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Heardle Decades Music Game: How to Play? Features, Music categories

Heardle Decades is an online gaming platform. The gameplay of this platform is that it generates unique music based on songs from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and players have to guess the song name from the music clip that is played. This platform links with online music streaming services.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a brief introduction to this game, the best way to play Heardle Decades, and the different music categories on it.

What are Heardle Decades?

Heardle Decades is a sequel to the popular song-guessing game Heardle. Wordle and,  its clones. Such as this game, has changed how internet users see internet-based games.

In addition, this gaming platform is a replacement for the now-defunct Heardle game, which was very successful in that era. Furthermore,  it takes the Wordle of music concept structure and transfers it to the realm of music.

However, it gives you tiny serial steals of a new song every day that you have to decode with as few attempts as possible.

In addition, the Decades mode divides the game into distinct periods in time. Further, it delivers tracks published over ten years. It allows players to demonstrate their genuine musical abilities.

heardle decades

Responses for Heardle Decades – 29 June 2023

While we get to the answers for Heardle today, have a look at the directions under.  Furthermore, maybe they can assist you in coming up with your own thoughts and arriving at the proper solution.

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  • Renowned entertainers play these tunes.
  • Today’s selections range from rock and pop to R&B and dancehall.
  • These are classic tunes.

Here is a complete list of today’s Decades answers for the games from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.


Answer sheet

50s Dean Martin – That’s Amore
60s Bobby Rydell – The Wild One
70s Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
80s Diana Ross – Chain Reaction
90s Lisa Stansfield – You Can’t Deny It
2000s Rihanna – Disturbia
2010s Olly Murs – Dance with Me Tonight


What is the best way to play Heardle Music Game?

Throughout every Heardle game, players must predict songs or singers from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, or tracks tailored to a renowned performer such as Swiftle or Drake Heardle.

The game has an outstanding selection of music and performers. There are many difficulties depending on the decade, performer, or category.

Heardle Music Game Restrictions

  • Listen to the audio and try to pick the song in six attempts.
  • The footage might come from any portion of the song.
  • It may begin in a few brief seconds, but with each decision, one additional second of the film is released.
  • Every time, press the play button to watch the clip in its entirety.
  • Following an incorrect guess, 1 second of the film is unlocked and available to play.
  • After hearing 2 seconds of an unlocked clip, the correct answer is decided.

Furthermore, after correctly identifying the music, you may share your results with your friends on social media. in the end, you can see the result with colorful examples on the home page.

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heardle decades

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heardle decades

Which categories of music may be found on Heardle?

It seems like you’re referring to Heardle Decades, a game where players try to guess a song by listening to a short audio clip. However, this game remained considered the best top-streamed for a long time. Furthermore, it adds another degree of obstacles for unknown persons who are associated with music.

There is now a Heardle for every musical taste. Heardle features a range of enjoyable games that all adhere to the same easy Heardle principles. Furthermore, Whether you like old ’50s songs, new wave, or hip-hop, there’s a Heardle for you.

The advantages of playing music games like Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s and other music-based games aren’t simply a fun way to spend time investigation points to that they may also benefit our state of mind and body, especially as we age.

Reduces stress hormones

According to new research, retro tunes might have an especially feel-good effect.  Further, This study cited earlier studies that found music had minimal detectable influence on cortisol levels.

Promotes hearing

Feel free to sing along when you guess the correct song! Women’s capacity to hear speech increased by up to 20% in 10 weeks when they sang consistently each week. According to Canadian researchers, harmonies teach the brain to look for musical notes, which improves hearing skills.

Incredible game period

Heardle may be the game for you if you’re seeking for a new game or simply prefer listening to spelling. The rules are simple enough to understand in a matter of minutes, but the game itself may be unexpectedly difficult.

Final Thoughts

For Heardle decades video games have been gaining popularity across the world. in addition, wordle inspired this music game. Wordle is an excellent tool for getting a sense of the game. We also give you some pointers on how to determine the word.

Furthermore, in the final installment of 60S Heardle, If you enjoy music, you will enjoy this game. This game is ideal for anyone who likes 60s music.

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