why does dusty baker wear gloves

There is a Major Reason why does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves

Dusty Baker is one of the more quirky characters and Houston Astros manager in pro baseball. Fans are curious to know. Why does he like to wear gloves? In the MLB, The Houston Astros is the best team for a while now. However, there are several cheating scandals come out. Most importantly, nobody can deny that the 2022 World Series champs is the team to beat for some years. It’s all credit goes to manager Dusty Baker. Since 2020, he has been a successful manager for Astros. The reason is that he operates at such a great level and getting stuff done, his eccentricities are cool. Therefore, people have questions about Dusty’s incredible habit.

why does dusty baker wear gloves

What Force Dusty Baker to Wear Gloves?

Dusty Baker is a great choice, if someone was writing a script regarding baseball and they are looking to a real life sports figure for interesting-character inspiration. When he was with the Washington Nationals, he does not allow anything to go on the field such as the time he ‘’caught’’ the Milwaukee Brewers batting out of order. He has a habit of spitting which he honed over the years. When the COVID-19 pandemic influenced a near worldwide mask-wearing mandate in group settings, his wife and mother remained worry. In response to the mask mandating affecting his spitting habits, ‘’it is going to be a challenge,’’. Consequently, The Athletic reported Dusty as saying in May 2020.

He asked their Starkville podcast: ‘’Now the major challenge is going to be what my mother has been chastising me regarding my entire life-spitting. I will not be kidding you. That has been the 1st thing my wife asked me. She asks, ‘How does you stop spitting?’ However, I do not know. While, my mother, I swear-she is getting on me about spitting when I was 10 years old. You know what does I mean? However, I would practice spitting. I am the most precise spitter throughout the world’’. Moreover, Dusty Baker has been a big fan of chewing on toothpicks, specifically mid game. Dusty rejoiced that he could commence this practice, when the mask mandate was lifted.

Furthermore, Dusty leaves a huge impact on each player he comes into contact with. For example, ESPN wrote a story on Homer and discussed the influence Dusty had on his personal development, when pitcher Homer Bailey was with the Cincinnati Reds. Homer claimed that he had borrowed some books from him. All of the things Dusty has been around, so he is really a diverse guy. They are struggling only for the sake of trade knowledge.

Homer’s comments about Dusty’s Idiosyncrasies give us Insight into why he wears black gloves.

Dusty was fond of wearing wristbands when the story was written in 2012. There was the case as he used them to wipe sweat off of his forehead. However, it makes sense: you want to wick away any perspiration and you are playing in the heart. Homer says that it has more to do with keeping a pro-baseball spirit alive. On the contrary, it has less to do with keeping a dry forehead. ‘’I think he does the toothpicks and wristbands as he was an athlete’’. He has been playing in different position, if you will. Nobody gave time grief that Bobby Cox wore spikes for years. At any time, he has not been sliding into 3rd base.

Now wearing gloves and then toothpick chewing and chain spitting, he wants to have a bunch. This bunch of old-school baseball traits alive while his MLB’s era. Gloves could be essential to wear, following a leftover COVID protocol. Most importantly, MLB fans have explained it on Reddit. In five different ball clubs, Dusty Baker has been the 1st manager to win division titles.

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There is the same scenario as of gloves. In the early stages of the pandemic, Dusty Baker was wearing the gloves to pump gas. However, he was religiously wiping down things as a precaution. In 2020, he brought those safeguards into the Astros’ clubhouse. To protect himself against the seasonal virus 2021, he continued to implement them.

why does dusty baker wear gloves


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During the Astros’ postseason, Dusty Baker sported black gloves. However, he has merged into orange batting gloves to the rotation. We will observe during the World Series, if he breaks out any new colors. Similarly, he has to stick to the ones that have gotten him there.

Did Dusty Baker have any Health Issues?

Someone asked Dusty Baker in July why he was still wearing a mask while playing games. He described that he had some health issues in the past. He further elaborated that he had a stroke 7 years ago, and had cancer 20 years ago. Dusty Baker asked, per The Houston Chronicle. ‘Take your mask off, some of the fans get on me’. Consequently, he enjoys to wear gloves during games.

Why Does Dusty Baker Prefer to Wear Black Gloves?

Dusty Baker’s black gloves have been in limelight for a long while. However, World Series never stops drawing attention in all the fields. Most importantly, people do not know that Dusty is not wearing black gloves for the 1st time. The main objective of wearing black gloves is to protect himself from Covid-19. Since the 2021, Dusty Baker has been wearing black gloves as claimed by his wife, Melissa. He wears black gloves during the 2nd World Series. Houston Astros have played 3 seasons since 2020 under the mentorship of Dusty Baker. However, it is the 2nd time that Astros and Dusty Baker have touched the World Series.

Dusty Baker was born in 1949, and it could be his last season as a manager. At the age of 75, it is not possible to continue being a manager of Astros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves?

Dusty Baker wears gloves due to several reasons he told. First, he wears gloves to protect himself from the COVID-19. Second, he had a few health scares in the past.

Does Dusty Baker Still Managing Houston Astros?

No, it is not possible to managing a team at the age of 75 years old. Melissa, his wife has disclosed the main reason behind skipping that manager posting.


People have a great interest in knowing the reason. Why Does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves? However, he had a health issue in the past such as cancer. In addition to this, Dusty Baker wanted to keep himself safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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