Lizzy Mussi

Lizzy Mussi: Bio, Career, Boyfriend, Early& Professional Life

Lizzy Mussi is a talented drag racer who inherited the profession from her father. Moreover, Lizzy Mussi has owned businesses and cam on televisions many times. From childhood, she started taking an interest by keeping the achievements of her father in mind. Therefore, she has come under the training of her father. In addition to these, she was very active in the automotive world and decided to provide tough competition to her opponents in drag racing. Are you searching for Lizzy Mussi? Keep one thing in mind, if you have an interest in the biography of Lizzy Mussi then do prefer this article. Because Lizzy Musi is also a search word in this regard. in this article, you will get whole information regarding Lizzy Mussi.

Lizzy Mussi

Her Childhood and Early Life

Lizzy Mussi was born on 1st January 1991 in Carteret, New Jersey, USA. However, she is 32 years old as of 2023. Moreover, She is an American nationalist who owns Christianity. On the contrary, the sign of her birth is Capricorn. While, her current address is Mooresville, North Carolina where she has been living for the last couple of years.

Furthermore, Pat Mussi and Elizabeth Mussi are the names of her father and mother. On the other hand, she also has one sister whose name is Patricia. Father’s game name to her sister while mother’s game name to Lizzy Mussi. Her father has a very good track record and he was also well-known for his drag racing skills. However, Pat Mussi has won the 8th professional street world championship.

Even after retiring, her father participated in backrooms at international motor racing teams. Similarly, Pat Mussi prepares vehicles for the sake of competition. In addition to these, he loves to repair and reassemble automobiles as well. This is a family background and childhood story of Lizzy Mussi.

Her Education

Carter high school is the one where Lizzy Mussi has completed her schooling. However, she decided to move to the United States of America at an early age for the startup of her professional career. During this period, she skipped her college life. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that Lizzy Mussi is one of the most successful drag racers all over the world. She has owned various awards in her teenage in the drag racing field.

Bio Details

Her lucky number 4
Real name Lizzy Mussi
Her age 32 years
Date of birth January 1, 1991
Horoscope Capricorn

Her Relationship

Lizzy Mussi has engaged with another drag racer Kye Kelley. Most important of all, she has survived a car accident. However, she still engaged on the same day when she faced an accident. Both love to share their photos and videos on different social media platforms. Moreover, Kye Kelley proposed to Lizzy at Darlington Dragway, Hartsville, South Carolina. In addition to these, it was the day of 31 July 2021.

Kelley competed with Lizzy Mussi in one drag racing event where both met each other for the first time. He did not know anything about Lizzy Mussi while he knew her father Pat. Moreover, her father made the first introduction of Kye Kelley to Lizzy Mussi. On the other hand, Kelley and Lizzy do not have any children but they look very happy with each other. Both are hoping for continuing their knot in the upcoming future.

Lizzy Mussi

Her Professional Life and Career

Lizzy mussi quit college and decided to take interest in professional life. However, she has also assisted her father in his auto shop. Therefore, she learned all about automobiles in her teenage. At the age of 16, she participated in her 1st drag race competition in the junior ranks. Her driving abilities were amazing therefore, she has competed in many tournaments. People know her due to their television personality and being a popular competitive drag racer.

In 2015, she appeared on Adrenaline for the very first time. Similarly, she introduced herself in a television documentary street outlaws; no Prep Kings in 2018. In addition to these, Gone Girl was also a famous street outlaw in 2021.

Her Branded Merchandise

She is a successful businesswoman in the USA. Moreover, she sells branded items and automobiles. As far as her branded merchandise is concerned then Amazon, eBay and the website of fiancé are her major online retailers.

Her Achievements

In 2014, She earned the title of Rookie of the year. This title was awarded to her because of her winning performance at the professional drag racer association’s tournament in Virginia. However, the first lady who won PDRA in 2014 where passed the 200 MPH barrier in just 8th-mile pro mod racing. Furthermore, she has also won a pro-modified drag racing class in the Middle East. During a national pro nitrous race, she fixed a new world record of 3.79s and that too at 200.48MPH.

Her Net Worth

Lizzy Mussi is a skillful and famous drag racer from the United States of America. Therefore, she has earned a lot of money in her professional career through her hard work. According to an estimation, the current net worth of Lizzy Mussi is 1$ million.

Her Scandal

Lizzy Mussi always prefers not to go to the media. Because she thinks it can damage her professional career. In addition to these, she does not pay any heed to controversies and rumours.

Her Body Measurements

The height of Lizzy Mussi is almost 5 feet and 8 inches tall. However, her weight is 60 kilograms. As far as her body measurements are concerned then she has 34-27-33 inches. Moreover, she has black eye colour and blonde hair. On the other hand, the size of her dress and shoe are 6 and 8 US.

Lizzy Mussi

Her Social Media Accounts

Lizzy Mussi loves to upload her photos on Instagram. However, she is an Instagram influencer and contains 302K followers. On the other hand, she is also the owner of an extra Instagram account under the name @lizzymusi. There are almost 7.8k followers on his Twitter account @lizzy-mussi. While she has 460k followers on her Facebook account and the name of the account is @lizzymussiracing.


Lizzy Mussi is an American drag racer who has participated in many tournaments. In addition to these, she just completed her schooling while she showed no interest in her college. The reason was that she wanted to start professional life. Her father has been a famous drag racer therefore, Lizzy Mussi started taking interest in this field too. Moreover, she has a huge following on Instagram and she is an active influencer on it as well. This is the whole information regarding Lizzy Mussi which is essential for a person who wants to know about it.

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