Steering wheel cleaner

Steering wheel cleaner: Every Thing You Need To Know

It depends upon your choice that which sort of car you are going to purchase. But when it comes to the internal body parts of a car then proper attention is needed. It is the obvious steering wheel is considered the most essential part of a body. Therefore, when you continuously drive your car then it gets hefty dirt. Due to this, an individual does not feel comfortable while driving a car. To overcome such an issue, the idea of establishing a steering wheel cleaner came into being. However, this article is enough to resolve every query, and that too in an efficient manner.

Why do we need to pay special attention to the steering wheel?

When you drive a car then it is obvious to touch its steering wheel. Moreover, you eat oily products and drink tea and coffee while driving your car. Then there are chances of spreading unwanted dust around the steering wheel. Every person ensures breakfast, dinner, and lunch on regular basis. That is why you mostly touch the steering wheel to drive a car. But your steering wheel becomes a colony of bacteria as a result. This bacteria is not beneficial for a normal human being.

In addition to these, the concept of steering wheel cleaners came into being. It is enough to clean the steering wheel efficiently. Similarly, no bacteria can harm your health. However, there is no chance of dirt if you have once completed your cleaning. On the contrary, the surface of the steering wheel is smooth therefore, you cannot afford any compromise on it.

Steering wheel cleaner

What is the procedure to clean a steering wheel of a vehicle?

It is not a difficult process to clean a plastic steering wheel. You just have to buy a steering wheel cleaner to clean unwanted dirt. You will get a special spray also along with a cleaner. Therefore, add some water to the spray and make ensure cleaning after adopting some footsteps. The dilution ratio is adjusted to examine how much dirt a steering wheel contains. CARPRO MULTI-X is the most prominent spray in this regard.

On the contrary, it incorporates drawbacks as well. Because steering wheel cleaner is not cost-friendly as compared to simple soaps and detergents. Moreover, a little bit of dirt remains there even after ensuring the usage of steering wheel cleaner. In addition to these, microfiber cloth is needed for agitation to clean the steering wheel of a car. And leftover solution is also removed with the help of a microfiber cloth.


First of all, spray the APC on a microfiber cloth. Sometimes, people spread spray directly onto the steering wheel. It is also not wrong but this process prolongs eventually. Therefore, spray on a microfiber cloth then cleaning dirt is easy and simple.


Then hold the microfiber cloth and place it on the steering wheel of a car. But make ensure your hand must be on the top side of the cloth. Moreover, your steering wheel is made up of plastic. Therefore, you do not need to put extra pressure on the microfiber cloth to clean the dirt. You should make ensure work around the complete circumference of the wheel. You can easily clean dirt from the upper, bottom, back, and front sides of a steering wheel. The procedure of cleaning is quite easy. You will not feel any difficulty in this regard.


There is no need to use the extra products on plastic. Because it can make the steering wheel of the car more slippery. Therefore, handling such slippery wheels can bring a lot of trouble when you drive a car. Moreover, a major injury can happen as a result of the accident. Therefore, you need to take another microfiber cloth to dry the remaining residue. Because it facilitates a steering wheel and a final wipedown.

Steering wheel cleaner

Synthetic Resin Steering Wheel:

Synthetic resin is also considered one of the best wheel materials for cleaning. Because the characteristics of synthetic resin wheels are almost the same as those of plastic steering wheels. Therefore, you must follow the same steps as we discussed above.

Leather steering wheel:

Leather is the most expensive material. Therefore, special kinds of vehicles make ensure their usage. Because an average vehicle cannot afford it. Moreover, luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes use the leather steering wheel. You can easily handle and hold a strong grip on the wheel with its help of it. The driver feels comfortable and enjoyable in the result.

Similarly, the leather steering wheel demands driver special care. However, when you place microfiber cloth on leather the chances of damage become exponentially high. In addition to these, extra pressure can also cause damage to the leather steering wheel. In this case, an individual must avoid cleaning solutions. Because it can dry out but damage leather. Therefore, it is not safe, you are not suggested to adopt this method of cleaning for leather.

Furthermore, extremely concentrated dilute APC can remove natural oils. Therefore, it increases the chances of cracking in this regard. On the contrary, powerful internal cleaners can also cause cracking which we need to avoid intensively.

Why do we need to clean a faux leather steering wheel?

Faux leather incorporates special materials like polyester. It provides texture with wax, polyurethane, PVC, dye, and vice versa. Its quality is not good as real leather. Therefore, maintenance cost is low. But you still cannot show carelessness to clean a faux leather steering wheel.

Cleaning Method:

Place a brush on the wheel and agitate it with small pressure. If you observe any extra product then clean it using a microfiber towel. If the surface is sticky or slippery then use a special spray for cleaning. You will get a clean, smooth, and non-slippery surface as a result. The method is simple and easy. Users will not find any kind of difficulty in this regard.

Steering wheel cleaner

Alcantara steering wheel:

Alcantara is a special kind of synthetic textile that was established in the 1970s. In addition to these, an Italian company Alcantara and a Japanese chemist put efforts into its manufacturing. However, it is used in special racing cars like BUGATTI, Ferrari, and vice versa. It supports the driver to hold the steering wheel with a stronger grip. Moreover, it is referred a great material for those surfaces which are not touched. It also demands pertinent care to hold a steering wheel.

Because oil and dust can damage the surface of the Alcantara steering wheel. Therefore, you cannot allow dirt, oil, and grease to minimize the efficiency of the steering wheel.

Cleaning method:

You can clean a steering wheel if you use the brush as a steering wheel cleaner. You just need to place it and agitate on the wheel for 20 to 30 seconds. Moreover, microfiber is also used to clean the surface of the steering wheel by proper rubbing. When Alcantara surfaces are cleaned then again make ensure the usage of brush for a while.


It is concluded that a steering wheel cleaner is used to clean dirt from the surface. Whenever an individual eats food items and drinks coffee while driving a car. Then chances of spreading bacteria on the wheel become more. However, different types of steering wheel cleaners are available in the market likewise brush, microfiber cloth, and vice versa.

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