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Lena The Plug: Bio, Family, Relationship, Net worth, Career & Education

Lena the plug Nersesian, is a social media or internet sensation and a YouTuber. Many people consider that Lena the Plug’s escalation to recognition came through quite unconventional means. Nonetheless, she is at the peak of her career and relishing wonderful success. Perhaps that’s the reason a lot of the public hate her and threw shades of her away. Also, as somebody continuously in the public eye, there isn’t much secrecy left in her life. Her whole life is accessible on social media for the public to know and inspect. And that’s what they have been doing continuously.


Name 32 years old
Stage Name Lena the Plug
DOB 1 June 1991
Age Birthplace
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Middle Eat
Gender Female
Sex Straight
Nationality American
Birth place Glendale, USA
Zodiac sign Gemini
Height 5 ft 2 in
Weight 127lbs(58)kg
Tattoos Yes
Piercings Yes
Eye colour Brunette
Eye color Hazel
Father name Not public
Mother name Not public
Marital status Engaged
BF name BMX Rider Adam Grandmaison
Siblings No siblings
Kid name Parker Nersesian

Lena Nersesian especially well-known as Lena the Plug is American Model, Content creator on YouTube and social media sensation. She has a YouTube channel named Lena the Plug, she extended a lot of fan following and subscribers due to the gym fitness lessons she shares on her YouTube channel and occasionally circulates her lifestyle vlogs.


After finishing high school education in (2009), the YouTube megastar joined the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she progressed with a degree in Psychology (2013). She later followed her post-graduate degree in Psychology at (Lund University) in Sweden for 1 year.


The Youtuber did unusual jobs before beginning her internet or social media career. She operated as an Uber driver and professional nanny in (2013), she operated at shopper’s corner as a grocery buyer and as a cashier. Lena the Plug also assisted as an Early Childhood Interventionist at the (ARBRITE Children’s Foundation) in Santa Cruz, California (USA). She acquired her 1st social media start-up at Arsenic. After functioning there for some time, she developed a Snapchat model.

On 22 August 2016, she introduced her YouTube channel, Lena the Plug. Her pranks, challenges, fitness gym videos, Q&A, reactions, and vlogs have allowed her to accumulate more than 1.5 million followers or subscribers on her channel. The internet or social media star also co-runs a YouTube channel, Lena & Adam, with her fiancée. The channel was shaped on September 28, 2019. At the time of writing this article, the channel has approximately 162k subscribers.

Lena the Plug also has an Instagram account. She infrequently uploads pictures of herself and those of her kid and fiancée. She lately claims 558k subscribers. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts have been removed many times due to her posts that were against community pieces of advice.

Net Worth

Her suspected net worth is estimated to be three million dollars. However, this data is not official. She mainly earns her income from Only Fans subscriptions, YouTube and brand commendations.


Lena the Plug is lately dating Adam Grandmaison, well known as Adam22. Her partner is a popular social media star and host of a podcast No Jumper. The couple started dating in early 2016. Lena the Plug and Adam got engaged on June 2, 2021, during Lena the Plug’s birthday party. In 2021, she also got pregnant.

The social media star uploaded her pregnancy ride on her YouTube channel. She publicized her pregnancy at 11/12 weeks. On 12 November 2020, she posted a photo with her fiancée Adam, revealing that she was two weeks past her due date. On November 12(2020), Adam and Lena the Plug Nersesian greeted their daughter, Parker Ann Nersesian Grandmaison, over a C-section.

Lena The Plug’s Height (Physical Appearance)

The famous adult entertainer is 5ft 2inch high and weighs up about 127 pounds or 58kg. Her body dimensions are 36-28-44 inches or 91-71-112 centimetres.


Lena the Plug is an American adult artist, model, Youtuber and social media sensation. She has a huge following on social media networks. Apart from her social media career, she is a mom of one daughter.


Lena the Plug left her birthplace after graduating from high school. She wanted to be independent. She admires her parents without hesitation. In a consultation, she said that she had lost communication with her mom and dad. Because of her adult job, her parents detached relations from her. She wanted her mom and dad to understand that she is functioning since it is her only source of money.

Irrespective, we inspected the social media accounts and the web expansively but were not able to find any data about them. Let me tell you that she and her mom produced a video together, but she did not disclose her face in it. Conferring to accounts, she is her mom and dad’s only kid and does not have any brethren. Her mom and dad, on the other side, are Armenians.


Lena the Plug is dating her Bf Adam Grandmaison, with whom she starts going out in July 2017. The couple has only one daughter called Parker Ann Nersesian, who was born on 14th November 2020. Lena the Plug and her bf Adam flashed controversy in 2016 when she specified that her Bf Adam would have sex with her friend Pal Emily and assured her subscribers that the sex video will be out. She was reprimanded for doing so, but this isn’t the 1st time the couple has been in the headlines.

Lena the Plug has uploaded many pictures of herself and her daughter on the internet, revealing that her daughter’s name is Parker Ann Nersesian. She specified the following as she celebrated her daughter’s 1-year birthday. “The love of my life turned 1-year-old yesterday. She appeared to relish herself at her birthday party and didn’t scream when we wished her a happy birthday.”


Lena the Plug Nersesian has a few hobbies that she relishes sharing with her followers. 1st and leading, among them is shopping. Lena the Plug Nersesian loves to go on shopping binges. Her 2nd favourite pastime is hanging out with buddies in person and online.

 For Lena the Plug, a classic night might contain drinking some glass of beer at home while surfing online or out with her buddies in a pub or a club. She also likes going mountaineering as well as functioning out at one of her local gyms. Since turning 33 years old 2 years ago, Lena the Plug has become fascinated with cooking healthy recipes for herself and especially for her family.


Who is Lena the Plug?

Lena the Plug is an internet personality, Youtuber and social media influencer from the USA.

How old is Lena Nersesian?

Thirty-two years old, to be particular (as of 2023)

Where does Lena the Plug live?

Lost Angeles, California, USA.

Who is the fiancée of Lena the plug Nersesian?

Adam Grandmaison is the answer.

How much money does Lena the Plug have?

USD 3/4 million approximately.


Lena the Plug has assembled a massive following of over 556k million fans on Instagram and even more on his YouTube channel. All of these arrangements have massively helped Lena the Plug develop a remarkable net worth. She formed her YouTube channel and start creating video blogs a month later. Later then, Lena the Plug developed her following enormously by uploading 2/3 videos each week to her YouTube channel.

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