how did MR Krabs die

How Did Mr Krabs Die? A Complete Guide

MR Krabs is a main character of the most famous cartoon show SpongeBob Square Pants. However, a strange report explaining his death at the hands of fellow characters in 2021, surfaced on the internet. In this article, we will address the topic how did MR Krabs die?

How MR Krabs was assassinated?

MR Krabs is found dead inside his restaurant with his throat cut, in the trial of SpongeBob SquarePants document. However, the coroner summarized that the wound was given by a similar spatula and metal spatula, as reported on his body. Most importantly, MR Krabs had signs of blunt-force trauma on the back of his head. It was reported that the floor of the Krusty Krab was covered in cooking grease, and was slippery. The grease had some footprints such as protagonist of the show, SpongeBob.

Moreover, his footprints were not there in the pool of MR Krab’s blood. The Krusty Krab’s cash register was empty, and there were no signs of any break-in. For the Krabby patty missing, his safe was found open with the secret recipe. He had a cut on his claw that had started to heal. Therefore, it was not associated with his murder but occurred some weeks before the incident.

Who Assassinated MR Krabs?

There is a viral court document or PDF document entitled the Trial of SpongeBob SquarePants-explains how MR Krabs was died in his restaurant. There is a witness statement in the document from friends of SpongeBob claiming that the character of likely to be the murderer. The show includes another character, Plankton who owns a restaurant, the Chum Bucket. Several theories recommend that he is Plankton who murdered MR Krabs. SpongeBob fans continued to share their disbelief of the case through Twitter since the document hit the internet in 2021.

An individual tweeted: ‘’WT* Do You Mean Patrick Killed MR. Krabs? Another person asked: ‘’What MR. Krabs Is Died?’’ It is likely that the document was the product of a fan fiction or school project regardless of the ‘’court papers’’ being well written and heavily explained.

Is MR. Krabs Still Present in SpongeBob SqaurePants?

Nickelodeon pulled an episode of the show that it did not help us in determining the main culprit behind the conspiracy of MR. Krab’s death. The conspiracy of MR. Krab’s death was circling across the social media. The episode in query entitled ‘Kwarantined Crab’ was episode 21 of the season 12. However, most of the confused fans claimed it to be the episode that might have featured the MR. Krab’s death. Moreover, the network distinguished that the episode was discarded because of its striking similarities with the real-world COVID-19 pandemic. SpongeBob is on its 13th season which is a good news as of now.

In addition to these, all of its characters remain unchanged for the most part. It contains MR. Krabs, who is still alive regardless of the terrible rumors.

how did MR Krabs die

Is MR. Krabs Died on the Internet?

Let’s keep our mind at ease before going any further. Yes, MR. Krabs has been died and it was in quite a terrible fashion. In 2021, when world started spreading his death on the internet like wildfire. When he actually met his maker, his fans thought it was real but could not recall an episode. They were right but still confused. MR. Krab’s death was put in a 11-page document which was part of a school classroom activity, teaching students how to create arguments for a trial. To help bring MR. Krab’s murderer to justice, the document held all the information they would need to support their case.

The person who made MR. Krab’s death even more real was Nickelodeon. He removed a SpongeBob Square Pants episode entitled ‘’Kwarantined Crab’’ around that same time. According to the network, fans claimed that it was the episode that featured his death. Consequently, they pulled the episode due to multiple similarities it had to COVID-19. The document was a simple 2-page piece, however, its origin was traced back to the public school District 186, in Springfield, Illinois.

Is MR. Krabs a Long-Running Character on the Show?

We know well how MR. Krabs is in the animated series. People want to know; how was recording voice behind the red crab? Since the animated series inception, Tom Kenny has given life to SpongeBob. Clancy Brown, a character actor who was voicing for MR. Krabs from the very start. You need to recognize his face, if you do not know about Clancy Brown. Clancy Brown has participated in various major feature movies like Pet Sematary, Starship Troopers, The Shawshank Redemption, Bad boys, Highlander and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. However, Clancy Brows can also be seen in the massive John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves hit as The Harbinger.

Did MR. Krabs Die as Part of a Mock Trial?

The document itself is a well-thought-out explaining of his death and the conditions surrounding the gruesome act. However, the project’s title is The Trial of SpongeBob Square Pants. The lifeless body of MR. Krabs eas found inside the Krusty Krab. The project is presented by the individual groups. They give their details, and each member of the team is offering his explanation with the evidence proves. The judge will decide which team was the most convincing, if each group takes their turn with no time limit. However, there must be the evidence given in the most effective way.

how did MR Krabs die

Did Bruce Willis Ruin the Most Famous Animated Series?

When the character was planned for just one appearance, Nickelodeon wanted Bruce Willis to voice Plankton in SpongeBob Square Pants. Could Bruce Willis Voice Plankton in SpongeBob Square Pants? Doug Lawrence talked about how Nickelodeon wanted to bring in a major name for the role and Willis was that name, speaking on the Nerdist podcast Big Pop Fun. It would not have been that out of place, if Plankton was meant to be a one-off character. Doug Lawrence voiced the popular SpongeBob SqaurePants antagonist, and they also decided not to go with Bruce Willis.

Plankton might not have been the part of a regular cast. However, it is also difficult to imagine any other voice in the role. Plankton was a one-off role, but Bruce Willis was a great actor, then we would have missed out the great episodes of SpongBob Square Pants.


People want to know: how did MR. Krabs die? Mr. Krabs is a popular actor in the famous animated series. However, he was brutally murdered by the unknown inside his restaurant. His death is still a mystery for most of the people.
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