Long Sports Socks

Long Sports Socks | Purpose, Benefits & Types

Whenever someone wants to play sports or hike then he mostly prefers kits and trainers. But there is no one who pays heed to the importance of long sports socks. Therefore, they will have to face dire consequences sometimes in the form of a major foot injury and vice versa. People spend most of their time to search out for a trainer. But when it comes to shopping of long socks then he purchases it within few minutes. This thing portrays that people are not serious regarding their body fitness and injury. What is the purpose to wear long sports socks? This article is going to spread awareness regarding its importance in an efficient and the most favorable manner.

Basic purpose:

Everyone either he is an athlete or having intentions to do workout, they need long sports socks. One thing is understandable that if you ensure walk on daily routine, it reflects you are bearing 100,000tonnes of pressure on your feet. Moreover, all remaining factors likewise pedaling, running and kicking a football are still not included in it.

Long Sports Socks

Advantages of wearing long sports socks:

There is a lot of benefits you can get by wearing long sports socks which are given as;

  • Long sports socks make you able to increase your performance with the passage of time.
  • When you performs frequent exercises in intense sports then it helps you a lot to maintain your balance of feet.
  • Trues ox socks have taken over the whole market by pioneering non-slip advanced pads. When you play the intense sports like football then chances of injury become higher. Major injuries most of the time comes up in the result of slipping which can damage your feet. However, these advanced socks maintain grip between foot and shoes therefore, chances of falling on the ground are now negligible.
  • Long sports socks help you to attain power and precise accuracy.

What are the reasons do attract people to wear long sports socks?

As you know a human foot carries 26 bones, 12,500 sweat glands and more than 100 tendons, muscles, ligaments and 33 joints. Therefore, when you try to perform workout then chances of injury are higher due to pressure on the feet. Therefore, you need to hire a good trainer in this regard. He can tell you the right method and procedure to perform a particular exercise. However, sports socks are essential tools to protect your feet from unnecessary major injury.

  • Sports long socks are highly durable as compared to the other materials.
  • You can easily bring variations in body while playing a game or performing an exercise. Because its weight is quite light as compared to the other stuffs which are available in the market.
  • Movements are too easy because it is flexible in nature.
  • Chances of injuries mostly affect toes and heels when you play in the muddy areas. Where ground level is not rightly maintained over the passage of way.
  • It is useful for all types of sports whether it is football, cricket and vice versa. However, most of the people sometimes concentrate on one game. Therefore, sports long socks can bring a lot of benefits for them.

Long Sports Socks

Purpose of running:

Long sports socks contain feature of cushioned zones including a light weight feel. However, if you are a professional athlete of football then running is mandatory in this regard. In addition to these, you must need to kick out the football with the help of heel otherwise you can face dire consequences. But if you manage to wear long sports socks then chances of major injury are minimal. Moreover, it must get promotions to optimize dampness came out by profuse sweat while taking long runs.

Case of cycling:

Cycling is considered an easier game as compared to the other sports and physical games. One thing you must keep in mind is to avoid the usage of cotton socks. Because it absorbs all the moisture and makes you unable to maintain balance while driving a cycle. In the result, you can face serious injuries therefore, people are using long sports socks instead of those useless cotton socks.

Case of football:

While playing a game like football, athlete mostly faces dire tackle of the other player in case of snatching the ball. In addition to these, football is completely the game of proper tactics. Players pass each other and attract the opposite person to dodge him. In this way, chances of injuries become exponentially higher which can harm the feet of player. Therefore, long sports usage is mandatory during playing the game of football.

Long Sports Socks

Case of hiking:

A person who are fond of hiking then he needs a light weight body. Otherwise, he can face a lot of troubles in this regard during hiking. However, special kind of reinforced socks are made for this purpose which provide enough protection to the athlete. Because these socks hug feet and cup heel for minimal supporting assistance. It is also beneficial to abandon some feet issues which are given as;

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat feet
  • These socks also minimize the chances of unnecessary blisters. It makes a particular person able to perform hiking activities in an efficient manner.

Categories of the best possible available socks in the market:

There is a variety of brands available which excel each other in stuff. Following are the long sports socks are given as;

  • True box brand

This brand is producing all kinds of socks for every sports.  Whether it is football, rugby, badminton, cricket and baseball. Therefore, it is the largest socks maker brand all over the world right now. The former football player Jim Cherkessk is the only founder of this brand.

Athletes who prefer to wear socks of Truesox brand:

  1. Joe Root in cricket
  2. Gareth Bale in footballs
  3. Owen Farrell in rugby


It is possible to conclude that long sports socks are useful in each and every sports. It provides enough protection to the athletes if he is playing football, hockey and vice versa. Football has considered the most physical sport all over the world right now. Football players also have to ensure the usage of long sports socks.

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