SMIHUB: Safe Instagram App for Stories with Alternatives

If you want to see someone’s stories on INSTAGRAM then an online tool is available which is called SMIHUB. Moreover, it does not demand you to make an INSTAGRAM account in this regard. The key benefit comes out when a particular person even cannot know about you have seen his story. On the contrary, such a facility is not available on the INSTAGRAM application. Because INSTAGRAM does not disclose its user’s privacy. Therefore, people want reliable alternatives in this regard. However, the SMIHUB tool is established to overcome this problem. This article is enough to resolve each sort of query efficiently.

SMIHUB: as an alternative to watching someone’s story

There are a lot of popular websites available which use SMI HUB as a tool. But the two prominent websites are given as,


These websites are using the API of SMIHUB for their agendas. One important benefit is users even do not need to put details on their credit cards. In addition to these, you will not have to pay a single penny to get access. This online tool is totally out of cost. Nevertheless, SMIHUB has attracted a lot of people into its orbit.



It is far important for us to make our people aware of the features of SMIHUB. There are numerous advantages which following are given,

1. Free of cost:

Some people perceive they will have to pay money for viewing INSTAGRAM stories. But this is a completely wrong perception regarding SMI HUB. Another rumor comes out in the form of sharing credit card details. This is also not right to say because you do not need to pay a single penny in this regard. While this online tool is free of cost. This is the main feature that attracts a lot of people and makes it rare over all other tools.

2. No requirement to Sign Up:

If SMI HUB does not put conditions regarding credit card details and charging of money. Then it is likely that you will have to make an account after signing up. However, this is also not required by the tool. Because it also makes people able to get rid of the condition of signing up for their account. Developers who established such tools kept users’ interests above any complex procedure. Nevertheless, it is not important to make an account before using the tool. In short, you just need to visit the website after which you become able to use the tool without any difficulty.

3. Installation of stories in secrecy:

When a particular person put stories on INSTAGRAM. You intend to watch his story but do not want that particular person to know about this. SMIHUB has made everything possible for the benefit of people. Even if a person deleted the story after 24 hours then he cannot find you in his viewer’s list. You can download his story without facing any difficulty. In addition to these, the whole data of day-to-day stories will be gathered at the same spot on your device. This all became possible only with the help of the SMI HUB online tool.

4. The specialty of anonymous:

The main feature of SMI HUB is that INSTAGRAM users can never find SMI HUB users within their viewer list. Because SMIHUB fully guarantees the protection of its users’ interests. Therefore, this tool is referred the most latest and advanced tool in the current generation.


When there are some benefits but nobody can deny the fact of disadvantages as well. However, this article portrays a few disadvantages most simply.

Can we view the story of a private account?

Everything has already been cleared regarding the characteristics of SMIHUB. However, as we know INSTAGRAM is very strict with its privacy policy. Therefore, the accounts which fall into the orbit of privacy cannot watch their stories. On the contrary, the whole discussion we disclosed above is totally about those public accounts.

INSTAGRAM does not compromise on private accounts. They are too secure and even other unnecessary details you cannot get without permission. This is the only disadvantage of SMIHUB which is important for users to know.

What is the process to use SMI HUB for viewing stories anonymously?

To view someone’s stories anonymously you will have to follow in some footsteps. Some essential measures are given as,

  1. You must visit SMIHUB/
  2. Search for that particular person whose stories you intend to watch.
  3. Make ensure about the right selection of person before searching.
  4. Following some confirmation, the story will be in front of you to watch and that too anonymously.
  5. If you want to download then do it by clicking the download option.

These are some essential footsteps you must follow to watch stories anonymously. On the other hand, there is also a variety of alternatives available rather than SMI HUB.


People should not limit themselves only to SMI HUB. Because there are numerous alternatives available in the name of SMI HUB. This article prominently listed some essential tools and the following are given,


Criteria to download a story:

It is not a complex procedure to download a picture or video from INSTAGRAM. Because it is quite easy and SMIHUB can do a lot for you in this regard.

  • You can watch the profile of anyone on INSTAGRAM. This profile comprises pictures, followers, number of followers,, and posts.
  • Then you can download profile images in high-HD quality. You can zoom in as well.
  • Downloading pictures from INSTAGRAM is easy now.
  • You will not have to pay a single penny anymore. Because downloading and watching video clips are free of cost.
  • Downloading reels is again free of cost.
  • Highlighted videos of a particular person are now easy to download.
  • The process is fast, free,, and anonymous.

These are the functions that SMI HUB ensures in this regard. You will not have to face any difficulty while watching such an online tool.

How can we use SMI HUB?

You will have to follow in three footsteps to get benefits from this tool. The following steps are given,

  • Choose a particular tool that you intend to use on SMIHUB Homepage.
  • Then place the INSTAGRAM URL on the search bar of the aforementioned tool
  • Make ensure the pressing of the search button to see results on your device.


Is the usage of SMI HUB secure?

There are multiple tools available on SMIHUB. All these tools charge no fee and do not record precious information and data of users. In addition to these, you are also able to download essential information regarding any account on INSTAGRAM. You can do it all anonymously and such a facility is not available on INSTAGRAM. Therefore, a large segment of people has adopted the usage of SMIHUB. This is the whole information that a person needs to know before ensuring its usage.


It is concluded that SMIHUB is an online tool through which downloading of someone’s story becomes possible. However, you will not be counted in the viewers’ list of INSTAGRAM stories even after watching it. It incorporates a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It is free of cost and this feature keeps it superior to every other tool.

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