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Zyn Rewards: Specifications, Pros & Cons

ZYN Rewards is a program that offers awards after using ZYN, it’s a brand that produces nicotine and tobacco-free pouches. After joining ZYN you can earn points in order to buy products from ZYN. How many points you can earn after using per ZYN? You have to enter up to 60 codes per month. Every reward code will give you 15 points and you can get the chance to earn bonus points. Browse more than 50 rewards, select one of them and start saving in order to buy rewards by using these points. Are ZYN Rewards expired? Funds given by ZYN Rewards do not expire. The card is non-reloadable, only in case when needed by law, cash cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded.

Zyn Rewards


Solo Stove Bonfire 7880 points
Traeger, Tailgater 20 Grill/Smoker 10580 points
ZYN Cool Mint T-Shirt 380 points  
E-Gift Card: Visa $25 750 points
ZYN Metal Sign 560 points
Samsung Smart TV 9000 points
2022 ZYN Hoodie 940 points

How to Chew ZYN Pouches?

In order to release the nicotine, you have to chew these pouches a few times. Keep the pouch for a maximum of 60 minutes and a minimum of 5 minutes between the gum.

Note: Do not swallow it.

Side Effects of ZYN Pouches

According to experts’ nicotine pouches can cause sore mouth, hiccups, gum irritation and nausea. It has been reported by Swedish Match in their second quarter report about smoke-free product segment that the continued momentum for ZYN drove the financial performance in the United States.

Who Owns ZYN?

The headquarters of the Swedish match manufacturing facility is located in Kungalv, Sweden.

Headquarters Sweden, Stockholm
Founded 1915
Industry Tobacco
Key people Lars Dahlgren (President and CEO), Conny Karlsson (Chairman)

How to Stop Using ZYN?

If you want to stop using ZYN you can start quitting before the quit date.

  • Switch to another brand having less nicotine
  • Cut down the number of times you use the ZYN in a day and increase the time period when you use the dips.
  • Use other things in place of ZYN to put in your mouth.
  • Remove all the gums, chew and all these types of products from your car and house.
Zyn Rewards

Side Effects of Nicotine Pouches

There are many side effects of nicotine pouches, so these, we will discuss them below.

Side Effects of Nicotine Pouches on Gums

These can cause irreversible patches. These are painless and do not cause complications but regular usage can cause multiple severe types of diseases like leukoplakia or oral cancer. These can also cause bad breath, destroyed gum tissues, damaged cavities, tooth decay and receding gum lines.

Side Effects of Nicotine Pouches on Your Body

These nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco that’s why these are safe to use and these possess less harmful effects as compare to other smokeless tobacco containing products which can cause oral, throat, pancreatic cancers, tooth loss and gum diseases.

Side effects of Nicotine Leads to Anxiety

Mood and nicotine are connected directly. It can cause anxiety and in severe cases make them worse. It has been reported by the researchers that the nicotine content in cigarette can affect your mood and the mental health.

Side Effects of Nicotine on Your Skin

Skin appearance can be improved after quitting smoking. Your skin receives more nutrients and oxygen as it improves blood flow in the body. It will improve the colour complexion.  Stains on your nails and fingers can be removed after quitting tobacco.

Is ZYN a Tobacco Containing Product?

ZYN pouches contain plant-based fibres, sweeteners, flavourings and nicotine. These pouches are free from tobacco. So, it’s a tobacco-free product. ZYN is a brand that manufactures these products in colourful packing and mostly looks like containers of mint.

How to Detox Nicotine from Your Body?

There are so many ways that you can use to boost this process

  • Use food that contains antioxidants which help to detox the nicotine.
  • Exercise is the best way to detox nicotine from your body because it increases the metabolism rate.
  • Drink plenty of water on a regular basis in this way more nicotine will be secreted through urine.
Zyn Rewards

How Much Nicotine Does a Cigarette Contain?

The concentration of nicotine in tobacco makes it addictive. A cigarette contains approximately 10mg of nicotine. Not all the smoke is inhaled by the smoker, only some smoke is absorbed in the lungs from each puff. Every smoker gets approximately 1-2mg of nicotine per cigarette.

How Many Cigarettes Does 50mg of Nicotine Contain?

It depends on the brand and the recipe they used. The Breeze Plus blended 50mg of nicotine into its recipe which indicates it contains equal levels of smoking 25 to 50 cigarettes.

Is 5% nicotine content high?

This 5% concentration is high but still many vapers use it. This concentration is high to be vaping and the users should consider it are heavy smokers that are trying to shift from vaping and feel as if they require a high strength e liquid for successful shifting. Apart from that, 5% concentration is probably too much.

Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal

There are many symptoms that are given below:

  1. Increased appetite or hunger
  2. Depression
  3. Restlessness
  4. Insomnia
  5. Anxiety
  6. Difficulty while concentrating
  7. Irritability
  8. Frustration and anger
  9. Nicotine cravings

Side Effects of Dip Withdrawal?

You cannot concentrate and feel irritable on edge or grouchy. You cannot even think clearly. It can also slower the heart rate.


Does Quitting Dip Cause Anxiety?

Quitting dip within 24 hours can cause anxiety which is one of the most common negative feeling. After quitting, anxiety can occur which starts over the first three days and may last for two weeks.

Does Nicotine Help for Suppressing Anger?

Nicotine improves concentration and mood, reduces appetite, relaxes muscles as well as decreases stress and anger. Nicotine usage on daily basis can cause changes in the brain which then lead to nicotine withdrawal symptoms after decreasing the nicotine supply.

Does Nicotine Help Improving Sleep?

Nicotine disturbs sleep while you are smoking. Moreover, smoking can increase the risk of causing sleep conditions like apnea. As nicotine is a stimulant smoking can mask exhaustion. Nicotine usage can wake you up and make you feel alert next day if you are feeling sleepy.

Does Nicotine Make you Poop?

This kind of effect is referred as laxative effect as it “stimulates” a contraction which helps to excrete the stool. Most of the people feel nicotine and several other common stimulants like caffeine possess similar effect on the bowels which produces an acceleration of the bowel movements.

Zyn Rewards


It is concluded that after joining ZYN you can earn points and get the rewards. You can also save these points and the most interesting thing is that the funds do not expire. ZYN products contain nicotine pouches that do not have tobacco. So, these pouches are safer than other smokeless tobacco products and snus which can cause various types of cancers like pancreatic, throat and mouth. These pouches are safer to use you can gently chew them between your gum and lip for a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of sixty minutes but do not swallow them.

Nicotine helps in improving mood and concentration it makes you feel alert the next day, decreases anger and stress, relaxes muscles as well as reduces appetite. In the era of smoke-free products, you can get the best results after using ZYN products.

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