it installs great competition with friends and between pals.

However, if an individual survives for a longer time and then dies, tunnel rush 2 provides him with an option of either restarting totally from zero meters or starting from the point where you have died before. This option is applicable for those who made significant progress such as around 4000 meters and beyond.

Similarly, the gameplay of tunnel rush 2 may be frantic sometimes. Therefore, it triggers you to play another game on Poki because you get the frustration. If an individual feels irritated, rage-filled over dodge game and spaceship race then give yourself a break for a while.

Tunnel Rush 2


Why do People consider Tunnel Rush a Retro Game?

When developers started considering making something different from old-fashioned arcade days then tunnel Rush became a retro game. Because people walked into an arcade in the 80s and expected such a game which tested their reflexes and improved their skills. We know games with a lack of purpose other than to be better and leave your initials behind proving before other gamers that you were amazing. Most important of all, tunnel rush 2 is a game of that kind.

It is obvious that an individual expects to die thousands of times throughout the game, especially for a newbie. However, it is helpful for building up your brag rights either for other gamers or for yourself. Always keep one thing in mind, the more you crash, the more frustrated you are getting indexed. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself cool in this regard. When anything touches you then the chances of dying for you are maximum. Therefore, you must prefer playing tunnel rush via Poki with that type of arcade mindset.

Loading Speed

You can have three levels of difficulty to pick from:

  • Difficult, medium and easy.
  • Two modes: classic and 2-players methods are available.
  • The UI is easy and quite simple to use.
  • Amazing energetic music and vibrant colours.
  • Using a 1st person tunnel.

How to Set Up Your Device?

Choose unknown sources, scroll down to security and move to settings on your tablet or Android.

  • There are many options available through which you can install apps instead of the Google Play Store.
  • When you install risky apps then you receive notifications, however, it depends on your device.
  • It enables you by selecting the option of verified programs and visiting security settings.
  • Open the applications of a tab, visit settings, select unknown sources and click on OK via Android devices.

How to Play Tunnel Rush 2 on PC?

Install GameLoop via the official website and use an exe file to download it.

  • Launch the option of GameLoop and seek tunnel rush 2.
  • Press enter the download button once it shows in the search results.
  • You can also find tunnel rush 2 on GameLoop.
  • However, if an individual does not want to install any applications onto his computer then visit the official website. Now you are able to play any game straight through your PC.

PC Requirements for Tunnel Rush 2

You must incorporate several requirements in order to run a tunnel rush 2.

  • Microsoft window 7 and onwards
  • AMD or Intel processor
  • The Ram of the PC should be 2GB. However, more than 2GB is not suitable for RAM.
  • The hard drive must contain 5 GB of free disc space.
  • The computer must incorporate some administrative privileges.

How to Install Tunnel Rush 2 APK?

  • First of all, install an APK file by using a standard Android browser or Google Chrome.
  • Select the downloading option after navigating the app drawer. You can find the downloaded file in this way.
  • You can easily launch a program exactly after opening the file.
  • The procedure is a little bit different when you downloaded an APK file on your computer.
  • Connect your PC with your Android device and must activate USB mass storage mode.
  • Now you are to drag and drop the file on your cell phone device. Locate and download the file on your gadget using a file manager like ES File Explorer or Astro.

Tunnel Rush 2


Tunnel Rush 2 contains a collection of online games. Additionally, an individual can connect his mobile device to his computer to transfer personal data or files. The comparison between tunnel rush 2 and the retro game is due to multiple factors which we have discussed already. This is the whole information a person needs to understand about tunnel rush 2.

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