Drive Traffic and Authority_ Casino Link Building Strategies Revealed

The casino industry generates high profits for investors, making it exceptionally competitive. Unlike physical spaces, online casinos require a different scheme and techniques for promotion, which will provide a sustainable high ranking, and drive more web traffic. One of the leading strategies to make the iGaming platform perform better than others is a well-executed link building strategy, as a part of the seo casino plan. By implementing the system of high-quality backlinks, the iGaming platform gains more visibility for the users, and authority for the search engine algorithms.

What is link building in gambling?

Casino link building is a set of actions that are performed to increase the number and quality of backlinks, aiming to improve the website’s search engine ranking. The links are used to crawl the web and build the iGaming website’s online footprint.

Backlinking provides benefits for everyone – the iGaming platform gets referral traffic, users are led to trustworthy websites, and the source with outbound links builds trust with the readers.

How to get backlinks?

A backlink is a link to another source through the anchor text. It is a conventional practice across the Internet – while reading an article you are being directed to another source, trusted by the website.

There are three major ways of obtaining the links:

  1. Requesting for links – when choosing a specific website for inserting the backlinks, make sure it is relevant to your niche, it is credible, and the domain authority isn’t lower than 50. When contacting a webmaster it is important to outline the benefits they are going to get by placing the backlink to your website.
  2. Earning links – the most rewarding way of backlinking. It happens when your content is engaging, and valuable to the point that others want to refer to it, without prior agreements.
  3. Buying links – such an approach is efficient, yet it is working against Google politics. When choosing websites for commercial cooperation, put simply – buy casino backlinks, make sure you choose the top-ranking ones in the relevant niche.


The most efficient link building strategies

1.  High-quality content

“High quality” should be a motto for the whole upcoming work. If you want to find a website for inbound links and partnerships, your content must be worth sharing, as it is the only way to establish your level of authority and expertise. Besides, if you target websites with high rankings, you need to prove that your iGaming platform and everything it contains is beyond reproach.

2.  List articles, or listicles

The articles with lists are popular among the readers, as they contain chunks of valuable information. Multiple paragraphs are always dedicated to a specific item, mentioning its characteristics and features. Listicles allow the usage of a variety of relevant backlinks and boost the website’s authority.

3.  Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a classic strategy to use for link building. The author is writing a specific, niche-related article, which contains hyperlinks pointing toward your iGaming platform. Afterward, it is posted on the relevant sources with a high score of domain authority, whose readers will follow the links and boost your traffic.

Guest blogging may be time-consuming and rather arduous, however, apart from link insertion, it helps to create a brand’s name a tone of voice, which is part of the image.

When getting down to such a technique, ensure its top-notch content. Keep in mind, there are numerous competitors in your niche, and only the best ones are chosen for casino links.

4.  Broken Links

Another valuable technique to execute. While the majority of techniques are about an iGaming platform reaching others for its own benefit, broken links work differently, and improve the accepting websites. The search of broken links is done with the help of Google extensions, or other applications. After the resource page (which is relevant to yours) is found, it is analyzed with the specific tools, and the broken links are highlighted. When getting the list of the pages, you can offer the replacement to the webmaster. Every broken link can be substituted with the strong one of yours, and of course, with a few minor changes to the content. Such cooperation will bring you additional traffic, while the webmaster will have the resource updated.

5.  Niche edits

Niche edits, or contextual links, work perfectly for backlinking and take less time to execute. The hyperlink is inserted into relevant and existing articles, which are already indexed by Google.

6.  Unlinked brand mentions

Many internet resources mention your brand multiple times, but such situational references rarely link back to you. You can access the webmasters and offer them the add a backlink to your iGaming platform. It is possible to monitor brands across the internet with Semrush, as it tracks all mentions.

7.  Competitor Research

Conduction competitor research is part and parcel of a link building strategy. First of all, it is important to define the major players in the market and analyze their profiles, content, keywords, backlinks, style of communication, etc. When all the profiles are compared, it may help you define your way of development and navigate within the search.

8.  Social networking

Social networks give the game providers a chance for direct communication with the users and often work as link building blogs. It is a place for short reviews or previews of the games, news from the gaming world, memes, and jokes. Social platforms can easily combine informational and entertaining functions.

9.  Image link building

The majority of internet users are visuals, so they perceive information better through pictures, graphs, diagrams, and infographics. If you create valuable and shareable images, including the link to your iGaming platform, the users will spread them, as well as the links, which will bring you more visitors.

The Bottom Line

Online casinos are a treasure trove of thrill, excitement, and financial benefits. As this niche is highly appealing to investors, it creates fierce competition among all the game providers for the top places in the search, and thus, better popularity among gamers. Link building is a consistent process of generating significant organic traffic through various channels. The initial phase of implementation can take time, however, the results will be rewarding, and easily converted into financial benefits.

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