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Mediatakeout is a gossip website which emphasizes on entertainment and news of celebrities. These celebrities usually belong to Africa and America. However, Fred Mwangaguhunga who is a corporate lawyer made this wonderful online website. What factors differentiate this website from other gossip forums? Fred started continuing his career by taking similar scenarios as videographer or director for longer period of time. Therefore, he started taking these skills seriously during his college time. Due to his great efforts, he managed to become the CEO of

This is a completely gossip-style website while, urban blog started appearing on NBC, NYP and CNN. Moreover, many advertisers took part in improvising such platform more precisely. Therefore, the popularity of website went exponentially high due to drawing attention of emerging competitors as subsidiaries. The website managed to gain huge traffic and popularity within shorter period of time. In this article, we will discuss how does mediatakeout influence in the 1st place?


Contributions of Fred for

At the beginning, Fred was operating a laundry business with the help of website. This laundry business is also known as laundry Spa which was stable in every aspect. There are many clients and partners who worked well with business by using several laundry options. Business was facing its peak time due to customizations even in early stages.

Fred was spending most of his time on the finances of website. His ambition was to improvise and expand the daily candy blog website. He again paid his attention to the gossip-style website with more focus. However, all the decisions were bringing comfort for him in every aspect.

Time-Span between Start and Expand the Business

In the beginning, Fred needed to take care of account expenses and basic domains. Moreover, he was belonging to an industrialist family therefore, he knew very well what should I need to do to start a business? He had a business plan about how much expenses he will bear in the coming years. However, the starting cost of the business was not much high.

How does make itself different from other online platforms?

The internet contains hundreds of blogs within a particular niche and there are no chances of shortage as well. Furthermore, the amount of appeal, traffic and influence of this gossip website is larger than everything else. However, people was considering it a better approach to increase the overall social media platforms via startups.

Mediatakeout was spending most of its time to enhance the main equity of the brand. Because they wanted to gain the attention of readers rather than earning a profit in early half. That was the reason blog witnessed a highly expansion in the 1st place. Therefore, blog managed to earn more profit and finances with the passage of time.

Niche by Mediatkeout to Deliver its Readers

In the beginning, the website wanted to keep custom CMS in use rather than any other 3rd party web management system. Therefore, the site provided various choices for its readers with this niche. In addition to these, the site extended its niches in the form of sports, songs and stories to the readers. With the passage of time, the website started thinking of what are the basic requirements of a reader?


How did manage to gather large segment of readers?

The website was mainly focusing on exclusivity. In addition to these, this gossip website was presenting impressive urban stories in its early years. These breaking stories include tragic, exciting and sad content by keeping urban community always in mind. It managed to gain the attention of huge audience because of its more authenticity. Most important in all, the website maintained friendly tone which made site amazing in all aspects. Finally, it was helpful not only in boosting its appeal but community range and readers.

Competition for Traffic Reach

As you know the website is emphasizing mainly on American African content however, it also collects the global content. The site is listed in major competition due to larger mainstream content on the web. According to the statistical data of 2019, there was almost 87 million view score and that too behind 5 major entertainment names of the United States of America. is the sixth largest in ranking and most visited site of entertainment all over the world. Therefore, we can refer it a biggest achievement of within such shorter period of time.

What are the Reactions of Advertisers to the Site?

The traffic rating services presented a report on the popularity of in 2008. The report claimed that site earned a huge fame and witnessed a major increase in traffic. But keep one thing in mind, it was just the start of website and the budget was even low than the early stages.

On the contrary, the site started closing its deals with billion dollar companies such as AOL, BET and Viacom. These deals were enough for a newly growing site to lead it towards brilliance. Therefore, it was helpful not in enhancing its appeal in the urban market but all aspects on the web.


Current status Active
Established January of 2006
Present in English
Owner Fred Mwangaguhunga
Annual Revenue by Ads

Is it Safe to Use?

People consider is a safer website for users. Because scamadviser is an automated parameter to examine either a website is safe or not. There are almost 40 facts available for as a review by online public sources. However, we will always suggest you to check the safety of website on your own behalf instead of depending upon anyone. You can make it sure by seeing positive or negative feedback of people on


Positive Points

  • The website includes SSL certificate and Tranco is a key factor which ranks this platform on the basis of highly traffic volume.
  • DNS filter is there which makes this website safer in every aspect.
  • You can check by FlashStart for phishing and malware.
  • You can trust this website by Trend Micro.

Negative Points

  • You cannot identify the right owner of website on WHOIS.
  • You can also find many negative viewpoints of people there.

Website Review

As you know company has hidden the right owner due to multiple reasons. Because anyone can use such information in sending email to the owner of website. In addition to these, it is difficult to find the identification of owner due to spammers. However, we are also demanding from website to show the right identification of its owner.

WebShop Review

Tranco has listed one of the highly ranked website. Moreover, it gained massive popularity within shorter period of time and that too on low budget and in early years. Another difficult task to offer a domain name to this website. However, domain name was registered for the website several years ago. As the matter of fact is, the more older the website the more trustworthy it is.

On the contrary, scammers love to buy similar websites in order to defame such site by their evil doings. Therefore, it is essential for you to find out scammer attributes as well.

Technical Review

If a website contains SSL certificate then it means your data is completely safe and nobody can read it. Therefore, safe and legit sites love to earn SSL certificate at any cost. On the contrary, scammers are also buying SSL certificate therefore, you cannot consider it a key parameter for checking privacy of a website.


Mediatakeout is a gossip website which emphasizes mainly on African American content and entertainment news. In addition to these, this website includes SSL certificate which is enough for making it safer or legit website. However, we will suggest you to check the feedback of public on this online platform. This is the whole information a person needs to know regarding

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